Sleep like a dormouse: Meaning

Sleep like a dormouse: Meaning

The expressions around sleep are legion, like falling into the arms of Morpheus, the night brings advice or even sleeping like a dormouse. This expression is most often used and heard. 

We will explain this famous expression to you, then see together how to sleep like a dormouse.


Sleep like a dormouse: Meaning

The dormouse is a forest animal, resembling a cross between a squirrel and a mouse. In winter, this species hibernates, sleeping for months without anything being able to disturb its sleep.

He usually sleeps for more than 7 months, only getting up for a few minutes to eat and relieve himself. Food being right next to him, having stocked up long enough so he wouldn't have to move for the duration of hibernation.

It is from this ability to sleep so intensely that the expression sleeping like a dormouse comes from.

Of course, it is impossible to sleep as much as the dormouse, but this animal that would make our dear cat look like a real ball of energy, teaches us the basics to sleep soundly.


Is it possible to sleep like a dormouse?

Unfortunately not, his sleep is much better than ours, and much longer and deeper.

However, you can get closer by following a few simple tips, some of which are common with this animal.



Our tips for better sleep

  • Avoid all kinds of stimulants, like coffee and even tea after 16 p.m. so as not to disturb sleep.
  • Turn off screens: By stopping all screen activity for the hour before sleep, you allow your brain to prepare for sleep. This includes smartphone, TV and computer.
  • Do not eat too much before sleeping: Unlike the dormouse, which eats a lot to have the fat necessary for a sleep of several days in a row, you must avoid overeating before sleeping, so as not to disturb the transit and avoid having a stomach ache. You only sleep 8 hours, no need to overload yourself.
  • No physical activity before sleep. Do like the dormouse, save yourself from the slightest effort before sleep to tell your brain that you are in a waking state.
  • Total darkness. There too the dormouse teaches us that sleeping in total darkness is essential for good sleep. It allows you to secrete melatonin, the sleep hormone. A simple solution to achieve total black is the sleep mask.
  • A suitable temperature: You don't have dormouse fur to sleep like a dormouse. So favor an indoor temperature between 16 and 19 degrees.
  • Good bedding: The mattress and pillow should be of good quality to allow you to sleep well. Prefer shape memory which adapts to the shape of the body for maximum comfort.
  • A calm location. The dormouse is a very deep sleeper, not us mere humans. So be sure to get silence is needed. Wear noise-canceling headphones to avoid any risk.
  • Avoid alcohol, it disturbs the quality of sleep. Have you ever seen a dormouse sleeping with his bottle of whiskey?
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