Rules of The Cheat, How to Play the Card Game

To play the Cheat card game, you need:

  • A deck of 32 or 52 cards (which can be doubled depending on the number of players).
  • Be at least 2 players

How to play a game of Cheat:

First, each player is dealt an equal number of cards one at a time. You can also reserve a few of them to make a discard pile.

The goal of the Cheats game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand as quickly as possible.

The first player places a card on the table, face upand announces the colour of his card (clover, heart, diamond or spade). The next player in turn places a card on top of the previous one, but this time it is face downby announcing the same colour. Then each player places his or her card face down on the pile and announces the requested suit.

When one of the players suspects the suit announced by the player who just put the card down, he or she must say aloud "".Cheat"« . The player who has just played must then turn over his card, showing it in full view of everyone.

  • If the player who put down the card lied, he has to pick up all the pile of accumulated cards.
  • If the player has not lied, the player who announced "....Cheat"pick up all the cards in the deck.

The player who picked up the pile starts over by not having to replay the last suit.

You need to know the following: You can no longer be charged once your card has been covered.

How to win a game of Cheat:

The winner of a Cheat card game is the one who's the first to run out of cards.

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