Drinking Milk Before Sleep: Pros and Cons

Drinking Milk Before Sleep: Pros and Cons

Drinking Milk Before Sleep: Pros and Cons

A tall glass of milk with dinner was a must growing up. Mom often said it would help us grow strong and healthy. But is drinking milk before sleeping good?

It is a well-known fact that milk is rich in calcium and supports the well-being of our body in many ways. Many people swear by warm milk for better sleep. 

Before you pour yourself a glass of milk before bed tonight, check out these health pros and cons. Learn what milk does to your body while you sleep and decide if the benefits outweigh the harms.


Benefits of drinking milk before sleeping

Let's be honest, when you sip a glass of hot milk before bed, it tastes so good. The heat seems to slowly spread throughout your body, creating a comfortable, sleepy feeling. It turns out there's a science behind these sensations.



Tryptophan is an essential amino acid for sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, tryptophan plays a key role in helping your body produce seratonin, which can reduce anxiety. If your mind is wandering instead of falling asleep, the tryptophan in milk can help your body release serotonin, allowing your mind to relax and fall asleep.



So what else in that glass of hot milk works its magic on your body to get it to sleep faster? A hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, called melatonin, is also found in milk. Everyone's melatonin hormone levels are different and they are regulated by your internal clock.

Normally, melatonin levels rise in the body later in the evening when the sun has set, signaling our brains that it's time to sleep. If your brain isn't as tired as your body at bedtime, a glass of milk before bed might help increase your hormone levels of melatonin and synchronize your mind with your body.



Have you ever gone to bed hungry? Maybe you had dinner but stayed up so late that you started having nighttime cravings? Feeling hungry can keep anyone awake at night! A glass of milk is packed with protein and drink one before you go to sleep will help you feel full all night long, which will help you sleep well.

Enjoying your milk but not seeing the desired results? Still can't sleep? An interesting Korean study suggests trying “night milk.” It may sound superstitious, but the study suggests that milk time is taken from cows. Milk taken from cows in the evening (hence the name "night milk") should have the most positive effects as a sleep aid.

The main benefits of drinking milk before bed include protein and healthy amino acids that help your body get an uninterrupted, satisfying night's sleep. So, what could be the disadvantages?


Drinking Milk Before Sleep: Pros and Cons


Disadvantages of drinking milk before going to bed

If you've ever had a glass of milk before bed and later had trouble sleeping due to an upset stomach, you may have encountered one of the major drawbacks of milk at night, lactose.



Lactose is simply a sugar in milk. that's what gives it a slightly sweet taste, and so satisfying. Unfortunately, according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, approximately 30-50 million Americans are lactose intolerant! 

If you fall into this category, drinking a glass of milk before bed will only hinder your body. Digestive problems like gas, bloating, cramps and diarrhea are just a list of things caused by lactose intolerance that could keep you up at night.



Maybe you're sure you're not lactose intolerant, but you still have trouble sleeping. So what's the problem? Because lactose is a sugar, large amounts before bedtime have other implications. If you are glucose intolerant, a warm glass of milk before bed could lead to drop in blood sugar

The bottom line is you need to know your body. If you are aware of your intolerance, you should be able to predict if lactose in milk will be a setback for you. If you don't want to give up your hot cup of milk in the evening, there are tasty (lactose-free) alternatives. Almond milk, coconut milk and nut milk are gaining popularity.

They are delicious and nutritious! Even better, they provide the same positive effects on sleep as cow's milk, without the negative effects of lactose.


Weight gain

Are you dieting or counting calories? A glass of milk before bed will set you back. Milk is actually known in fitness community circles as an agent for healthy weight gain. An 8 ounce glass of milk contains about 120 calories. Your metabolism slows down a bit while you sleep, so calories consumed just before bedtime are slightly harder to burn. If weight loss is your ultimate goal, you'll want to avoid milk before bed.


Liver function

A final warning about drinking milk before sleeping is that it can interfere with the liver. According to nutritionist Anju Sood, at night your liver works hard to detoxify waste from your body. It appears that milk can actually interfere with this process. Stay away to allow your liver to perform its nightly task uninterrupted.


Drinking Milk Before Sleep: Pros and Cons


In conclusion: Should we drink milk before sleeping?

here is your list of the main advantages and disadvantages of drinking a cup of milk before bed. There is no doubt that milk offers many health benefits whether consumed in the morning, afternoon or evening.

It really comes down to knowing your body and paying attention to its signals. If you have a restless and restless mind at night, a glass of milk before bed could be a healthy and preferable alternative. But if lactose or glucose aren't your friends, beware of the digestive issues that come with a nighttime glass of milk.

When you're looking for a truly restful night's sleep, it doesn't hurt to research all the options available. A glass of milk before bed is an easy and inexpensive trick to try. 

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