How to use acupressure for sleep?

How to use acupressure for sleep?

How to use acupressure for sleep?

Of Asian origin, acupressure is an essential health asset and ideal for solving many problems, including those related to sleep and falling asleep.

Based on the theory of the 14 main meridians, it uses its channels of vital energy and linked to the organs of the body.

Since the organs of the body and the meridians are linked, this medicine acts on the body without bringing side effects like allopathic medicine does.

It therefore acts on sleep in a different way than sleeping pills and even than melatonin, being much more effective and without any danger to your health.


Acupressure: Its effectiveness on sleep

To deal with insomnia, one of the best known points is the H7 point, which is stimulated to allow better sleep. Located inside the wrist, it goes down to the ring finger.

The second point used for better sleep is PC-8, which is located on the middle finger of the hand.

There are also other points that allow you to sleep better and which are often used by specialists in this medicine.

By acting on these points, acupressure allows you to sleep deeply, whatever the current conditions that prevent you from sleeping, by acting directly on the body and on the roots of insomnia.

Depending on the cause of your insomnia the acupressure point will be different. For example, if your insomnia is related to anxiety, the acupressure point will be different from insomnia due to pain.


Why use a flower field acupressure mat before going to sleep?

Mastering acupressure is difficult and often expensive when performed by specialists. 

The best solution to take advantage of this is to buy a flower mat dedicated to stimulating the acupressure points of the body to help you sleep and even solve other problems, such as muscle pain, without it requiring knowledge. do practice.

You just have to lie down in it so that it can relax you and act in such a way as to allow you to sleep quickly and soundly. Acupressure points are just firm enough to work without hurting you.

The effects will be instant and you will be able to sleep right after using it. 15 minutes is enough for the effects of the flower carpet to take full effect.

Regular use will allow you to improve many aspects related to health and well-being, in addition to an unbeatable quality of sleep. 

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