Why should you consume mate?

Why should you consume mate?

Why should you consume mate?

Discovered and consumed for a long time in Latin America for the first time, mate is nowadays drunk in all corners of the world. Like tea, this infusion was very quickly successful thanks to its many virtues and varieties that provide equally diverse tastes. In this article, you will discover what mate is, its different types as well as its benefits on the human organism.


Mate: what is it?

Consumed at least three to four times a day by Argentines, mate is a traditional drink obtained by infusing the leaves of a tree of the holly family called “yerba mate”. Originally, it was the aboriginal peoples of South America who consumed this infusion because of its virtues. Even if thanks to industrialization, mate is designed in packaging and exported everywhere today, it is only grown so far in Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil. Like tea and coffee, it has become one of the most consumed beverages by humans. It is very easy to buy the best yerba mate wherever you are these days.


What are the different types of mate that exist?

On the market, you will find three types of mate. It differs from each other by their presentations, but also by their tastes. These include, among others:


Aged mate

It is the type of mate most produced by South American brands. It is appreciated by consumers for its intense, slightly bitter taste and for its aroma. It is distinguished by its yellowish color. To obtain ripened mate, the leaves of yerba mate must be stored in a certain climatic condition for a period of 3 to 24 months. This intensifies its flavor.


Green mate

Green mate differs from refined mate by its greenery, its sweeter and less harsh flavor than that of refined. Unlike the first type of mate, green mate has not undergone any climatic conditioning. It is obtained from the direct infusion of freshly harvested yerba mate leaves. This gives the drink a certain freshness and the green color of the leaves. It is the favorite mate infusion for people who don't like bitter flavors too much.


Roasted mate

This type of mate unlike the other two undergoes an additional operation. Indeed, this mate is obtained after roasting the leaves of yerba mate. An operation that caramelizes the natural sugar contained in the leaves and gives it a toasted color.


What are the benefits of mate for the body?

Mate is an organic drink and therefore does not contain any chemical substance. Like tea, this infusion contains natural caffeine, a substance known to keep the body alert and increase concentration. Mate is a healthy and natural stimulant that energizes the body over long periods of time. It burns excess body fat to keep it in shape. It is a drink with multiple virtues which contributes to the reinforcement of the health capital of its consumer.

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