Islam Sleep Paralysis: What causes?

Islam Sleep Paralysis: What causes?

Islam Sleep Paralysis: What causes?

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon that affects you and that you try to fight? You are in the right place. This phenomenon has different names in different countries and faiths. Modern medical science calls it sleep paralysis. Islam Sleep Paralysis: What causes? 

Almost in every house there is one or more people suffering from this problem. Most people do not pay attention to the cause of this disorder during sleep. It has also been noticed that a person experiencing this trauma hides it from others and it makes him mentally and physically ill.

However, it is important to take the necessary measures, as these nocturnal attacks are common to several religious cultures.

Before providing you with Islamic solutions for sleep paralysis, we will see why the scientific thesis is debatable and what attacks "Boughattat" led against different religious cultures.

At the end of cet article, you will know the solutions that Islam gives to overcome sleep paralysis and no longer have sleep disturbed by these nocturnal attacks for the rest of your life.


Islam Sleep Paralysis: The Scientific Thesis

According to science, it is a sleep disorder that occurs either when you fall asleep (hypnagogic paralysis) or when you wake up (hypnopompic paralysis). This disorder prevents you from moving although you are perfectly aware of what is happening to you.

Researchers have two different opinions on this subject. According to the first group, a person experiences attacks of sleep paralysis due to the strong repression of various desires to have a happy life

On the other hand, the second group says that sleep paralysis is the result of a mental stress and various worries of life.

Medical science says that sleep paralysis occurs when the brain tells the body to relax and the body goes into a state of near paralysis. This occurs by falling into deep sleep and then abruptly coming out of sleep during the deep sleep stage. At this time, our brain and our body lose contact for a few seconds to a few minutes and the person in this condition has the feeling that a ghost or an evil spirit attacked him.

Few scientists raise the fact that sleep paralysis sometimes results in death. There are different opinions on this issue. Some experts say that sleep paralysis prevents the body from moving for a short time and has no connection with death. 


Islam Sleep Paralysis: What causes?


The limits of scientific theses in the face of the phenomena of religious sleep paralysis

The Case of the Hmong

Some sleep experts believe sleep paralysis can kill a person. They provide evidence of human history. In the 80s, people from the Hmong tribe moved to the United States. The Hmong people generally live in China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. It was a group of 117 immigrant men. Of 117 men, 116 died while sleeping in camps associated with these immigrants. Their age was about 33 years old. They were in good health and no cases of illness were reported.

A force was killing these Hmong men in their sleep. Since doctors could not find the cause of death, they referred to these deaths as Sudden Unexpected Night Death Syndrome. It was decided to work in depth on this issue. During the research, it was found that these 116 men died due to their belief in night spirits. 

It was also found that the Hmong believed that if they did not pray before sleeping and perform their religious rituals according to traditions, they would not be protected by their gods and evil spirits will then come to harm or kill them.

Native Americans: A people mentally tortured by the Djinns?

Native Americans have recounted nocturnal attacks over the centuries. Although they were not of the Muslim faith, certain facts are troubling and agree to 100% to Jinn attacks affecting Muslims while they sleep.

They relied on their patron god, Iktomi, who taught them how to make the dream catcher, an object which, according to legend, prevents sleep paralysis. The tribes of these peoples could then sleep in peace for centuries. 

Although this has no connection with Islam beforehand, several dozen testimonies on Yabiladi and Ummah, forums dedicated to Muslim community relate the effectiveness of this object to prevent night attacks. The effects are increased tenfold for children.

Sleep Paralysis: Causes According to Islam

To answer quickly, sleep paralysis in Islam is caused by jinn coming to torment you and preventing you from moving and keeping you in a state of terror. 

We find many prayers of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his offspring) which must be recited before sleeping to protect you from the invisible demons of the night.

It is a fact that physical health has a great connection with spiritual health. But it is also important to note that sleep paralysis is very common among Muslim people, 

Ibn e Al Mansoor in his book Lisan Ul Arab writes that Jathoom is an evil dream that comes at night during sleep. The entity that attacks the person during sleep is called Jathoom.

Ibn e Seena in his famous book Al Meezan writes that this phenomenon is called throat choking and in Arabic language it is called Jathoom and Al Nendlan.

It is a belief in our society that no entity can harm humans. If we take it as a fact, then what is our position on the prayers of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his offspring) which are for protection from the harms of the unseen creations?

In the Quran, we find these words at the beginning of Surah Al Falaq: “I seek refuge with the Lord of the dawn, And from the evil of darkness when it sets in". These verses prove that some harmful entities exist in the darkness of the night of which we have no knowledge.

In Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the Companion of the Holy Prophet Abu Qatada (may Allah be pleased with him) relates that the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his offspring) said that good dreams come from Allah and bad dreams come from Satan.

Sleep paralysis also has a strong connection with a terrifying dream, so we can say that the Sleep paralysis is the work of some evil entities who want to harm a person.


Islam Sleep Paralysis: What causes?


Islam Sleep Paralysis: How To Overcome It?

We will introduce you to a great talisman for protection against this demonic phenomenon and for a peaceful life. People familiar with talismans and amulets will certainly recognize this.

The talisman will be engraved on a piece of pure silver and worn directly on the skin. The talisman will be realized when the Sun is at its maximum height. It can also be done during the Full Moon phase that comes each month.

We explain the talisman procedure so that everyone can do it easily. You can directly see its final form at the end of the article.

First, draw the boxes of the talisman. On the first set of boxes we will write:

Anh Min Sulaiman and Anh

The second will consist of:

اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

The ZAUJ pattern was used four times in this talisman. The Zauj model boxes were made with Surah Al Ikhlas from the Holy Quran. We will write the names of four angles on the four corners of the talisman. First we will write the name of the angel Jibraeil and followed by the names of Mikaeil, Israfeil and Israeil.

Then we will write four verses from the Holy Quran. The first verse will be written at the top of the talisman. The second verse on the right side, the third verse on the left side and the fourth verse at the bottom. The verses used in the talisman are given here:

Verse 23 of Surah Al Furqan will be written on top of the talisman.

On the right side, one should write verse 81 of Surah Al Isra.

Write verse 81 of Sura Yunus on the left side of the talisman.

Verse 18 of Surah Al Anbia will be written at the bottom:

The talisman has four parts and the sacred names of four holy prophets will be written. The names of the holy prophets are given here in French and Arabic:

Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny), ILyas as, Yunus as, Yusuf as, Yaqub as, Ayub as, Zikria as, Sulaiman ibn e Dawood as, Moosa as, Al Yushaa as, Loot as, Ishmael as, Ibrahim as , Isaac as, Aaron as and Noah as

Muhammad peace be upon him, Ilyas peace be upon him, Yunus peace be upon him, Yusuf peace be upon him, Jacob peace be upon him, Ayyub peace be upon him, Zakaria peace be upon him, Solomon Ibn Dawood peace be upon him, Moses peace be upon him, Joshua peace be upon him, Lot peace be upon him, Ishmael (peace be upon him), Abraham (peace be upon him), Isaac (peace be upon him), Aaron (peace be upon him) and Noah (peace be upon him).

These names will be written in a particular way. In the first part, we write the names of Nooh as then Haroon as, Ishqa as and Ibrahim as

In the second part, we will start with the name of Ismaeil followed by Loot as, Al Yushaa as and Moosa as

The name sequence of the third part is Suleiman ibn e Dawood as, Zikria as, Ayub as and Yaqub as

In the fourth part, we will first write the name of Mohammad (peace be upon him and his offspring), followed by Yusuf as, Yunus as and ILyas as

When the talisman is ready, place it near the incense for a few minutes, then wear it around your neck or right arm.

It will be better if you give the talisman a hard coating to protect it from all kinds of damage. Make sure water does not damage it.

If someone is severely affected by sleep paralysis, recitation of Ayat ul Kursi for 9 times will be very beneficial. If someone cannot recite Ayat ul Kursi, he can listen to it on his phone and when the recitation is finished, he should blow on his chest and on his palms and rub his palms all over his body.

The talisman against sleep paralysis in its final form is given here:

Islam Sleep Paralysis: What causes?


Now you know how to protect yourself, so there's no fear that the demons will attack you again while you sleep. However, if you want to have a solution quickly at hand, put this article in your favorites to read it again whenever you want to face the Djinns.

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