How to Play to Play The Card Game President, Rules

To play President, you need:

  • A 52-card deck.
  • To be at least 4 players.

Start a President game:

There are many variations of this game, both in the rules themselves and in the player names. Here is the one practiced by the rules team at

First of all, let's start by looking at the hierarchy of cards. In Asshole, the hierarchy of cards is a bit peculiar since the highest card is the 2. Next comes the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, etc. The 2 allows the player who owns it to always have the last word in a series.

During the first game, one of the players deals all the cards to the participants. The player to his left starts the game and lays down 1 to 4 cards of the same value. The goal being to get rid of all the cards first, it is of course wise to play the small cards which will be difficult to place during a series (example the 3 which can only be played by one player at the beginning).

The next player then has several possibilities:

  • He has no higher cards or not the required number, he passes his turn.
  • He has a top card or cards and lays on top of those previously played.
  • He has one or more cards of the same value and puts them on top, thus skipping the next player's turn.

If a round stops because no player wants to put down a card, the last player to play starts a new round.

Important remarks :

  • The cards placed must always be higher than those already played.
  • During a round, the game stops when none of the participants can or will play a higher card. Thus, it is not possible to make a loop like for example Ace, 2 and restart on 3.

How to win a president game:

To win at the asshole game, all you have to do is be the first to run out of cards. When this happens, the game must continue until only one player has cards left. Then the naming of the players can begin.

  • The first player is called The President
  • The second player is called The Vice President
  • The third player is called the Asshole Vice-hole.
  • The fourth player is called The Asshole

If you play with 5 players, the 3rd player will be called the Neutral.

Advantages of player names :

During the next game, the president will receive the 2 best cards of the Asshole. In exchange, the president gives 2 cards of his choice.
Same for the vice-president and vice-ass hole except that only one card is exchanged.

If there are 5 of you playing, neutral does not give or receive any cards.


  • It's always the asshole who starts the next game so he can place those weak cards more easily.
  • At the end of each game, depending on the place where the players have finished, a redistribution of roles is made and is usually the main reason for laughter between participants.
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