Dream of mermaid: What meanings?

Dream of mermaid: What meanings?

Mermaids are half human and half fish, they are known as mythological beings that usually attract human beings to fall in love with their special beauty and song, therefore, they are related with passion, love and sexuality.

Currently, they keep people intrigued by their existence, so you can learn stories whether they are real or not. Despite this detail, dreaming of them is not common and they are normally linked to negative or premonitory meanings about the near future of problems that afflict and hinder relationships with others or factors such as anxiety.

To dream of mermaids signifies to a large extent the need to resolve the conflicts that arise, mainly related to love or business that is about to be carried out, so one must be careful, because everything can go as it does. should not.


Dream about being a mermaid

It's a sign of caution with the feelings you express to someone you love. If the love is not reciprocated, it is better to move away to avoid suffering, because one can be betrayed.


Dream that you have a mermaid nearby

It is a symbol of platonic or idealized love, that impossible love that you are determined to achieve, since you cling to not just create a friendship. You want to strengthen the emotional ties with this person with whom you have shared pleasant moments. It's a time of great expectation that can make you anxious. You have to control this momentum so you don't get stunned by it.


Dream about a mermaid talking to you

This means the loss of a message received in the previous days. It may mean that you should be more aware of the people who need you and who deserve your attention.

You are not very aware of what certain people are saying to you and you are easily distracted. That's why you let a lot of time pass without answering their call or their message.

Remember that you should cherish your friendships and never neglect them. You need to take the time to give them some of your attention. It will reward you infinitely.


Dream about a mermaid attacking you

It is the representation of an experience that brings you disappointments, which will not be great, but which waste your time and you must find a way to order it.

You need to be very aware of every problem that arises in your daily life to deal with it. Don't let everything that happens in your life pass you by. Everything has a purpose and you need to be discerning to know what each situation is telling you and learn from each.


Dream about dead mermaids

These creatures are said to keep countless secrets and deciphering them is not easy. This dream signifies a symbol of feelings caused by problems that you want to push away because they cause you pain. You are constantly looking for a way to resolve or overcome them. (See Dreaming of Death).

There is a lot of sorrow in your heart due to a complex situation you are facing. Life has become hard for you in these times and your state of mind is not the most desired. You need an urgent break, to think about these issues and come back with a stronger resolve to face and resolve what is happening.


Dream about mermaids who have been killed

It is related to love, but disappointed love. That love that hurt you and that you remember with resentment. It is natural for the loved one to be forgotten and even more so if they still cause suffering in you.

You are going through a sad moment of great pain. Your state of desolation is very great and that is why this image appears in your dreams. You are very distressed and anxious about something that has hurt your soul. You need to be accompanied a little more by people who encourage you to get out of this sad business.

Breakups, disappointments weaken the spirit a lot and this is what is happening in your life right now. You should know that it is temporary. You will overcome this feeling very quickly. Don't despair about it. While this is happening, look for palliatives that allow you to deal with this emotional disaster. Friends are a great option.


Dreaming of trapped mermaids

This dream is related to social abuse which causes disappointment towards the world and countless sadnesses. This discomfort affects you in the area where it occurs and you do not know how to deal with it, because the discomfort makes you feel that you do not belong in this place which does not accept you as you are. It makes you want to keep your feelings to yourself.


Dreaming of pregnant mermaids

It is a symbol that something is happening in your personal life, maybe it is not a child, but something is about to grow or mature, maybe it is part of a situation past that you haven't seen clearly or that grows inside you but you wanted to ignore, because facing the things you don't want is hard. (See Dreaming of Pregnant Woman).

It means prosperity and a good time to build and challenge yourself. Don't miss this opportunity. You are a person who was lucky enough to dream of this image, which is a symbol that everything in your life will take a successful path.


Dreaming about bad mermaids

It means that you are surrounded by people who do not have good feelings and you have to take great care of them. If you are spiritually fortified, you will be able to counter everything that is happening in your environment.

Look for recreational activities so that you can gain ground in the order of your strength and courage, so that these people do not weaken you in any way.


Dreaming of the siren song

It is undoubtedly an alert made by the subconscious. It has to do with someone close to you who provokes your confidence and seeks you out, looking for a way to betray you. It's a dream that sounds beautiful but its message is the opposite.

This song is a deception that is close to you and you have to be very careful, don't let people deceive you. For this you must always be attentive and discard dubious friendships


Dream about mermaids swimming in the sea

It is the search for freedom. It is a sign of rest found in undertaking a journey to unwind in order to get rid of issues that generate little positive energy. (See Dreaming of the Sea).


Dream about mermaids swimming happily

It's about making the right decisions that will lead to much more favorable outcomes. There is an issue right now where you have to say whether or not you accept something that concerns you and you have to be clear about the answer.

You must not make mistakes, you think about this question and feel somewhat confused. Stay calm and think calmly so that your decision is the best for your interest and your personal fulfillment.


Dream of mermaids in clear water

It is a sign of full confidence in the people who are close to you. It often happens that you have to see clearly to find out what people are really thinking and not reveal everything and then fall into deceptions that can cause you deep pain.

Be more thorough, observe those around you, and confide in yourself without making mistakes you'll regret. You shouldn't blindly trust people you don't know very well.

Give yourself some time to check carefully, then slowly start moving away from the ones that aren't right for you and bring in the ones that are.


Dream about mermaids out of water

It is related to the meaning of infidelity in the couple or in this case, adultery. So that this does not cause you future discomfort, you need to find a way to deal with it. You must not wait or delay the confrontation.

If you doubt it, you should talk about it and indicate what are the signs that made you doubt it. This person, your partner or a good friend who cheated on you must know that you perceive their misdeeds. These types of issues should not be allowed to pass because you are disrespecting yourself by not manifesting what you observe and feel.


Dream about several mermaids

It has to do with a woman being an important part of your life. Your bond with her is so strong that you feel you can't stay away or let her lose, say, your grandmother, your mother, or a sister.

It is a dream that makes you aware of the female figures in your surroundings, you should pay more attention to them and give them satisfaction as well.

They are important people to you and it's a good time to make a gesture or have something to say to them. The woman in case she is a mother or a sister are people who are in your life by blood, so give them the place each deserves.

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