NUMEROLOGY: The Power of Numbers in Your Life

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1 number

The number 1 in numerology embodies the beginning. It is a number that indicates a very strong personality and great independence. Perseverance is in the spotlight with number 1: we are facing a real combative. Very individualistic, the 1 can tend to be selfish and sometimes impulsive. It is a figure often linked to a leader, a sportsman or an adventurer.

2 number

In numerology, the 2 evokes the couple, duo or association. There is a great sensitivity attributed to this figure. The 2 tends to act according to others: he has a great empathy, both in the personal and professional domain. This number is an emotional addict. He reveals his full potential when he is in a duo, but can lose his means when he is alone. Very diplomatic, number 2 is able to ease tensions.

Digit 2

Number 2 is that of union. If you get it, you and your partner are really made to be together. Love compatibility is at its highest point here: you have found your other half. You don't have too many questions to ask yourself, but remember not to fall into addiction.

Digit 3

A couple 3 never gets bored. You have some many common interests with your partner and you like to have an overflowing social life together. It will still be necessary to make sure to keep a little intimacy in your union if you want it to work in the long term.

Digit 4

A union 4 is not obvious at first sight and it can sometimes be hard to find the right balance. In this case, it is important not to try to cut corners. It will take time and patience to build a solid couple, but if you believe in it, hang on!

Digit 5

Your couple is not easy: you live a great passion. We will have to expect many twists and turns with this sometimes devastating heart story. If you aspire to peaceful loves, you have not come across the right number.

Digit 6

The 6 symbolizes a harmonious couple, with two partners who are on the same wavelength. You have found the right balance and you can enjoy this healthy and serene union without asking yourself any questions.

Digit 7

Your couple has need some time to become stable. In this union, one of the partners is not necessarily accustomed to long relationships and may find it difficult to invest fully. Take your time and get to know each other, without rushing things.

Digit 8

Emotions are at the rendezvous with a couple 8. feelings are strong, but can be both positive and negative. Jealousy meets passion. Chills go hand in hand with impulsive impulses.

Digit 9

You live a real fairy tale. A couple 9 is bound by a love worthy of a great romantic film. Each partner is on cloud nine and ready to do anything to satisfy his other half.

year in numerology

The year is an important factor in numerology. To make a numerological calculation or numerology calculation, you can add your day and month of birth to:

  • Your year of birth : you get your life path and therefore your portrait.
  • THEcurrent or future year: this is your personal year and this calculation brings you predictions about expected events.

First and last name in numerology

In numerology, numbers have great power: we have seen this throughout this guide. But do you know that letters are also very powerful? Your date of birth is not the only important data in numerology. Your name and your name also reveal many secrets about your personality and your goals in life.

The meaning of letters in numerology

From the letters of your first name and/or your last name, you can also make a numerological calculation. Each letter actually corresponds to a number:

  • Le numéro 1 : letters A, J and S.
  • Le numéro 2 : letters B, K and T.
  • Le numéro 3 : letters C, L and U.
  • Le numéro 4 : lettres D, M et V.
  • Le numéro 5 : letters E, N and W
  • Le numéro 6 : letters F, O and X.
  • Le numéro 7 : letters G, P and Y.
  • Le numéro 8 : letters H, Q and Z.
  • Le numéro 9 : letters I and R.

Example of calculation with the letters

It's a very example of calculation with the letters. Let's take a person called Mr Daniel JEAN.
By adding the letters of his first name (Daniel) 4 + 1 + 5 + 9 + 5 + 3, we get 27. By reducing it, the result is 2 + 7 = 9. With the sum of the letters of his last name ( JOHN), 1 + 5 + 1 + 5, the result is 12, so 1 + 2 = 3.
The sum of the letters of the surname and the first name gives 3, after reduction.

  • Active number = 9,
  • Hereditary number = 3,
  • Expression number = 3.

Calculating your numerology

The numbers of your life have a very specific meaning. They provide key information about your personality and give you indications on the path to follow for the future. From your date of birth (day of birth, month and year of birth), the current year, your name and your first name, you can make different numerology calculations. Let's recap them here.

personal year

In numerology, the personal year calculation gives a general trend over the year. This number changes every year. To get your personal year, you will need to add your day, your month of birth and the current year. The personal years are 9 in number and follow one another. They form a cycle: 1 is the beginning and 9 is the end. When you are in year 9, it is recommended to wait until the following year to undertake new projects.

personal month

Le personal month is a numerology calculation that helps you make decisions for the current month. To know your personal month, you only have to add up your day and your month as well as the current month. Depending on the number, you will get tips for making important choices.

The way of life

Le life path calculation in numerology is the most important. This number will accompany you throughout your life. It is the very essence of your personality and indicates all your strengths and weaknesses.

To obtain it, you must add up your day of birth, your month of birth and your year of birth.

The expression number

This figure corresponds to the sum of all the letters of your first names received when you came into the world and your name. It will highlight a portrait global of your person. You will learn more, thanks to this number, about your way of acting and about the influence you have on those around you. It will also give you the keys to overcome life's obstacles, so calculate your expression number.

lucky day

Numerology also allows you to do the calculation of your chance names. Among them you can know, for example, your lucky days. These are the ones, during the year, that will be conducive to the realization of your ambitions. The lucky days are all those whose sum of the day, month and year corresponds to your life path number. For example, if your life path is 8, then December 1, 2020 is one of your lucky days (1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8).

The intimate number

Le intimate number is based on the letters of your surname and first name, but in this case the calculation is made only from the vowels. The intimate number should be calculated using the birth name. This number corresponds to your deepest self and refers to your hidden desires.

The number of achievements

Unlike the intimate number, the calculation of the number of realizations is based on the consonants. This important figure reveals your concrete achievements in your life and indicates the modes of action that suit you best. While the intimate number reveals you from within, the number of realization shows how others perceive you.

The active number

In numerology, you can use the letters of your first name to calculate your active number. This figure will allow you to establish a portrait of your character and to decipher your behavior and your aspirations in life. Thanks to the correspondence table, all you have to do is add the numbers linked to the letters of the first names to obtain your active number.

The hereditary number

Le hereditary number is quite similar to the active number, except that it is a question here of making the calculation with the letters of the last name and not of the first name. This number is important since it represents your starting capital in life, that is to say the character and personality traits inherited from your parents. Of course, this heritage will have a strong impact on all your daily actions. However, the hereditary number is not sufficient to analyze your profile in detail: it must be associated with the active number and/or the expression number.

The number of karmic debts

Each person, during his reincarnations, inherits karmic debts. These mistakes of the past can cause suffering in your new life. You can do the calculation of the number of karmic debts and how to fix them. To find this number, you have to add the sum of 4 digits:

  1. The way of life.
  2. The intimate number.
  3. The expression number.
  4. The number of achievements.

If the result obtained corresponds to 13, 14, 16 or 19: you have a karmic debt.

Calculating your chart in numerology

In astrology, you can draw your astral portrait from your date and place of birth. In numerology, we speak of numerological chart. The latter corresponds to the precise analysis of the various key numbers of your life. To prepare it, it is therefore necessary to base oneself on the day of birth, the month of birth, the year of birth, the name and the first name of a person. Each numerologist is used to relying on precise numbers, which can vary from one expert to another. Generally, we find the path of life, the intimate number, the number of realization and the karmic number.

learn numerology

Numerology is a complex science that requires great knowledge. Fortunately, it is quite possible to learn the basics in order to draw your numerological portrait. Here is a summary of all the important points to master to help you achieve success in this process and learn numerology.

The vibration of names

This is the basis of numerology. Each digit has precise vibration that you need to know in order to then be able to analyze the different numbers of your life. Your learning of numerology should therefore start with an in-depth study of the different numbers, from 1 to 9. Master these numbers first before focusing on the master numbers (11, 22 and 33) which are more complex.

Calculation methods

We have seen different key numbers in numerology, but it is essential to start with the most important ones. The path of life and the personal year, for example, are the most used digits. Begin your practice of numerology by already focusing on these two numbers. Decipher all the mysteries of your own numbers and train with those of your partner and your family.

correspondence of letters

To become a pro in numerology, you will also have to know by heart correspondence of letters. This will allow you to calculate in your head the number of expression, the intimate number or the hereditary number of a person. Start your practice with the correspondence table and gradually try to do your calculation without using it.

Numerology of the year 2023

The forecasts for this year 2023, find out what this year 7 has in store for you.

Numerology of the year 2024

The year 2024 is a year 8, you will be able to understand everything that will happen to you for this period.

Our advice to go further…

If you are closely interested in the world of clairvoyance, numerology is made for you. Our articles provide you with the keys to get started. You can complete your learning by taking an interest in the works of famous numerologists, such as Jean-Daniel Fermier. Then, do not hesitate to refine your portrait and your forecasts thanks to the practice of other complementary divinatory arts, such as the Chinese horoscope, tarot or astrology.

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