Dreaming of baby: What meanings?

Dreaming of baby: What meanings?

Dreaming about a baby can have several meanings, depending on the context the baby is in the dream, the characteristics present, and your contact with it. Generally speaking, the dream of a baby is related to happiness and a bright future, the best aspects of life as a whole.

Here are all the meanings of the dream of a baby, which will allow you to have the exact meaning of your dream of a baby? :

Dream that the baby is on your lap

If the baby is comfortable on your lap, this indicates that you are more confident to carry out your projects. These new goals can be great, it will depend on how you do it. 

Situations can also be tricky if you are holding a baby in your arms in this dream type. If your baby is sleeping on your lap, it means that these projects are still ideas, a draft, that you can put into practice.

It also shows that you have every chance of succeeding because you are endowed with affection, warmth and generosity at this time in life. If the baby is on someone else's lap in the dream, it means something new is waiting for you.

However, it is long term and you have to be patient. This new something can come into your life, provided you know how to respect space and time, and the extent to which your actions can be implemented. Stay focused and move towards your goal. Something new is waiting for you.


Dreaming about a baby who has just been born

Dreaming of a baby being born indicates major changes in your life. A new cycle begins now. If the newborns were twins in the dream, the sign is peace. Your house as a whole will be in harmony in the coexistence and well-being among all. Above all, it is a symbol of purity and a new beginning, it can be a wedding engagement for example.

Newborns give the idea of ​​both a beginning and fragility. They represent the meaning of the materialization of the first steps of human life, as if it were a blank page, and they also represent a specimen of a species that cannot survive alone, always in need of the care of others for its own development.


Dreaming of a smiling baby

To dream of a smiling baby indicates that you are calm and free from heavy daily chores. It is a good dream that represents positive energies and pure joy, and it can also mean that with all that good spirit, you can win the heart of someone you love.


Dreaming about baby clothes

Dreaming of baby clothes is related to perspective on how you saw things and how they may change. If you have seen the baby clothes to buy, it means that you can change your mind about something that is currently happening. This is a case that indicates you might be surprised at yourself.


Dreaming of a crying baby

Dreaming of a crying baby is related to your need. This shows that you need the attention of someone special. Or even, that you feel devalued and unmotivated in what you do.

It means that an important aspect of your life may be neglected. You feel lonely lately, neglected and abandoned by other people. It may mean that you weren't able to achieve a goal that you had planned.

It's time to rethink and put your feelings in order, by valuing yourself. Pay attention to yourself and try to do things that give you pleasure, but without losing sight of the organization of necessary activities.


Dreaming of baby feces

Dreaming of feces in general is a sign of luck, wealth, luxury, success in projects. If in the dream the baby is dirty and needs care, it means that you should take a closer look at your financial life compared to your personal life. Be careful, because even if you have the great chance of wealth, if you are not careful, you can lose what is most precious to you. Knowing how to manage and balance quantity with quality is necessary.


Dreaming about an abandoned baby

To dream of an abandoned baby signifies that you are afraid of a change and abandoning actions that can lead to its realization.


Dreaming of a sleeping baby

To dream of a sleeping baby indicates that you need to relax deeply and search your thoughts for the best memories. try recover some of your essence and personality, and think about your primary mission at this time in your life.


Dreaming about a premature baby

This dream might indicate being a bit anxious. If the premature baby has not yet been born, this indicates that any decision you made immediately can still be reversed.

If in the dream the premature baby has already been born, it shows that you have to Better emotional control, balancing stress and anxiety. Don't let the little things change your mood, pay attention to what's really important. And don't be in a rush to do it all at once, take the time to get organized and relax, all in its own time and place.


Dreaming about a dead baby

What does it mean to dream that a baby died? This indicates that you are recovering from a major change that you recently had.

If the baby is yours in the dream, it is related to personal issues about you, things that only you can solve. The answer to your doubts and to all the mystery that surrounds you is within you. Give it time and keep quiet for now. It will help you find your true essence. (See dreaming of death).


Dreaming of a baby playing

If the baby is playing in the dream, it indicates that the dreamer will soon receive visitors. It can come from a distant relative or a family friend. It is the sign that you are closer to the people you love and more open to exchanging experiences with them.

It is time to remember with them the good times of the past and to live intensely the present. Make the most of your time with friends and family. If in the dream you are playing with the baby, it is a sign that you may have discovered incredible secrets and peculiarities of close and intimate people whom you did not know before. It's a good time to get to know the people around you.


Dreaming of baby with dirty diapers

Dreaming of babies with dirty diapers indicates that you are going through a happy time in life where everything is lighter and calmer. Enjoying the simpler moments, like going to the park for an ice cream and a non-committal walk, were some of your best days. It is a sign that your romantic relationship is excellent and that you and your partner get along very well.


Dreaming about a baby walking

To dream of a baby walking indicates that it is a time of big decisions and milestones in your life. A promising moment when you will feel authentic and ready to face new challenges that will make you evolve. Take advantage of this powerful state to try beautiful ideas, do not be afraid, it's the moment of the turning point!


Dream about finding a baby

To dream that you find a baby in your dream indicates that you are looking for new paths. If the baby is in a public place, demonstrates a characteristic of his personality, you are looking for something new and want to be in contact with several people and put your gifts and talents into practice.

If you find the baby in a secluded and empty place, it means you need to find that new something in yourself, like a rediscovery of your personality to follow new tunes.


Dream about warming a baby

To dream that you are warming a baby indicates part of your protective instinct. But beware, it can also indicate that you are too obsessive about taking care of your loved one, your family or your spouse.

Being careful is fine, but be careful of the intensity that did this. It also indicates that you find it difficult to receive affection, which is probably why you are overprotective.


Dreaming of baby shower

What does it mean to dream of a baby shower? This means that someone very close to you could soon have a child. It represents the arrival of a new life, symbolizing your friendship with that person.


Dream of fetus

What does it mean to dream of a fetus? It means that something new is about to happen in your life. It can be the representation of new opportunities, new perspectives. Your situation may be difficult at the moment, but soon solutions to your problems will emerge.


Dream about breastfeeding a baby

If you dream that you are breastfeeding a beautiful and healthy baby, it means that you have much success in your projects. However, if the baby seemed fragile or sick, it means that you will face many adversities in your life, but with willpower you will overcome everything.


Dream about forgetting a baby

This dream reveals loneliness, it can be loneliness related to the loss or estrangement of one of your loved ones as well as a consequence of bad actions on your part.


Dream about kissing a baby

This dream reflects the fact that you are rewarded for something important in your eyes and which is a culmination of things you have done in the past and which are now bearing fruit. (See dreaming of kissing).


Dreaming of a talking baby

Dreams in which someone speaks to you are very special, because what matters is what is said, not who says it. What is said always reflects something from your waking life.


Dream about carrying a baby

If we know the dream in real life, then the dream represents the sense of protection we have towards our family members.

If the cat is not known, then it is a renewal of our person which is represented by carrying a baby into the dream world.


Dreaming of a laughing baby

A baby giggling in a dream represents abundance and stability that come to you in this phase of your life. 


Dream about dropping a baby

In this case, the dream vision indicates that you don't pay enough attention to your plans and that you sabotage yourself at the unconscious level.


Dreaming of a baby with teeth

This dream is a sign that you have important projects in mind and which are beginning to materialize. (See dreaming of teeth).


Dream about hitting a baby

The violence in the dream brings out the fact that you only know her in a conflict situation and the subconscious sends you here a sign that you need to change.


Dreaming of a baby in a park

These dreams are related to childhood nostalgia and that the dreamer would like to relive them.

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