Effectively fight against insomnia thanks to the field of flowers carpet

Effectively fight against insomnia thanks to the field of flowers carpet

Today, many people in the world suffer from insomnia. This disorder negatively impacts a person's lifestyle. To overcome this, experts recommend several tips, including the use of flower field mats. How do they help fight this disorder? We will discuss the subject further here.


What is a field of flowers rug?

The Flower Field Mat is made to provide the same sensations and results as acupressure massage. This is possible thanks to the weight of the body and via the force of gravity.

Such a wellness accessory, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, is used with the aim of giving free rein to the imprisoned Qi. As soon as these blocking points are opened, the pain that the patient feels is completely or partially relieved. Indeed, the controlled and controlled pressure exerted on strategic points of the body relieves pain and tension. It also immerses the patient in a state of total and deep relaxation.

It should be remembered that the flower field carpets lead to the simultaneous stimulation of several acupressure points. They are therefore contrary to the targeted acupuncture treatment offered by some professionals.

The flower field rugs are made up of a multitude of plastic dots or spikes. It is also thanks to these that it is possible to exert pressure on several acupressure points and more precisely on those of the back. This carpet proves to be an effective solution in the treatment of certain disorders such as insomnia, migraine, fibromyalgia, hypertension. You can therefore have a more restful sleep thanks to the field of flowers carpet and this, without having to use any medication.


How is insomnia characterized?

Today, experts fail to accurately define insomnia since there are no standards for sleep. Indeed, many people sleep much less at night without suffering any adverse repercussions. The latter are therefore not for insomniacs.

However, in medicine, this evil is one of the biggest sleep disorders. Doctors characterize it by the difficulty in getting enough sleep. This seriously interferes with the activities of daily life carried out by the person who is the victim. The individual who suffers from it sleeps all the time, is less concentrated and can even be very irritable. According to some studies, it was possible to identify 2 variants of this disorder. There are in particular transient and chronic insomnia.

The patient suffering from transient insomnia is easily identifiable by doctors. This variant of this disorder is known to last for several weeks and most often results from intense stress. This may be due to the patient's profession or an overwhelming personal situation. Chronic insomnia is manifested by difficulty in getting to sleep for at least 3 nights a week. It should however be clarified that the limit between these two variants is not always easy to identify.


Carpet field of flowers and insomnia: how does it work?

The acupressure mat is able to cure insomnia naturally. This is made possible by the multitude of acupressure points present on the mat. Lying on the latter, the patient feels relaxation and a deep desire to fall asleep. This sensation is explained by the fact that the carpet stimulates the production of melatonin. This is the hormone secreted by the brain and responsible for sleep.

The flower field carpet also induces the secretion of serotonin, the hormone whose role is to regulate the emotions felt by the patient. This therefore explains the deep state of relaxation to which he is subject before falling asleep.

The acupressure mat therefore improves the quality of sleep of those who use it. However, it is not always suitable for everyone. Although it is a practical tool in the treatment of insomnia, it is however recommended to seek advice from your practitioner before making use of it.

For example, patients with skin damage are not allowed to use it. Pregnant women are also concerned since this carpet is likely to create complications in pregnancy.

In order for the mat to produce the desired effect, it is necessary for the patient to get used to it. He will therefore have to give his body the necessary time to adapt to the feeling of discomfort produced by the acupressure points. 

The patient should use the mat regularly for optimal results. He must use it daily for about twenty minutes in a single session. While using it, he must vary his positions.

In short, the flower field carpet can be used to effectively fight against insomnia. To do this, it is necessary for the patient to use it on a daily basis. In doing so, his body secretes the hormones responsible for sleep and relaxation.
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