The ascendants of Taurus

You are Taurus and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First you can calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

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Taurus rising Aries

You like to be in the action despite a certain slowness to act or to launch yourself headfirst into a project. You like to defend the widow and the orphan and it is for this reason that you maintain a little “trade unionist” side in your soul. The Aries Ascendant's impulsiveness is more restrained, more controlled, but when you lose patience or get upset, you're reminiscent of a mighty Bull in the Bullfights as he rushes headlong into the fray. You would not hesitate to move heaven and earth to defend your ideals, injustices or the interests of the less fortunate. You value security and stability. You are greedy and gourmet and your sense of reality is flawless. However, your reactions or judgments are sometimes devastating or disarming.


Taurus rising Taurus

You are proud and strong in your convictions, but often this borders on stubbornness. Beneath your calm gait hides a force of nature capable of making the most sensitive tremble. Your flair for finding the right deal, for solving financial or economic problems is unparalleled. But you do not always use the same financial medicine when you are too absorbed by your passions or by your "fixations", since in these moments, you are very sensitive to criticism. Besides, you don't like to be subject to criticism. Your pride is the measure of your legendary determination. You are hard at work. In love, you are possessive and, once again, very sensitive to the judgment of the person who shares your life.


Taurus rising Gemini

The solidity of Taurus meets here the more "airy" side of Gemini. It's a nice combination that makes you more flexible and sociable, strong and sensitive, go-getter and thoughtful. Gemini brings you qualities of mediator, communicator or thoughtful thinker. You still happen to dwell on too many things in your head and then you lose sight of the reality of the moment. The inconstancy of Gemini encourages you to like several professions, jobs, or to be interested in everything and nothing. In fact, you like to have several dishes on the stove. Your need for security is great and you do not skimp on the means to find your sustenance or ensure your security. You never deviate from your course or stick to your ideas, to make you understand other aspects of this metaphor.


Taurus Rising Cancer

The moon meets Venus… you have a sensitivity on edge. Careful, you are a fine fox. It's a way of telling you that you protect your interests with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Your demands are unbearable both from yourself and from others. An accuracy of look, tone and irony gives character to your personality. Family means a lot to you. Moreover, you have encountered or have experienced significant family difficulties during your life. Perhaps you were the unloved or the over-loved of the family! With the moon in the background, you are a sensitive being, close to your emotions, and your level of creativity is extremely high. You should always be wary of people who exploit your ambition to extort large sums of money from you. You prefer "subdued and warm" atmospheres and your love affairs are spiced up according to your sensual impulses.


Taurus rising Leo

The Leo Sun meets the beautiful Venus here. You shine in society. You have a demonstrative temperament, your intellect is brilliant and well embodied. You like it or you don't like it, it's white or black, and you don't go overboard when it comes to speaking your mind. You like to be admired, but for the right reasons. Your integrity is without a doubt your most beautiful business card. Your leadership is unquestionable and undisputed. You even sometimes borrow its theatrical side from humor to assert your point of view or to get your messages across. Your biggest flaw would be the lack of flexibility. Leo's excessive pride sometimes plays bad tricks on you in your love affairs, your social, friendly or family life.


Taurus rising Virgo

The planet Mercury associated here with Venus makes you an organized, perfectionist and very pragmatic being. Mercury here is in an Earth sign unlike the Air sign of Gemini (Mercury is also the ruling planet of Gemini). You don't have an easy laugh, but when you find a funny story, you laugh your heart out. Your biggest flaw is that you are too serious in life, maybe even a little stuck in showing your emotions. Does intimacy in love or excessive emotional display scare you? Either you take things too seriously and you suffer from this lack of freedom in the depths of your being and way of thinking like seeing life, others, the world. The heaviness of the world, moreover, must often weigh on your shoulders.


Taurus rising Libra

Venus linked to the Earth element meets here Venus linked to the Air element. Quite a combination! Here, the great chef, one might say, meets the choosy, the homebody meets the deep desire for sociability. Libra pushes Taurus to step out of their comfort zones to open up to the world. Phew! That said, you have both feet firmly anchored in the material. You're not the type to eat the wool off your back, but you do it with great finesse. This finesse, however, hides a powerful strategy. Libra brings you a sense of aesthetics and a deep love for the arts in general. You have a stunning classic charm and few people resist the urge to envy you precisely this unique gift. Your affable, welcoming, gracious nature and your sense of refinement are all qualities that make your personality shine.


Taurus Rising Scorpio

Scorpio does not have the same values ​​and the same sense of the concrete as Taurus. Mars and Pluto meet the beautiful Venus here and force her to fight and surpass themselves. The taste also for destructive or opposite situations sometimes pushes you to extremes. It may also be that you torture yourself unnecessarily too often or that you harbor dark thoughts or a certain bitterness in the face of life. The Scorpio does not have his tongue in his pocket and he throws darts with the conscious aim of attacking or unhorsing his vis-à-vis. On the contrary, you have the power to create, to bring out situations, things or relationships according to your good will. One thing is certain, you are capable of undoing an ego and making it swallow its words or make it listen to reason. You are definitely an alpha male or female.


Taurus rising Sagittarius

Venus meets the lucky and wonderful Jupiter here. You like discovery, great lessons, knowledge in general and culture. Besides, you are known to be a cultured person in life. Your way of thinking precisely disturbs the right-thinking. In this sense, you like to disturb. Taurus makes you less sociable (sometimes you prefer to be alone and feel good), but Sagittarius' cheerful and eternally youthful nature of character encourages you to go outside and play. You are much more reasonable than the average person. Jupiter adores everything that comes or comes from abroad and you surely like to travel. The strokes of luck will always be present in your life.


Taurus rising Capricorn

The planet Saturn, the god of time and the wear and tear of time, makes the Venus of Taurus a little more sad. If the news is good, you gloat, if it's bad you fall from above. The planet Saturn is sometimes austere, old-fashioned or it cools the emotions and makes us more lonely, while Venus is quite the opposite. You are ambitious, determined and hard-working, and you forget yourself too often. Above all, you forget to live. You may also try too often to muzzle your emotions so as not to lose face in public. This emotional pride cuts you off from life. That said, you have incredible know-how and a mastery of work that goes beyond the average. Your sense of duty is breathtaking.


Taurus rising Aquarius

Uranus meets Venus here and it's a safe bet that you've experienced love ups and downs worthy of the greatest love or sexual stories! Your charm is indefinable, you are, so to speak, popular and, wherever you set foot, heads turn in your path. On the other hand, you may be stubborn, and not so easy to convince. You can even, in these moments, show bad faith just so as not to be wrong. Uranus teaches us friendship, fraternity, universal love, but it can also lead you, if you do not control yourself, on the paths of intolerance, judgment and disobedience! In other words, you are prone to rebel easily when the planet Uranus acts up.


Taurus rising Pisces

Neptune meets the beautiful Venus here. The rigidities of Taurus are calmed here. Pisces' quest for meaning intoxicates Taurus because it allows him to give "meaning" to his life. The artistic or creative side is powerful, out of the ordinary. Taurus can easily take Neptunian dreams and turn them into something real, real. You give substance to ideas, you materialize them. In short, you have a designer, a contractor, a builder, a businessman, a director, an actor or an artist who slumbers in your soul. You are passionate about knowledge and achievements. You give off an aura of mystery and a powerful force of attraction.


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