Rules of Uno Flip, Learn How to Play the Card Game

Rules of Uno Flip, Learn How to Play the Card Game

To play Flip, you need..:

  • 2 decks of 54 cards
  • To be 2 players

Start a game of Flip :

At the beginning of the game, the cards are shuffled and distributed to the 2 players. Each player takes his pack face down.

You put 4 cards each in front of you and you put one in the middle (side by side), all face down.

At the count of 3,2,1, all cards are turned over at the same time, ending with the card in the middle. Each player tries to put his or her cards on one of the cards in the middle as quickly as possible (regardless of who put it there at the beginning of the game). Players play at the same time, there is no turn.

You must always have 4 cards in front of you. As soon as one of the cards is played, one of them must be put back in its place.

The cards in the middle of the deck will be covered with cards from the top or bottom of the deck as the game progresses.
A jack will be covered by a queen or a 10 (regardless of suit).
An ace will be covered by a king or a 2 (regardless of color).

Essential rule:
If the cards in the middle are identical, the first player to place his hand on the 2 middle cards by saying "FLIP" forces the opposing player to take all the cards in the middle.
Afterwards, each player places a new card in the middle to continue the game.

It happens situations where none of the 4 cards put down of the 2 players do not allow to play. In this case, the cards are discarded at the same time and put back by the players under their deck. New cards will be placed in their place.

How to win a game of Flip :

The winner is the one who has no more cards.

Note: The decks must remain on the table and the players will only use one hand to handle the cards for the most skillful players.

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