Numerology 7: explanation of the number

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Among the main numbers, the number 7 in numerology symbolizes self-analysis, meditation, religion, spirituality, reflection, meditation. The person in connection with the 7 will seek wisdom, knowledge, answers to the various existential questions, However it will also be necessary to be careful not to neglect the material aspect and the feelings.

Explanation of the number 7 in numerology

The number 7 is used a lot whether in numerology, spirituality, astrology or in other fields. This is a very complete figure which arouses wisdom and, therefore, good. Let's see below what to expect if you are one of the lucky people affected by this number.

The 7 for wisdom

Indeed, the main meaning of the number 7 in numerology is wisdom. And not just in numerology. A person linked to this number is a person who thinks before acting and who knows how to choose his words. It's the type to choose his friends and who questions himself. But the 7 is not only wise, he is also a thinker.

Self-reflection and analysis

Reflection is also one of the strengths of the number 7. This explains why a person in connection with this figure always thinks before acting and chooses the words that come out of his mouth.

The 7 is a person of principle. He lives by a certain rule that he himself has set. It leaves little to chance and always acts according to his principles. Another explanation for his excellent ability to analyze before taking action.

But the analysis of the number 7 can also penalize it. A person related to this figure sometimes takes too much time before deciding what, as a result, can cause him to waste time and miss opportunities.


7 is also closely linked to spirituality. It's often a person of faith who believes in a higher being and who devotes a lot of time to it. A person affected by the number 7 attaches great importance to his belief. It is also through his belief that he draws his wisdom.

A complete personality

In numerology, the number 7 is therefore very complete not to say that it is the most complete of all. He has wisdom, he knows how to analyze and he gives a great place to spirituality. Moreover, the 22 is conducive to knowledge. Since he spends a lot of time thinking and analyzing, he never stops learning throughout his life.

A person linked to the number 7 also learns from their mistakes. After every bad experience, he learns a lesson and puts it in his list of rules so he won't make the same mistake again. He has a very organized lifestyle. The only weakness that can be blamed on him is his neglect of his personal feelings.

Other representations of the number 7

Now let's see what it is about the numerological profile of the number 7:

  • As a geometric figure, the number 7 represents a square dominated by a triangle.
  • As a color, the number 7 represents purple.
  • As a planet, the number 7 represents Uranus.
  • As an element, the number 7 represents water.

Numerology and Astrology:
Direct relationship with the elements water and earth, Uranus, the signs of Cancer and Pisces, House XII

Letters corresponding to the numerological number 7:
G, P, Y

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