Dream about cutting hair: What meanings?

Dream about cutting hair: What meanings?

In our lives, we tend to cut our hair not only as a symbol of physical change, but also psychic. When we want to change our life and our appearance, we usually get a haircut. 

Likewise, we use a large number of meanings and even choose appropriate days (in the case of women) to give more power to this sometimes mystical act. But if this act that we usually consider mundane is part of a dream, what does it mean?

Generally, we associate haircuts in dreams with a loss, physical or symbolic, of something or someone. Either because right now you feel like someone is trying to castrate you in some way, or because you think you're losing someone, maybe the trust or the friendship, love or family relationship.

You must remember that we cannot condense the meaning of dreams with just one element, because it will depend on many details of the dream. Similarly in our state of consciousness, hair represents a change for us, so it could happen in our dream states, these changes reflect what we are going through, being the product of the subconscious

It will depend in this sense on the whole context that surrounds our dream of cutting our hair. The elements used for the cut, who we surrounded ourselves with, where we were, how we saw ourselves, and a myriad of things and characteristics that connect us to our present life.


Dream about cutting your own hair


Dream about cutting your hair with scissors

First of all, we must notice all the elements that we observe in our dreams, although some details are more characteristic than others. It will not be the same if you dream of cutting your hair with scissors in a forest, or at home. The two will have different connotations depending on what they mean to you.

If you are at home and you dream of cutting your hair there, you are experiencing changes in your closest environment . Whether it's family or friendship or even work. The house itself represents a refuge that we not only care for, but yearn for whenever we are away from it for a long period of time.

But if we also cut the hair with scissors, which would not be the same as with any other element, it would represent a desire to want to get rid of something which is not so positive in our lives, it could be thoughts or actions. Our dream (and therefore our subconscious) screams at us to change those negative aspects that involve our closest environment, it can be the family or something in our house.


Dream about cutting your hair with a razor

Although I told you that haircuts in dreams usually represent changes we are going through or want to live, if it is done exclusively with a razor, it will bring changes to the interpretation of dreams.

If the dreamer is a man and this act suits him well in his dream experience, it means that a change is coming. If, on the other hand, the haircut does not please you and rather hurts you, it is likely that this change is not welcome.

If it's a woman who's the dreamer, cutting your hair with a razor isn't usually to your liking. But this interpretation will depend on the attitude you have in the dream. Since it is up to you, it is quite possible that you are going through a change that has cost you dearly and that you need a lot of courage to face it. 



Dream about cutting your hair by mistake

We can interpret a dream in which we have a bad haircut in different ways. Even more so if we are the ones who made this mistake. Although we all know that we have complexes, some more than others, it is possible that these are too much on your mind at the moment.

It can also manifest a possible lack of self-confidence - and which does not allow you to move forward as you would like. On the other hand, it could also manifest the feeling of discomfort that our physique causes us, knowing that hair also represents our self-esteem.


Dream about getting a haircut at a hairdresser


Dream about a woman who cuts your hair at a hairdresser

Hairdressers or beauty centers generally represent not only a place of satisfaction for hair changes, but are also linked to a certain femininity. Although this represents a space for change, the fact that it is precisely a woman who cuts your hair at a hairdresser can represent different things.

Our dream states reveal certain sensations that have been with us for a long time, in this case, the dream reveals a conflict with our appearance, especially our femininity.

Also, we may face insecurities about what others think of us. Probably our closest environment. In our work, at home or with our friends. Just become aware of it and let it flow for greater self-confidence.


Dreaming about a man cutting your hair at a hairdresser

To begin with, it is good to look within ourselves at what is happening in our environment. Masculinity, on the other hand, represents above all virility. On the other hand, hair symbolizes strength, security. If we add to this the space in which we find ourselves, we could give an interpretation closer to our dream manifestation.

Since this manly representation cuts our hair, this dream symbolizes strength, we are likely to pass through a stage in which we doubt our masculine side and we need to make a change there. We are ready to face changes in our masculinity.


To dream that a transgender person cuts our hair at a hairdresser

There are different interpretations of dreams with transgenders and transsexuals. While the former is someone who simply identifies with the opposite sex and acts as such, the latter is someone who has undergone surgery and a whole hormonal process to change their gender identity.

One interpretation suggests that we are going through an identity conflict , which is not necessarily related to our gender, it could be our identity at home, at work, etc. And that we need to put an end to this identity conflict.

It is possible that we are investigating our past to learn more about ourselves, our roots, an event that caused us identity conflicts and we need to change it, maybe it is related to a place that matters to you.


Dream about cutting someone's hair

Dream about cutting your partner's hair

To dream that we are cutting our partner's hair or watching how they cut their hair represents a great desire to want to change something in their relationship or that he is going through a change right now. You can identify from your environment whether the changes you perceive are positive or not.

It will always depend on the environment of the dream. Although the idea of ​​change is usually linked to positive acts, it is very likely that our dream state calls us to make these changes in the best possible way. Whether for seemingly good or bad, every change will bring positive things to our lives.


Dream about cutting my parents hair

We usually go through different stages with our parents precisely because they are the ones who shaped us in the first place. On the one hand, they represent our authority and on the other hand our life guides. And if we have this dream, it mainly indicates family changes.

It can also represent changes in our idea of ​​authority or wanting to change our life path today. Perhaps we experience a great closeness with our parents or with those who represent this figure in us. (See dreaming of his parents).


Dream about cutting my brother or sister's hair

At first, the interpretation of a dream like this, cutting the hair of our sister, brother or even our best friend, will depend on the relationship we have with him. Although these are brotherly bonds, this is not necessarily always the case. (See dreaming of his sister).

However, as our brothers and sisters are the ones who accompany us throughout our lives and also a fundamental part of our existence, the fact of cutting our hair or having our hair cut represents big emotional changes with someone very close to you. Although in general, it represents positive changes for your life.


Dream about cutting a stranger's hair

We may be going through a stage in which we find it hard to trust new people who come into our lives. It could cause us a lot of discomfort. In this sense, it is possible that we approach someone who at first causes us a lot of mistrust but we want to give him an opportunity.

We want, then, to establish a change of environment, or simply a change in the way we see things around us because perhaps, in addition, we are surrounded by a new space for ourselves. Whether it's a new job, new friends, a new house or a new city that, although it causes us some strangeness and distrust, it's time to give it the opportunity for positive change. (See dreaming of a stranger).


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