Shoulder dislocation: How to sleep?

Shoulder dislocation: How to sleep?

Shoulder dislocation: How to sleep? There are several things you can do that can help you sleep with a dislocated shoulder.


Shoulder dislocation: How to sleep with pre-sleep habits

  • Ice your dislocated shoulder for 15-20 minutes . This helps reduce pain and inflammation. Remember to wrap your ice pack in a towel to prevent ice burn.
  • Take painkillers . Try to relieve your pain by taking painkillers prescribed by your doctor or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen.
  • Try to forget about your pain by reading for about 20 minutes. In fact, you can read a book and ice your shoulder at the same time. Reading is also a good way to relax and get tired.


Sleep positions for sleeping with a dislocated shoulder

Sufferers usually find that they have to adjust their sleeping position to avoid feeling pain. 

Try these positions:

    • Sit in a reclined position . You will find that sleeping in a lying position is more comfortable than lying flat on your back. There are a few ways to do this:
      • You can make your own reclining position using several pillows behind your back, while lying in bed or on your sofa.
      • You can sit in a comfortable reclining chair with armrests, like a La-Z-Boy.
      • You can use an adjustable bed, if you have one, to control the angle of your mattress.
      • A travel pillow is also very useful.
You may want to place a pillow under your injured arm for extra comfort and support.
  • Lie on your back with your injured arm propped up with a pillow . Using a pillow can help reduce stress and pressure on the injured side.
  • Lie on your side unscathed . If your right shoulder is injured, sleep on the left side.


Shoulder dislocation: How to sleep? You have all the solutions!

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