Dream about being hit: What meanings?

Dream about being hit: What meanings?

Dreaming about getting hit can mean several things depending on the details of the dream.  


Dreaming of getting hit without dying

If you dream that you did not die after being hit in a dream, it means that you will gain power and become stronger day by day. 

Alternatively, the dream meaning of being hit shows that you will experience bad events. You will feel disappointed and encounter financial or emotional difficulties. Moreover, it shows that you will be accused of something while you are innocent.

To dream of feeling touched indicates that you will have days full of love and that these days will be the most beautiful of your life.


Dream about being hit by a gun

To dream that you are hit by a gun in your dream suggests that you will feel unhappy. It may be related to your indecision. You will get news that you have to decide what to do about them but you cannot make a decision. On the other hand, being hit by a gun can be a sign of falling in love.

Getting hit with a gun means you will suffer from someone you trust in real life. It will be an unexpected situation and you will realize that this person is jealous of you. Alternatively, being hit by a gun may imply that you will try to correct your mistakes.

To be struck by a knife indicates that you will be hard hit even though you don't deserve it. You may hear very bad words and there may be rumors about you.


Dreaming about getting hit and dying

If you die after being hit in your dream, it means you will have a long and happy life. If you don't die, then the dream refers to wealth. You will become richer and live a comfortable life. 

If there is blood where you are shot, it means you will get angry and you will not be able to control your anger. If you don't calm down, you get mad at everything and get in trouble because of your feelings.


Dream about being hit on the head

Being shot in the head shows that you are going to start thinking about an event that you have already forgotten. This event will become a topical issue after a long time and it will affect your feelings. You may feel happy or sad because of this problem. 

To be touched in the heart in a dream can symbolize falling in love. But it usually means you will fall in love with someone who will make you sad. Being touched in the heart sometimes suggests that you will get rid of your anger, hatred and unhappiness.


Dream about being punched in the stomach

The dream about being punched in the stomach means that you are a person who depends on material things. It refers to your mistakes and your sins. You will get something by committing a sin and you will cause someone a bad time because of your bad attitude.


Dream about being hit on the arm

To dream of being kicked in the leg indicates that you will postpone your trip for the next few days. Maybe you won't be able to make this trip. It sometimes shows that where you live is better than where you want to go.


Dream about being hit on the arm

Getting hit on the arm is a sign of unresolved issues. You are gifted and capable, but you cannot complete something due to your laziness. 

If you see one of your friends hitting your arm, it means that you will have friends who will support you and help you whenever you need them. Alternatively, it can symbolize a friend's betrayal or disloyalty.


Dream about being hit in a mosque

Being beaten in a mosque while praying indicates that you are a generous and kind person. If you committed sins in real life, you would forsake them and gain merits in the rest of your life.


Dream about being hit by someone close

Being hit by someone close to you means you will be cheated on by a friend or relative. You will feel disappointed and want to walk away from this person.


Dreaming about being hit and beheaded

To dream of being beheaded refers to your sins. It is a warning for you to swear to desist from committing sins and to be careful in the rest of your life. If you walked after being beheaded in your dream, it implies that you will have a peaceful life due to your patience.


Dream about being hit with a stick

To be hit with a stick in a dream refers to ignorant, bad-tempered and wicked people. You will have difficulties because of these people. 

If you are hit, it symbolizes your discredit. It may mean that you will have bad news. To see another person being hit in your dream means that you are going to hurt them in real life.


Dreaming about being hit post-mortem

To be struck after your death in a dream is interpreted as your religious aspects. You are careful to obey religious rules in your daily life and you are not interested in physical life. You are very powerful in terms of moral values.

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