6 benefits of sleeping in a hammock

    6 benefits of sleeping in a hammock

    6 benefits of sleeping in a hammock

    If you've never slept in a hammock, you probably don't know the benefits it can bring you. Sleeping in a hammock is extremely pleasant and has nothing to do with a bed. Here are 6 benefits of sleeping in a hammock so that you understand the impact this object can have on your health.


    1.  Fall asleep faster

    The first thing you feel when sleeping in a hammock is that you can fall asleep faster. This is due to its tilting. Hammocks sway, producing relaxation similar to that which occurs in the womb. Because of this, people who use them quickly relax and feel that the problems no longer matter.

    Lying in a hammock allows you to forget the inconveniences of everyday life to enter a mode of deep relaxation. With a hammock, you also have a personal disconnection space.


    1. Deeper dream

    Some studies have shown that rocking can help synchronize brain activity and stimulate sleep. So rocking and relaxing helps you get into a deeper sleep. 

    Unlike light sleep, during deep sleep it is more difficult to wake up because the body reacts less to external stimuli. Breathing slows and muscles relax, while heart rate normalizes.

    Deep sleep also helps with physical recovery. This phase has also been shown to help the immune system. Also, when you rest well, you wake up with more energy.


    1. More comfort

    It is also true that in hammocks, being wrapped, you have no pressure points. Your body is more comfortable and you don't need to change position. This, in addition to helping with rest, benefits people with back problems. 

    According to statistics, about 80% of the population suffers from back pain. And more than 90% of those affected complain about the same thing: the bed.

    Back stiffness and pain are a cause of muscle tension. Your mattress holds your spine in inappropriate positions and muscles contract to correct posture. What can you do? Try lounging in a hammock. Comfort is one of the biggest benefits of sleeping in a hammock.

    6 benefits of sleeping in a hammock

    1. Improve your health

    Due to the posture your body adopts when lying in a hammock, it is beneficial to your health. By having the head slightly elevated, blood circulation is favored, as well as breathing. If you have circulation problems, this can also be a good alternative to bed. Plus, you can elevate your feet when lying down.


    1. Don't make the bed 

    It may sound silly, but imagine how much time you would save if you didn't have to make your bed every day. With a hammock, you don't have to worry about bedding, washing it, or placing it correctly on a daily basis.

    In addition, a hammock is much easier to wash than a mattress and much more durable. Buying a hammock may seem like a waste of money, but it's actually an investment in time and health.


    1. Easy assembly and transfer

    If you've never set up a hammock before, it may seem complicated at first. Nothing could be further from the truth: assembling and disassembling a hammock is very simple. In fact, it only takes a few minutes.

    To enjoy a hammock, you need to find a suitable place with enough space and have two suitable points to hang it. The clamping height should be half the clamping distance. This way, if you want to hang the hammock in a place with more distance between the ties, the hammock must be raised a little higher.

    You can hang the hammock directly on two attachment points with a hook on the wall, with ropes on a tree or on any vertical support. My advice for more comfort is that when empty it is shaped like a banana, that means it hangs on properly.

    The ease of assembly of the hammocks also allows them to be transported anywhere. There are special hammocks for camping, with breathable fabrics for warmth and with mosquito nets. Hammocks are designed for all needs. 

    Decoration is not a problem either. On a balcony, a garden, a terrace or a roof terrace you can also enjoy your hammock. There are many colors and designs so you don't have to worry about whether it matches the decor or not.

    If you want to retrieve it later, you can do so without any problem, since they are not bulky and their weight is very light. Some can even be packed into a compact size and have carry bags so they don't always have to be unfolded.

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