Discover the benefits of nightlights on sleep

Discover the benefits of nightlights on sleep

The night light contributes to appeasement at bedtime. It optimizes the conditions for good sleep without disturbing the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone which plays a major role in resting the body. The night light, however, divides opinions. Many specialists are then unanimous: this light source has its benefits provided you choose it well. A night light that feels good should not reflect harsh light and should be placed in the right place in the bedroom.


 The night light to reduce children's fear of the dark

Children are afraid of the dark, it is a normal phenomenon between 2 and 6 years old generally. It can persist much longer for some children, and even into adulthood. In the latter case, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Fear of the dark is a normal consequence of the evolution of humanity, and of everything that children have seen in their environment, especially through their eyes. Children who are afraid of the dark may have understood the "concept" through what they watch on television for example. This is why it is strongly advised to use pilot lights. The small light from a night light can help calm the child, especially when he wakes up in the night. It must also be low intensity so as not to attack his eyes.


One night light, several styles

It is important to coordinate the nightlight style to the bedroom. It must be able to act as a decorative element day and night, but must also create a friendly and warm atmosphere, especially when it is lit. The night light must be able to create an atmosphere conducive to falling asleep and brands have quickly understood this. Many models for the baby's and parent's room allow you to sleep in an environment that is prompt to complete rest. The baby night lights borrow the shape and colors of cartoon characters among others. Beyond this aesthetic line, the intensity of the light is meticulously studied to adapt to the sight of children according to their age. The nightlights also have optional time-limited modules – to be adjusted according to your needs – or continuous to light up all night long.


How to choose the ideal night light?

For easy nights, choose between a mobile night light or an fixed night light.

La mobile or nomadic night light can be carried around the house. It can also accompany you when you travel, to prepare for any eventuality. The mobile night light also allows your child to move around alone at night (if they are old enough to do so) without activating the central light. This type of light is usually battery operated and easily charged by simply plugging it into an outlet when not in use. Some models also work with a battery. The fixed night light stay in the room at all times. It can be hung on the wall and serves as a significant decorative element. To activate it, simply plug it into the mains.

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