Dream of being flirted: What meanings?

Dream of being flirted: What meanings?

Flirting is learned. At least that's the opinion of so-called flirting experts. And indeed, not everyone finds it easy to express their interest in another person through flirting signals. Because often we are afraid of being rejected or of being ridiculed. After all, you never know who you are dealing with until the first contact and how that person will react to our flirting.

Very shy people can try a friendly smile or repeated glances in the direction of the human target. Others, on the other hand, jump straight into the drag and try to score points with a cheeky saying.

The way you like to flirt or be flirted is fundamentally different. And finally, it is also crucial to know how likable you find the other person. In the dream of being hit on, it also depends on how the dream image unfolds and how we feel in the situation itself.



Dreaming of being hit on: the general interpretation

Being hit on in a dream indicates in the dream interpretation that you are receptive to another person's concerns in waking life. It can also relate to things that happen on an emotional level. But it could also be just plans or suggestions that you share with someone and brainstorm together.

The interpretation of the image in this dream also depends on the person who flirted with us in the dream. It may also be important here who actively started flirting. If someone flirts with you, it means in the dream interpretation that this person also feels some affection for us in real life.

If you found the flirting in the dream enjoyable, it suggests that you also feel comfortable around that person and even enjoy getting their attention. If, on the other hand, you felt repulsed by the other person's flirting attempts, you also need to make sure that you always create the right, comfortable distance between you and that person in the real world.

It's a little different when you're flirting with someone else in a dream. There is often a close connection to the real world here. This means that you are keeping an eye on the person in question in real life and trying to get their attention. However, it must be said that this does not necessarily have to be an erotic attraction.

For example, anyone who flirts with their boss in a dream may only have their real-life career advancement in mind and therefore takes every opportunity to emphasize their positive aspects and appear in a good light.


Dream of being flirted - the psychological interpretation

From the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, the dream image of being flirted very often represents a great need for closeness and affection. Even though flirting seems very superficial even in the dream, there is a deep desire for a serious and stable relationship. According to interpreters of psychological dreams, this wish may soon come true.

It can also happen that in a dream we have to observe how our partner flirts with another person. It can show that you have built some distance from the other person in the real world. The reasons for this can be found in external circumstances.

Sometimes such a dream experience also indicates that there is a lack of open communication in the existing relationship. This can quickly lead to misunderstandings that strain the relationship.

So how about a little flirtation with your own partner? Even if it seems strange to you at first, show him that you're still interested in him and that you find him attractive. Certainly, the spark of flirtation will quickly spread to the other and a miscommunication will soon no longer be a problem.


Dreaming of being picked up - the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream image of being flirted with is a symbol of the desire for a spiritual exchange.

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