According to your astro sign, how do you react in love?

Everyone (or almost!) is looking for thelove, but we don't all have the same behavior when the chance presents itself. Some will throw themselves into it with open arms, others will run away for fear of hurting... It's not always easy to find your way around!

Discover How Do You React When Love Knocks On Your Door, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?! Pss: we also suggest that you look at the profile of your moon sign to have a more complete portrait of your behavior in love.

1. Aries

You need a lot to be impressed! You have high standards in love and you are not going to succumb to the charms of the first person who comes into your life. The other will have to pull out all the stops and have unshakeable confidence to convince you that he or she deserves you! On the other hand, once in love, you keep thinking about the chosen one of your heart... 

2. Taurus

You have the annoying tendency to fall in love with those who don't want you! You prefer one-sided love… Because you find it so romantic! With a bit of luck, you will come across someone who is independent and who gives you a run for their money, but who will have a little place in his or her heart for you. In a Relationship, you are a loyal, sensual person who is comfortable with routine.

3. Gemini

Your priority is never really the other… You have so much to accomplish and so little time to do it! You dream of true love hoping not to have to sacrifice too much. Deep down, it's not a couple you need, but to make your dreams come true at your own pace. When you finally feel accomplished, then maybe you will agree to live in duo with someone other than yourself. However, you know how to captivate your date and be attracted by a person's intelligence and charisma.

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4. Cancer

You are a sensitive and romantic person, but you are not convinced that you really deserve someone else's love. And yet, you only want that! Trust yourself, because by dint of doubting too much you risk missing out on those who are really interested in you. As a couple, you have a tendency to mismanage conflicts since you don't really say what you think and let situations drag on... 

5. Lion

You tend to feel above the other and make them feel like you deserve so much better. Sometimes you're right, but most of the time you're a little too self-centered. A little modesty will do your future couple great good! On the other hand, once in love, you love with passion and ardor! No half measures for you Leos!

6. Virgin

A date is enough to make you lose all your means, but your criteria are precise and you do not deviate from your needs. Anxiety sometimes takes you by storm and you can say goodbye to the pleasure of living in the present moment. Accept not to control everything and you will be pleasantly surprised by life!         

7 Balance

Your priority is often yourself and at the first sign of doubt, you get scared! Deep down, you have a soul searching for romance, but you're not always ready to make the sacrifices it takes to bring a new person into your life. Love scares you! Tame it. 

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8. Scorpio

You are an intense person who deserves a love life burning with passion! Sometimes you are disappointed to see that you are not everything for the other, and then you withdraw into yourself. Eventually, you'll find someone as sensual and fired up as you are.

9. Sagittarius

You are very careful before committing yourself to love. You are not made to be with just anyone, and you often prefer to be alone rather than in bad company. That's why with a bit of luck, you'll end up finding someone compatible, who, little by little, will become indispensable in your heart!

10. Capricorn

Passing love affairs, very little for you! You are looking for love with a capital A and you want a story that ends with: they lived happily and had many children. It's not always easy, but with a bit of luck and the help of a fairy godmother, you'll find something that suits you!

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11. Aquarius

You are first and foremost in love with love. You think life is too good to have realistic expectations! You are looking for someone who can make you enjoy every second of your life. When you are well surrounded by candidates with extraordinary potential, it's like having wings!

12. Pisces

You are used to playing the game of being wanted. Running after someone is clearly not your style. You much prefer to stay in a corner with a mysterious air pretending that the others do not exist, in order to attract the attention of a partner who will dare to come and seduce you. And as you know so well, it works for you!

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