Baby sleep at 4 months: How to manage it?

Baby sleep at 4 months: How to manage it?

Baby sleep at 4 months: How to manage it?

Although the baby's sleep at 4 months is shorter and more regular, it is a difficult phase to manage. Here are our tips for managing this period correctly.


Baby Sleep at 4 Months: The Facts

He still doesn't sleep straight. When it reaches 6.5 kg, it can pass 8 hours between feedings thanks to his stomach which begins to take volume. You will need to wait until he is 6 months old before he can start eating solid foods, and protein will help stabilize his blood sugar levels better.


Hormonal changes can disrupt nighttime sleep

Baby sleep hormones at 4 months are going through a major development that disrupts sleep patterns. It is very common that babies who slept 6 to 8 hours, wake up every hour or two. And this, even if he does not need to eat.


sleep training

At 4 months, the baby's nervous system is sufficiently developed for him to fall asleep on his own. This is the ideal age range to begin sleep training so that it can manage to fall asleep on their own.


Teething comes into play

Most babies have their first teeth between 4 and 6 months and the 24 to 72 hours preceding the passage of a new tooth in the gum can be quite uncomfortable and disturb the baby's sleep at 4 months. It is in these cases that sleep training is really useful.


The baby turns over while sleeping

Around 4 months, babies begin to move while sleeping. Make sure he sleeps on his back for up to a year for his safety.


Still no lint while sleeping

It is only after 6 months that he will be able to use it safely.


The naps are the same

They are always 3 in number per day, with a short nap of 30-45 minutes and a nap of 1h20-2h in the afternoon.


Baby sleep at 4 months: How to manage it?


How to manage this phase?

This phase corresponds to a sleep regression. But remember that this is temporary, and that there are habits and solutions to put in place to manage it well.


Give your baby time to develop during the day

Your baby is working hard at mastering new skills and may be so excited that he can fuss at night. That's why he recommended him allow time to train well throughout the day.


Feed the baby well during the day

Full feedings during the day and before he goes to sleep can help keep your child from being hungry in the middle of the night.

Curious about everything, and the world around them, they might not want to eat until their stomachs are full. Eliminate distractions so that he eats better and more easily. 

Be careful not to automatically feed him at night if he starts crying, if his stomach is still full, let him go back to sleep or he will take your help for granted.


Help him if he can't sleep alone

To ensure the baby's sleep at 4 months, try to be next to him and reassure him physically and verbally so that he can fall asleep.


Keep the room dark

When the baby needs to sleep, keep the room dark to promote better sleep. Light helps signal the brain that it's time to wake up.


Establish a bedtime routine

With baby sleep at 4 months getting 10-12 hours of sleep daily and a few naps during the day, it's time to establish a sleep routine.

As a bedtime routine, you can include a bath or a bedtime story or nursery rhyme. 

At this age he is normal to wake the baby in the morning if he sleeps longer than usual, provided that this is the same every day.


Adjust your own routine

Adjust your own daily routine based on baby's sleep periods at 4 months. Mealtimes and playtimes should also occur on a consistent schedule.

Plan your day around your baby.


Pay attention to sleep cues

When your baby rubs his eyes, yawns bored, these are signs of a sleepy baby, so it's time to bring him to a quiet place to rest.


Use sleep techniques

Continue to use the same sleep patterns while your little one goes through these hormonal changes.



Your baby may fall asleep in a stroller, in the car or even in the crib, but what works today may not work tomorrow.


Give him affection

Besides helping him sleep, it will make him feel loved.


Invite your loved ones to play with your baby

In addition to making them happy, it would allow you to rest.


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