Torque compatibility

Are two people compatible? We can know this through numerology or astrology. These two divinatory arts can be complementary if you want a precise study of your love compatibility.


Love compatibility according to numerology

In numerology you can calculate your love compatibility from the first names, but also with the date of birth. Along with your day of birth, month of birth and year of birth, you get the life path number of each partner. The sum of the two life paths gives you a number between 1 and 9, whose vibration represents theenergy of your couple.

Couple numerology – number 1

The number 1 evokes a couple with a rocky relationship. One thing is certain: the two lovers will never fall into routine. These partners like to have many projects together. The risk in this type of couple is to have trouble sharing intimate moments.

Couple numerology – number 2

In numerology, 2 is the union number. A couple 2 is therefore destined to be development. The feelings of love are very strong, sometimes too much. It is not uncommon to fall into emotional dependence. This couple must learn to keep an individual space to preserve love in the long term.

Couple numerology – number 3

The love compatibility of a couple 3 sometimes comes up against the need freedom of both partners. This couple won't stand strict rules and commitment can be difficult. However, we find a great harmony between them and multiple common interests.

Couple numerology – number 4

A type 4 relationship is not necessarily doomed to work: the balance is not obvious. However, if you believe in your love, be patient. Time will allow you to build a stable and lasting union, provided you don't want to go too fast. Give yourself a little levity and don't ask yourself too many questions.

Couple numerology – number 5

With the number 5, passion is at the rendezvous. Lovers have explosive tempers and this can sometimes create sparks in the couple. This affair of the heart will not be easy: far from you the routine. To make your story last, be spontaneous and don't try to calculate everything. Live day to day!

Numerology of the couple - number 6

A couple 6 lives a harmonious relationship. Both partners have the same vision of things, which allows them to have a healthy and balanced story. Sometimes it even feels like a romantic movie, as the two lovers show themselves to be affectionate and tender on a daily basis. But do not forget all the same to keep your feet on the ground, because you will also have to face the practical situations of life.

Couple numerology – number 7

The vibration of 7 brings a very strong bond to the couple. However, the two lovers may find it difficult to understand each other. In this type of couple, there is often a partner who is reluctant to release his feelings and who can be resistant to long relationships. For your union to hold up over time, you will have to be patient.

Couple numerology – number 8

If your two dates of birth give the number 8, your couple lives very strong emotions and bad feelings may arise. The two lovers have a lot of character and each seeks to dominate the other. To be happy together, you will have to learn to relax and to release the pressure.

Couple numerology – number 9

A couple 9 is made to get along and to live a beautiful love story. Together, you feel like you have a real common mission to accomplish. Don't have too high expectations and be a little more flexible if you want to preserve your relationship.

Love compatibility according to astrology

Astrology also makes it possible to know if a man and a woman are compatible by studying the signs of the zodiac and the ascendants. One can also use Chinese astrology and the various associated animals to know the romantic future of a couple.


Zodiac Sign Compatibility

In a couple, it is possible to learn a lot about your partner thanks to his astrological sign. Some signs have common character traits that allow them to understand each other and live a harmonious relationship. In other cases, the personalities are opposite, but complementary. Some romantic associations are simply incompatible. Let's see which man or woman is made for you according to your astro sign.


Aries Love Compatibility

The Aries zodiac sign has a very independent profile. He is a person who also likes to seduce. In love, he will need a partner capable of accepting this character. The Aries sign will be compatible with an Air sign like Aquarius. He can also live a great love passion with a Scorpio.

Taurus Love Compatibility

This person is looking for stability in his marriage. Very sensual, this sign is a great epicurean. The Taurus sign will flourish in love with a Virgo or Libra partner. Gemini, on the other hand, will not be compatible.

Gemini Love Compatibility

The Gemini sign is very attached to its independence. He will enjoy a unrestricted romantic relationship. Loyalty is not always easily conceivable for this astrological sign. The compatibility will be optimal with the sign Gemini or Libra.

Cancer Love Compatibility

In astrology, the Cancer sign is a great romantic, made to live a beautiful love story. This sign likes to be reassured and will flourish in love with the signs Scorpio, Taurus or Libra.

Leo Love Compatibility

In love, the Leo sign loves attract all eyes. This is a sign that needs their partner to admire them. However, the Leo is very faithful and loyal. The Sagittarius sign or the Libra sign can be compatible with Leo.

Virgo Sign Love Compatibility

Le signe Vierge a a very rational side : he is a person always in the analysis, even in a love relationship. This Earth sign knows how to invest fully when it encounters true love. Aries is likely to cause sparks with a Virgo sign as a partner. It will be necessary rather to move towards another sign of Earth, like Taurus.

Libra Love Compatibility

For a Libra person, being in a relationship is a priority in life. This sign does not like celibacy and is looking for the ideal partner. The latter could be a man or a woman of Aquarius sign. They share the same idealism.

Scorpio Love Compatibility

Scorpio is a real enthusiast. It thrives in a fiery romantic relationship and loves intensity. With an Aries partner, conflict is guaranteed. The Scorpio sign is rather made to form a couple with the Cancer or Pisces signs.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility

The Sagittarius sign does not like routine in love. He needs a partner with whom he can launch into multiple adventures. This person could be Aries or Leo. On the other hand, a Virgo sign, too down to earth, will have little affinity with a Sagittarius.

Capricorn Love Compatibility

In their love life, the Capricorn sign does not like to rush things. He shows his feelings by his actions rather than by his words. A harmonious relationship can be envisaged with a Taurus or Virgo sign.

Aquarius Love Compatibility

Air sign, Aquarius is keen on sa liberté and his independence. He will have to get into a relationship with a person capable of accepting this character. A Libra sign will be ideal for a healthy and balanced love affair.

Pisces Love Compatibility

A Pisces sign person is very sensitive and seeks love. a reassuring and affectionate partner. This very sensitive astro sign can feel good with a Cancer or Scorpio person. The Gemini or Aries signs will be to flee in love.

Love compatibility and astrological ascendants

In astrology, the sun sign is the most important. It is the one that is most used on a daily basis, especially to read the horoscope. But to refine the astro profile of a person, it is also necessary to be interested in his astrological ascendant.

The ascendant is calculated from the exact time of birth. Two people born on the same day will have the same sun sign, but every few minutes the ascendant changes. The latter has a considerable impact on the personality. For example, a Taurus ascending Aries will have a very different character from a Taurus ascending Virgo or Scorpio.

Aries rising and love compatibility

The Aries ascendant brings you energy and enthusiasm, but also impulsiveness. Patience is not your forte. This ascendant generally gets along well with the signs associated with the element of Air and Fire. On the other hand, we must expect conflicts with the signs Cancer and Scorpio.

Taurus ascendant and love compatibility

If you have a Taurus ascendant, you will get along very well with the Water and Earth signs. Leo and Aquarius are signs with which you are likely to experience difficulties in a romantic relationship. Whatever your sign, the Taurus rising gives you perseverance and stubbornness.

Gemini ascendant and love compatibility

With a Gemini ascendant, you enjoy a great flexibility : you know how to adapt easily. However, you tend to be too critical often. The Gemini ascendant will allow you to be compatible with the signs of Air and Fire. Conflicts are likely to be strong with Virgo or Pisces signs.

Cancer rising and love compatibility

A sign with a Cancer ascendant has a great imagination et an empathetic temperament. Benevolent, you are turned towards others. With a Cancer ascendant, you will be compatible with Water and Earth signs. On the other hand, beware of incompatibilities with the signs Aries or Libra.

Leo ascendant and love compatibility

The influence of Leo on your sign brings you great pride. This ascendant gives you a strong taste for appearances and looks, but can also make you stubborn. Favor a partner with an Air sign to balance your fiery temper. Avoid an overly passionate character like Scorpio or Taurus.

Virgo rising and love compatibility

The ascendant Virgo brings to all the astrological signs great values. You have a sense of duty, you are honest and modest. A relationship with another Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) will be ideal. On the other hand, Virgo signs will not be compatible with Gemini or Sagittarius.

Libra Ascendant and Love Compatibility

Are you a Libra ascendant? Benevolence is rooted in you: you are devoted to others. You are the person who is always able to find compromises and calm situations. You will form a beautiful couple with each other double sign of the zodiac : Gemini. Affinities with Cancer or Capricorn signs will be compromised.

Scorpio ascendant and love compatibility

In the zodiac, having a Scorpio ascendant allows you to have great self-control. This sometimes leads you to hide your feelings too much. With a Virgo or Pisces sign, the romantic future seems complicated. You will live a beautiful relationship with the Capricorn or Taurus signs.

Sagittarius rising and love compatibility

The rising Sagittarius sign gives you a particular taste for travel and adventure. You pursue a very ambitious ideal of life. With this ascendant, you will be compatible with an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), but you should avoid a relationship with Virgo or Pisces.

Capricorn rising and love compatibility

With a Capricorn ascendant, diplomacy and tenacity are at the rendezvous. This Earth sign gives you logic and lucidity. A relationship with another Earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo) can be considered. On the other hand, you must avoid getting into a relationship with an Aries.

Aquarius rising and love compatibility

Air sign, Aquarius loves freedom. This ascendant pushes you to assert your independence. Your romantic future will be bright with a free partner like you: choose an Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra).

Pisces rising and love compatibility

With the sign Pisces ascending, your sensitivity is heightened. You are a great sentimentalist. In love, you need a partner capable of reassuring you. Avoid characters that are too fiery like that of the Leo or Scorpio signs. The Capricorn or Sagittarius signs will allow you to develop strong affinities.

Chinese astrology and couple

In the Chinese horoscope, there are also 12 signs, represented by animals. According to beliefs, the affinities between the different Chinese signs are evaluated by a compatibility percentage.

Chinese zodiac sign Rat love compatibility

The Rat can show himself possessive and jealous in love. The Rat needs to be constantly surprised in his romantic relationship. He will get along well with a Dragon, a Monkey or an Ox. The affinities will not be very great with the Goat and Horse signs.

Love compatibility of the Chinese zodiac sign Ox

The Ox, or Ox in the Chinese zodiac, appreciates the simplicity. This sign seeks to build a stable and reassuring home. He will orient himself in love towards a tender and generous partner. The future will be promising with the Rat, Snake or Rooster signs and more complicated with the Horse, Dog or Goat signs.

Chinese zodiac sign Tiger love compatibility

The Chinese zodiac sign Tiger is a real enthusiast, sometimes fickle. He loves adventure and hates routine. A romantic relationship can develop harmoniously with the Chinese zodiac signs Horse and Dog. The affinities are less obvious with the Snake or Monkey signs.

Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit love compatibility

In the Chinese horoscope, the Rabbit sign is tender and romantic. He longs for a calm married life, sheltered from conflict. Rabbit-Goat, Rabbit-Pig or Rabbit-Dog couples are compatible. A Rabbit sign will be less fulfilled with Rat or Dragon signs.

Chinese zodiac sign Dragon love compatibility

Irresistible, the Chinese zodiac sign Dragon seeks to lead an exceptional life. He has a great need for freedom. The Dragon sign is compatible in love with the Rat, the Monkey or the Rooster. The relationship seems more compromised with the Chinese zodiac signs Ox, Rabbit or Dog.

Chinese zodiac sign Snake love compatibility

Chinese astrology highlights that the Serpent sign is a person full of contradictions. Loyalty is complicated for him and yet he is jealous. A partner with the Chinese sign Ox or the sign Rooster will know how to fill the Snake with love. The affinities will be less with the signs Tiger and Pig.

Chinese zodiac sign Horse love compatibility

The Horse can lose his mind when he falls in love. He seeks at all costs a passionate love story and stability is not its forte. In love, the Chinese sign Horse is compatible with the signs Tiger, Goat or Dog. A relationship with a Rat, Ox or Rabbit person will be more tumultuous.

Chinese zodiac sign Goat love compatibility

Grand sentimental, the Chinese zodiac sign Goat needs security and protection in their couple. He is not a person made for a passionate romantic relationship. The future in love with the Goat sign will be radiant alongside a partner of the Chinese sign Rabbit, Horse or Pig. However, this sign will not be compatible with the Ox or Dog signs.

Chinese zodiac sign Monkey love compatibility

The Monkey sign is always in control, even in love. He will never let himself be carried away by his romantic feelings and will always know how to take a step back. The Chinese sign Monkey will have affinities with a Rat, Dragon or Snake partner. The Tiger and Pig signs are less compatible with him.

Chinese zodiac sign Rooster love compatibility

Jealous, the Rooster sign is also very frank, which often leads to love conflicts. For a beautiful romantic relationship, the Chinese sign Rooster will find happiness with the signs Ox, Dragon or Snake. Love compatibility will be weaker with the Rat, Rabbit or Dog signs.

Chinese zodiac sign Dog love compatibility

In the Chinese zodiac, the Dog sign is plagued by anxiety. He is constantly afraid of losing his partner. Loyalty is very important to him. The Chinese sign Dog is compatible in love with the signs Tiger, Rabbit or Horse. The future in love seems complex with the signs Ox, Dragon or Rooster.

Love compatibility of the Chinese zodiac sign Pig

The Pig sign is characterized by great sensuality. He is also very demonstrative. Always attentive, he sometimes still needs to isolate himself. For a real fulfillment in love, the Chinese zodiac Pig will move towards the Goat and Cat zodiac signs. He will be less compatible in love with a Snake, Monkey or Rat partner.

Horoscope du couple

Astrology and numerology allow you to identify affinities and possible conflicts between two signs, two ascendants or even two life paths. But to go further, you can also check your love horoscope. The latter is based on the movements of the planets and their influence on your sign. The horoscope allows you to know, day by day, the different trials, stages and challenges that you may encounter on your way. You will thus benefit from real daily support to make your relationship last in the best possible conditions.

Test your couple compatibility

To engage in A love relationship raises many questions. You wish to obtain a clear and precise answer on the future of your marriage ? To know if you are compatible with your partner, astrology and numerology will give you important information. From your dates of birth and your first names, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, and do everything possible to ensure that your union is lasting. Now it's up to you to take charge of your romantic destiny!

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