Dream of divorce: What meanings?

Dream of divorce: What meanings?


Married couples are convinced that their love is lasting. But sometimes feelings grow cold over the years.

Marriage in such cases often ends in divorce, which is always a painful process. On the one hand, the mental wounds must heal and the rejections must be dealt with. On the other hand, there are often financial matters to settle, for example if you have made major purchases together.

Divorce becomes a particularly stressful time for both partners when children are affected by parental separation. If the ex-husband and ex-wife no longer understand each other and you break up in an argument, it's usually the children who suffer.

A dream of a divorce may frighten the dreamer. He may wonder if the partner harbors such thoughts. Maybe he doubts his own feelings. The personal life situation in the dream is decisive for the interpretation of the dream.


Dreaming of Divorce: The General Interpretation

The dream symbol of divorce may have a connection with reality in the interpretation of the dream. Perhaps the relationship in the dream is actually in danger. The dream may warn of endangering one's partnership with one's own behavior. Perhaps the dreamer would like more freedom or he cannot be faithful.

In this case, the dream symbol shows the dreamer the consequences of his own actions, namely the possible loss of a loved one. However, the dreamer may actually want to separate from their partner and become single again, but has not yet taken that step. This can lead to an internal conflict, which, according to the dream interpretation, is expressed in the dream of a divorce. Even a really experienced divorce can be handled with the dream symbol.

In popular dream interpretation, dreams with a negative dream symbol often have the opposite meaning. Thus, a divorce, if one is divorced in the dream itself, can signify fidelity and domestic happiness. However, the dreamer must also contribute to a happy relationship through his behavior.

If one dreams of someone else's divorce, for example, of one's parents, the dream symbol is a sign that the dreamer does not want to take responsibility. However, a separation can also indicate in the interpretation of the dream that he simply does not have the chance to choose his partner.


Dreaming of Divorcing: The Psychological Interpretation

For the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol "divorce" is an expression of mental conflicts and indicates problems in expressing one's own feelings.

The dreamer is no longer happy with his inner attitude. Unconsciously, he tries to find new concepts to face the difficulties of life and everyday life. Additionally, he abandons his previous behavior in the dream, symbolically represented by the dream symbol of divorce.

Additionally, separation or resolution in dream interpretation can also express self-doubt and an unconscious fear of loss. However, these mostly relate to his own personality traits.

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol of divorce is a sign that the dreamer fears losing a part of himself. This is often the case when someone suppresses certain character traits for the sake of their partner. The subconscious defends itself against self-denial with the dreamlike image of the ex-partner and asks the dreamer to clearly express their desires and needs.


Dreaming of Divorce: The Spiritual Interpretation

A person's personality is characterized by its holistic nature. If the physical, mental and spiritual unity is in danger, he reacts with feelings of fear.

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol of divorce is a symbol of the difficulties that the loss of integrity causes the dreamer to undergo.

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