Broken collarbone: How to sleep?

Broken collarbone: How to sleep?

Broken collarbone: How to sleep?

 Broken collarbone: How to sleep? Here is the answer to this question with easy-to-implement solutions.


Broken collarbone: How to sleep with simple solutions

With a broken collarbone, sleeping can become a really complicated task.

The first thing is to reduce the pain in the most natural way possible:

  • En applying cold  at home and even
  • By taking food supplements that promote sleep
  • You know that the first nights will be difficult, especially if you sleep as a couple. You will not be able to settle down as you wish, you will feel discomfort and it will take you a long time to fall asleep. Become aware, don't force yourself and relax knowing that your body has to get used to this new situation.
  • The best posture is on your side, resting your body on the area of ​​the collarbone that is not broken, so that this side rests completely. Although this is the best position, if you are used to sleeping on your back, you can continue to do so while being very careful not to make any sudden movements.
  • In addition to following a good diet and gradually getting used to sleeping in this situation, you may need theusing prescribed relaxants.
  • Never self-medicate with painkillers without consulting us or your doctor first, as this addiction can affect your liver.


OUR ANTI-PAIN HOT-COLD COMPRESS Broken collarbone: How to sleep?

Broken collarbone: how to sleep? Sleeping with a broken collarbone is not a pleasure, but with patience and with these tips you will manage to achieve it even if it seems impossible at first.

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