Dreaming of foot: What meanings?

Dreaming of foot: What meanings?

Dreaming of foot: What meanings?

The feet are synonymous with progress, they allow us to move forward. Placed at the base of our skeleton, the feet are what allow us to stand and walk. Spiritually the feet represent strength. The feet are what connect us to nature, to what is earthly and remind us that we too are part of it in a harmonious way. But what does it mean to dream of feet?

In the symbolism of the world of dreams, the feet indicate something stable and secure, often they also indicate our impulsive attitudes, which deviate from reason (due to their location, so far from our head).

Traditionally, the right foot represents the side of right and good, but also of the rational, while the left foot represents the path of instinct and the heart.


Dreaming of feet: the meanings


Dreaming of bare feet

They can have a double meaning. In the first case, we can assign a positive interpretation, since bare feet indicate direct contact with the earth. That indicates a very strong character, but at the same time, a strong sensitivity. 

In many Eastern religions, it is essential to pray barefoot to be in contact with nature. In a second case, we give this dream a somewhat negative value: bare feet can indicate strong vulnerability and insecurity towards ourselves.


Dreaming of smelly feet

Stinky feet or even damaged, scratched or cracked feet are feet that indicate a strong disregard for your body. In this case, it means that we have no confidence in ourselves. 

This is a negative characteristic and it can often happen that we dream of neglecting ourselves during particular times that we are facing in our life. This dream can refer to a situation, an adventure, something you are going through right now.


Dream about bloody feet

As we mentioned earlier, the feet indicate strength, progress. To dream of bloodstained feet indicates certain choices that can lead to disastrous or negative consequences, for which we may also sometimes be responsible. 

We have to pay close attention to the type of decisions we want to make, because we can be wrong. (See Dreaming of Blood).


Dreaming of feet in water or dreaming of wet feet

Feet in contact with water indicate positive progress in all respects. Water, like fire, is highly purifying, but the most important difference is that water is not destructive. 

Just like during a baptism, dreaming of feet submerged in water or wet indicates the beginning of a new phase of our life. We have thus taken away all the precedents, and we have decided to embark on a new path, we have planned new projects and we are ready to face a new path.


 Dreaming of foot: What meanings?


Dream about severed feet (amputated, cut off, mutilated) 

Amputated or missing feet indicates great danger. We have been deprived of the one thing that allows us to move independently. Spiritually, amputating feet means not wanting to listen to our irrational part, but wanting to follow the advice of reason. 

On a pragmatic level, the feet indicate our progress. But maybe if we failed, the choices we made weren't the right ones. Choosing the wrong path repeatedly can have serious repercussions and we must be very careful.


Dreaming of feet in the mud (muddy, dirty, black):

Mud in dreams takes on meanings of transformation. In fact, it is said in some beliefs that mud was the muddy matter from which man was created. With mud we can shape many things and for this reason, it is synonymous with constant change.


Dream about burnt feet

Fire represents energy and passion, in the world of dreams it is a destructive element that suppresses everything we want to forget or decide not to see. 

Dreaming of burnt feet indicates willing to take risks and follow your instincts while being aware of the dangers. Many times we think that by taking risks we get better results. It is true that the feet are a symbol of constant progress, but you have to be very careful: sometimes you have to go back and retrace your steps to realize the mistakes made.


Dreaming of ugly or beautiful feet

Often in the world of dream symbology, "ugliness" does not necessarily refer to the outward appearance of reality, but it serves us to evaluate a person or something on an inner level. 

If you dream of ugly feet, they represent a fear, the fear of making bad choices because of our very impulsive nature, which is not the best. Even insecurities can be the right interpretation of the dream. On the contrary, dreaming of beautiful feet can always refer to our impulsive nature, but in a positive way.


Dreaming about the feet of a child or a newborn

Dreaming of a newborn's feet can be a reminder for the child inside us. It can also be interpreted in a metaphorical sense as a reminder of our first, most important steps. 

Babies in dreams represent our innocent side, the good part of our character. Maybe we need to think more deeply before making a final decision, but we shouldn't be influenced by those around us. We need to worry less. Often children also represent a new thing, a real birth and therefore also here this aspect reconnects us to changes and progress.


Dreaming of cold and/or diseased (gangrenous, painful) feet

Sick feet indicate our inability to continue on our path. Illnesses in dreams often indicate disturbances that we cause ourselves, for fears that block us. Cold or sick feet indicate a bad feeling, a desire not to continue or not being able to continue due to these physical difficulties. 

It indicates that we need to rest and regain our strength in order to continue on our way. You have to avoid being too tired and continue with calm and serenity.


Dreaming of small or large feet

According to the size of the feet we can give a "measure" to our future projects. If we dream of small feet, we can take a limited number of steps and it is not to our advantage; vice versa, if we have very large or very long feet it allows us to take much larger steps, thus allowing us to continue faster and without too many problems. 

It also points to our inner complexes, whether or not we feel capable of continuing our journey in the best or the worst way.


Dream about a foot in a cast or broken 

A foot in a cast indicates a period of rest, inability to move, almost like momentary paralysis. We need time to move forward, maybe we are going too fast and our subconscious is trying to tell us to brake and rest a bit.

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