Which mattress against back pain?

Which mattress against back pain?

Doctors recommend that people with back problems sleep on a firm surface. The best mattresses for the back are therefore mattresses with a medium/high firmness. There are currently a wide variety of mattresses on the market with different firmness ranges: low, medium and high. At first it may take some getting used to, but once adapted you will find them very comfortable and you will rest better.


What is the best mattress for the back

A long time ago, very hard mattresses were fashionable to relieve back pain, but the truth is that they were not the most suitable. Mattresses that don't yield to body pressure end up putting a lot of pressure on the bones that can lead to inflammation, especially in the hips and shoulders if you sleep on your side, and in your lower back if you sleep on top. the back .

A firm mattress will help us keep the spine in the correct position. If we already have a relatively new mattress, which we don't want to change at the moment, we can try to improve the firmness with a good padded base.

The ideal set for people with back problems would consist of a good upholstered base and a firm mattress with a spring core.


How to choose the best mattress for your back?

To buy the best mattress for the back, you must be advised by experts in the field. A suitable mattress will prevent us from suffering from lower back pain, contractures and poor sleeping postures, eliminating back pain caused by the mattress itself.

But if our back problem does not cause serious mobility problems, we must take into account that there are electric articulated bed bases on the market.

They will make our daily life as easy as possible. We must always choose a mattress that allows movement through the different lifting positions of the bed base and, in turn, offers the maximum possible firmness.

A mattress that does not suit us can aggravate our back pain. In addition, the quality of sleep will be worse. A comfortable mattress for us will provide us with adequate support and rest.

There are no mattresses that eliminate back pain, but there are mattresses that are more suitable for people who suffer from these ailments.

A suitable mattress to take care of the back is one that allows the spine to be perfectly aligned when we lie on our side and with its natural double “S” shape when we lie on our back.

Therefore, we can conclude that the best back mattress should have medium firmness and high durability, i.e., it should maintain its performance unchanged over long periods of time. The complete Emma mattress test to convince you.

The viscoelastic material of the mattress, due to its ability to adapt to the body, offers greater possibilities for alignment of the spine. Comfort is also important. A mattress suitable for the back is useless if you don't feel comfortable with it.

In short, as long as there is no specific pathology associated with lumbar discomfort, a medium/high firmness mattress with high durability is recommended.


Recommended materials

Memory foam has the property of adapting to the shape of the body, immediately returning to its original shape once the pressure is no longer exerted. It adapts without sinking, realizing that there is no pressure, but there is also no feeling that the mattress is enveloping, causing unnatural postures.

Memory foam mattresses have multiple layers. The thicker it is, the better the quality of the mattress and the higher its price.

We can also add toppers. It is a padded viscoelastic sheet that is mounted on our current mattress to offer all the advantages and comfort of a viscoelastic accommodation, all without having to change the mattress. They are used to provide you with extra comfort or to transform a conventional mattress into a mattress with a viscoelastic layer.

We must consider the following aspects when choosing the best mattress for the back:


1. Personal preferences

There is no mattress with a particular consistency, style, type, or shape that works the same for all back pain patients. Any mattress that allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably is the right mattress.


2. Mattress Components

You should pay attention to the height of the mattress as well as the composition and amount of materials in it. Among its varieties, those with less firmness are latex mattresses, which have medium firmness, as well as viscoelastic mattresses. Finally, we have spring mattresses, which are said to be the firmest.

There are also mattresses on the market made with natural components, such as wool and cotton mattresses, which are hypoallergenic and provide maximum comfort.


3. Good back support

When choosing it, its firmness is important. The best option is to go for a medium/high firmness, because if you buy one that is too firm or too soft, they will not respect the curvature of the spine, since they tend to sink in and can alter the curvature of the spine, which needs good support throughout its structure. Areas of greatest body weight must have adequate support so that the mattress does not sink.


4. Choose a base with good structure

You should pay attention to the support of the mattress, as it should be firm and even, providing stability.

Don't buy a new one and put it on a mattress that sags, because it will also deform and no longer be the best mattress for back pain. Upholstered bases and sofas are highly recommended, due to their firmness and the stability they provide throughout the backrest.


5. If you sleep as a couple, buy a large mattress

If you sleep accompanied, you should buy a large mattress. You need comfort to rest properly and when you sleep with a partner, you move many times during your sleep.

If you do not live as a couple, the mattress must have a minimum width of 90 cm but, otherwise, the width must be at least between 1,35 and 1,50 cm. The most common length will be between 1,80 and 1,90 cm, depending on your height. It takes about 10/15 cm more because some mattresses can be up to 2 meters long.


6. Choose the type of filling that suits you

There is a wide variety of mattresses on the market today: foam, latex, viscoelastic or spring mattresses. They all have great functionality, but you should try them to feel the maximum comfort when lying on them.

If you have problems in the lower back, you should choose a mattress that is reinforced there.


7. Change of mattress

If you feel that your old mattress is already sag or not comfortable, it is very likely that you need to get a new mattress. In fact, if it is more than 10 years old, it is time to change it for a new one.

Keep in mind that it is important that the mattress adapts to your body structure and not that you adapt to the mattress, so that you can get a good night's sleep with the best mattress for back pain.

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