Free Couple and Love Compatibility

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Calculation of the affinity and percentage of your couple, based on your dates of birth

Free Couple and Love Compatibility

Couple Numerology is able to determine how the personal Themes of the two partners will interact, "mix", and what energies will thus emerge from your duo.

The study of the vibrations of the Intimate Selves and of your respective Spiritual Elks will also give an indication of your chances of long-term agreement and the correspondence of your deep aspirations.

Chinese Astrology will shed light on your erotic behavior. The main guidelines that will be given to you will help you to better guide you in a reflection that you will do alone or as a couple.

By discovering the intimate personality of the person you love and want so much, you will better understand how to satisfy their most secret desires.

Thanks to Evan and his numerological compatibility study.

What you need to know about love compatibility

The practical applications of numerology in life are not lacking: predictions on the professional future, analysis of destiny, anticipation of major events... The emergence of the net then the multiplication of specialized (or pseudo-specialized) websites in numerology have shown that estimating the love compatibility between individuals was at the top of the list of queries in this area. Surprise ? Not really. It must be said that in all aspects of numerology (earthly or spiritual), the question of interpersonal relationships always comes back with force, conditioning in many respects the other facets of everyone's life. To estimate love compatibility and the degree of attraction between two people, numerology is based on a comparative analysis of first name, date of birth and astrological sign.

Love compatibility based on first name

Those who are interested in Pythagorean numerology know the importance of the first name in the quest for the meaning of vibrations. By assigning a numerical value to each letter of your first name, numerology is able to appreciate its hidden meanings to give you the keys to your existence, your love life, your career and, more broadly, your plan for life. life. The order of the letters that make up your first name is not trivial. Each position has a particular meaning and provides very specific information about your personality, your temperament and your destiny:

  • The cornerstone or “Cornerstone”: this is the first letter of your first name. Numerologists, clairvoyants and other diviners pay crucial attention to it insofar as it provides an overall overview of your personality. Rich in meaning, it leads to a table with two columns: one for the typology of opportunities and other nudges of fate on which you will have to capitalize to evolve, the other for the obstacles and threats against which you will have to protect yourself to achieve your life goal;
  • The apogee or the final stone: it is the last letter of your first name. It provides information on your ability to carry out your projects and follow through with your ideas. A comparative analysis of two final stones on two first names makes it possible to appreciate the long-term love compatibility between two individuals;
  • The first vowel: it informs about the deepest desires and dreams of the individual. It is the letter of ultimate purpose par excellence. It delivers details on facets of your personality that only those closest to you can see.

Ultimately, the compatibility of the first name designates the degree of convergence between two first names via the analysis of the cornerstone, the apogee and then the first vowel.

Love compatibility based on astrological sign

When it comes to estimating the degree of attraction between two people, astrology imposes itself and works to explain the different elements that can act in the direction of a mutual attraction. Our astrological sign is a real open book on our character, our aspirations and our desires. Finding the right person for us is, in a way, finding the astrological sign that suits us. Astrology breaks down the astrological signs into four groups, each corresponding to an element of nature. Some groups oppose each other, others attract each other. We thus count:

  • The signs of the “water” element: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces;
  • The signs of the “earth” element: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn;
  • The signs of the “fire” element: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius;
  • The signs of the “air” element: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Estimation of love compatibility is based in part on the compatibility between the two groups to which the two zodiac signs belong. For example, the signs of the element "water" will extinguish those of the element "fire". The signs of the "water" element water the signs of the "earth" element. The signs of the "air" element dry out the signs of the "earth" element, etc. It is interesting to note that the signs of the zodiac which belong to the same element of nature are not necessarily made for each other. Indeed, they sometimes know each other too well, which explains a certain difficulty in feeling an attraction because the mystery is not there. To estimate the love compatibility between two people with signs belonging to the same group, it will be necessary to draw on other numerological data. Browse our dedicated article for more information on star sign compatibility.

The first name: a data far from being neutral!

You'd be amazed at the influence your first name has on your life. Along with numerological considerations (letters, positions, numbers), your first name can also provide other statistically verifiable information. In a study by New York University*, researchers showed that people with easy-to-pronounce first names are more likely to hold high-level positions. Adam Alter, one of the psychologists who piloted the study, explains: “When we are able to understand information easily, we tend to prefer it to others”. In another study conducted by the same team**, companies that have a simple name and whose logo uses a clear and clearly visible font achieve the best stock market performance.

In another study conducted by Marquette University***, first names deemed “less original” led to better job opportunities. Another study conducted by Shippensburg University**** highlighted a strong relationship between first name popularity and individual behavior. For example, young people with uncommon first names are statistically more inclined to commit acts of juvenile crime. Finally, a study published in the Economics of Education Review***** has shown that young people whose name begins with a letter from the beginning of the alphabet have a better chance of finding a place in the best higher education institutions.
The first name is far from being a neutral and unimportant element. Indeed, it exerts a sometimes unsuspected influence on our existence. Numerology is also interested in the meaning of first names to explain the meaning of each person's life.

Love compatibility based on date of birth

Like the first name, the date of birth is an essential element in numerology, whether traditional or contemporary. Western astrology uses the date of birth to define a person's zodiac sign. This sign is then positioned in one of the following four groups:

  • Group number 1 (fire): Aries, Leo and Sagittarius;
  • Group number 2 (earth): Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus;
  • Group number 3 (air): Gemini, Aquarius and Libra;
  • Group number 4 (water): Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

It is believed that astrological signs that belong to so-called "complementary" groups have the best love compatibility. Water feeds the earth. In this sense, zodiac signs that belong to the water group are more likely to get along with those that belong to the earth group. On the contrary, water extinguishes fire, which augurs a priori of a not very passionate relationship between an Aries and a Cancer. It is on this system that the many applications that can be found on the Internet and which propose to estimate the compatibility of the date of birth of two people are based. On the side of Chinese astrology, the modus operandi is similar with however the use of the 12 Chinese astrological signs (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig).

The date of birth is not only apprehended by the prism of the astrological sign. It also carries meaning when considered from a mathematical point of view. The sum of the different numbers that make up your date of birth is rich in meaning. It provides information on love compatibility, the harmony of the couple and the destiny of each. It highlights many aspects of our personality that will further refine the analysis of love compatibility. The sum of the day, month and year of birth leads to the life path, an essential element of modern numerology. It will be a question of putting the two paths of life in “competition” to draw conclusions on their compatibility in love, but also friendly or professional.

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