The Emperor - Tarot of Marseille Card Meanings

The Emperor of the Tarot is a card full of wisdom. For many, he represents authority and doing things right, following the rule. But this is to forget that the Emperor is also a deeply sensitive man. Certainly, he does not always know how to express his feelings. However, all his actions are generally directed towards the protection of those he loves. To know how to understand the Tarot card and make the most of it, read the meaning of the Emperor below.

Keywords related to the Emperor of the Tarot.

The Emperor of the Tarot at the place: Foundations, authority, solidity

The Emperor of the Tarot upside down: Tyranny, Authoritarianism, Intolerance

Description of the Emperor's Blade

The Emperor - Tarot of Marseille Card Meanings

The Emperor presents himself as the husband of the Empress of the Tarot. He represents the animus principle and the male figure par excellence. The patriarch, the one who rules as a good father. In this, he is the guardian of authority, of the clan. He gets his strength from the Empress and from what she transmits to him in her potential for sensuality and beauty.

The Emperor is the archetype of a good father. Responsible, solid, invests in his task with seriousness.

The Emperor of the Tarot has a long white beard. Like the Empress who has long white hair (depending on the Tarot versions), the white color represents experience. He has acquired wisdom through his experience. He is therefore a responsible man, to whom you can ask for advice and who will listen carefully before answering you.

Against the throne of the Tarot Emperor is a shield with the image of an eagle. The eagle in the Tarot de Marseille represents the element air. We find the eagle also drawn on the Tarot World card but also the Empress.

The air is in the Tarot's sequences regarding the minor arcana, the representation of thought and speech. This suggests that the Emperor of the Tarot learned to master the word and to use it wisely.

The Emperor's card is shown in the right place:

The Emperor's Tarot de Marseille card in a deck is the male counterpart of the Empress, his complement. Both have a high hierarchical position. They form a couple that complements each other.

He is also the most important male figure in the Tarot deck. In any case, he is the only one with this stature and presence.

In the game, arcane refers to anything that is stable, solid, durable.

The Emperor:

  • often refers to the protection of a powerful or highly placed person.
  • is subject to loyalty, legality, justice, rigour.
  • represents material success, of high position, respected and recognized by all.

The Emperor of the Tarot: A Protector

It defends and protects. This is his primary function as was that of the emperor in past times. What is important is that his function is to protect his family and those who are important to him. His power

but also its authority is based on the principle of the family unit. If we extend it a little more, we could even talk about a clan. He's the patriarch par excellence. He offers advice, he has acquired the

The wisdom of power, he no longer needs to assert his authority because it emanates from him naturally.

It is the material and physical protection that is targeted. He also embodies the father, the husband, the brother and any superior person whose hierarchy is justified or any protective person.

The Emperor could in the sense represent a stable structure, a healthy enterprise. The building of something. The Tarot Emperor is able to restore peace and order to a chaotic situation. He is also able to redress a situation through his orderly mind. He knows how to solve problems by smoothing them out and transforming them.

The Emperor of the Tarot, a man of heart...

He is also an excellent strategist, a man of business and financial importance. The Emperor is particularly well structured mentally and has a clear and concise mind. This Tarot card makes it possible to see clearly in the mist, to clarify any situation.

The Emperor is also a very good planner. His action involves plans, projections, planning and strategy. He is not spontaneous but he is efficient.

By this, it manages to build particularly solid foundations and elements in all areas. He will build a solid and durable family, he will build a house in which he will make his multi-branched family prosper, he will make a business, a company grow...etc.

The Emperor is still a card with a strong attachment to the material world. Here, it is a question of concretizing plans concerning elements of the physical world. For example, to succeed, to acquire wealth, to have a growing business, but also an emotional relationship. In this case, it will be the construction and material aspect of the relationship rather than the emotional aspect in itself. In this, the Emperor of the Tarot is associated with the energy of the Sticks.

A Guardian of the Rule

The Emperor will also talk about rules, about duty. He is the guardian of law and order. In this, he applies precisely the principles. He is also a person who does not like to depart from routine and from what has been established by the rules.

If you draw the Emperor card in a Tarot deck, it will be an indication that you must stay focused and concentrated and not disperse or give up despite the difficulty of the situation. It is also important to practice assertiveness and self-control in order to keep a cool head and emphasize what is important to you.

The Emperor is an invitation to know oneself well and to have a perfect mastery of one's capacities and inner qualities. In this way, if you know how to control your passions and what drives you, then you have the power and ability to control and overcome any situation.

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The Emperor of the Tarot is a wonderful leader, powerful and fair. He is a dominant man but without excess and exercises a reassuring authority. It is true that the Emperor will feel most comfortable in a leadership or power role where he can exercise his authority naturally. This man likes to lead others. This Tarot deck likes to show his power and authority.

So he can represent a boss, an owner of a business that he runs firmly but fairly. He will know how to listen to the advice of others (just as he listens to the advice of his wife the Empress), but it will be Toulouse who will have the last word and who will make the final decision.

The Emperor is a peaceful warrior

The Emperor is also a warrior (but not belligerent). He is gifted with courage. He fears nothing, neither war nor conflict. However, he does not seek them either, but he will not hesitate to use his strength if it is necessary to establish his power or to make what is just prevail. To enforce the rule.

The Emperor by his personality enjoys recognition and success. The Emperor may be a person you meet. If this is the case, in order to collaborate with him, you will have to accept his authority and leadership. In return, the Emperor will help you, set you on the right path and support you along the way. He will protect you and lead you to success.

The Rule and Authority

The Emperor may also represent a legal figure, or power itself. In parallel and by analogy, he may also represent your internal power, or in any case, the internal forces that direct you.

Through a meditation with the Emperor card, you will be able to discover his internal forces and use them in the realization of your most cherished projects.

To feel the law of the Universe and know how to activate it, meditate with the Emperor's card.

Summary of the Emperor's card at the place in the Tarot de Marseille

The Emperor is a man of action. This blade will always symbolize an active action or situation. He is a man of strength. He represents stability, firmness (in the face of decisions and rules to be applied). This card guarantees balance. The Emperor of the tarot is full of energy and perseverance.

Our Emperor knows how to establish his power by an unshakeable will. He knows how to show authority but also benevolence. This does not prevent him from taking initiatives that allow him to move towards victory and the success of the actions undertaken. It will also be synonymous with happy episodes and the realization of projects. Finally, he shows rigour and consistency in all his actions. He is a man of protection.

The Emperor of the Tarot is shown upside down:

The qualities of the Emperor's card upside down are not transformed, but are over-emphasized. Thus authority becomes a stubborn refusal, or abuse of power and privileges. Lack of motivation to act, many obstacles arise and prevent the success of actions undertaken. The Emperor's attitude becomes despotic and cruel, egocentric with little intelligence and much rigidity. It makes the adversary dangerous and powerful.

The Emperor abuses his qualities of authority and power. He can then be dominant and especially intolerant. In these cases, he will no longer accept to listen to others and will try to impose his point of view. The card may then represent a person who suffers from a lack of inner security or a lack of strength and who seeks to make up for this lack by an external excess.

If you pull the Emperor upside down in a draw, it may be a sign that you feel overwhelmed by the situation. That you're having trouble with someone who's a little too dominant. It may also be a sign that you can't accept some form of authority.

You may also have difficulties with your life partner or your leader, boss or authority in general.

The advice of the Emperor of the Tarot card will be to no longer rebel and not to resist the situation. On the contrary, it is necessary to reconnect with your inner strength and take stock to understand what you cannot control within yourself. The Emperor will also be an invitation to approach problems in a logical and non-emotional way.

The Tarot Emperor's Soul States

The Emperor may also be a sign that you need to change your environment. That you no longer have to put up with authority (domination) and that there may be a way or a solution to get out of your situation without trying to confront you. For example, in your work, it may be an indication that you have to leave the current job that does not bring you satisfaction because of the rigidity and authoritarianism you are experiencing and that you have to look for other forms of work or you will feel freer.

Work comes first...

The Emperor will talk a lot about work or career. The Emperor "on the other hand" may indicate that you are not able to use the Emperor's energy to develop your career.

For example, you may find that you are forced to act in an authoritarian mode. At that moment, the Emperor's message will be to free you from the structure you are in. Or to free you from the mechanisms you are currently using because they are not good for you.

On a more psychological level, the Emperor upside down may suggest that you are in an emotional relationship based on an imbalance of roles... For example, your life partner has become possessive or very authoritarian. And, this does not correspond to your deepest wishes. You feel trapped in a tower of rules and prohibitions. All of this traps you in a relationship that suffocates you and you feel a great need for freedom.

Summary and synthesis of the card of the Emperor upside down

The upside down card extremes the qualities of the Emperor making them difficult and sometimes even unbearable. It will be a matter of tenacious opposition, of refusal of authority. At the same time, it could be a sign of failure in the actions undertaken. It could be a person showing weakness, indecision. Or on the contrary, a person who puts obstacles in the way, acting with brutality, tyranny, absolutism and stubbornness. The Emperor carries the number IIII which is the number of stability and solidity.

It is the card of authority of power and action. It has the power to carry out projects. The Emperor is also by his number 4, the arcane of practical advice and practicality. It is the symbol of material and balanced intelligence. It is the card of success in business.

You draw the cards thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field: He is a very rigorous person who asks a lot but who also knows how to appreciate the value of each person.
  • In the sentimental field: He is a person with integrity and protection but also quite authoritarian. He has a practical sense of things. To seduce her you will have to bend to her authority. She likes stability and will offer you a long-lasting relationship both on a sentimental and friendly level. But above all you will find in her a paternalistic protection. She does not like fantasies.
  • In the financial field: The rigor and the requirement of this person will ask you a lot of honesty and involvement in your work. But in exchange, you will have material protection. You will have to be as serious as they are to stay up to the challenge.

The Emperor's message:

Manage your leadership skills intelligently. Don't hesitate to make high-ranking contacts.

The Emperor's Authority

The Emperor is supported by a cubic throne that represents the real world. The cube has 4 sides, many of which are stable.

He is neither sitting nor standing but in an intermediate position. In this arcane all is authority. The Emperor is peaceful, confident, sure of his authority and power.

Particularity of the Emperor of Grimaud

As for the shield, it is placed next to him and rests against the throne, it is not used. The Emperor's protection is assured, he doesn't need to protect or defend himself. He breathes the assurance, gained after a long interior work (the blue habit).

A peculiarity of the blade are the white shoes that appear only once in the entire Tarot deck. White (symbolism of colors) is the color of purity, of wisdom that normally emanates from the mind. Any action of any kind is necessarily directed by the spirit.

The Emperor has his face and body turned to the left. He is therefore in a work of reflection and assessment in relation to past actions, in the achievements and in the enjoyment of these achievements, or he is facing The Empress.

The posture of the Emperor leaning against the throne, with one leg folded over the other, is reminiscent of the Hanged or World posture, it is also a position that was only allowed in the Middle Ages for people of high rank.

In the same way, he wears long hair and a beard, which were only allowed to high dignitaries.

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