Is sleeping on the floor recommended?

Is sleeping on the floor recommended?

 sleep on the floor is an idea that intrigues you? In fact, there are many people who decide to give up the mattress to try sleeping on the floor, and not only in countries where sleeping on the floor is part of the cultural tradition, but also in our country. 

The reasons why people decide to sleep on the floor can vary. While some people do it for therapeutic reasons, others do it - as we said - because of their culture. Still others think they can sleep better and feel better more rested in the morning , simply by sleeping on the ground.

If you are considering the idea of sleep lying on the floor, here are 5 advantages. . .

Benefits of sleeping on the floor:

1- Many people who choose to sleep on the floor do so because soft mattresses do not provide the kind of support needed for good posture during sleep , which could promote issues such as spinal misalignment.

2- Sleeping on a hard surface can be helpful for your back and spine. Those who tried to do so were able to relieve back and shoulder pain .

3- Sleeping on the floor could also be comfortable: for many people, the bed represents a restricted space to sleep. The body is in fact forced to adapt to the shape of the mattress and the pillow, while Salt you have access to unlimited space, the body adopts a natural posture and, according to experts, it helps develop a stronger mind-body connection.

4- Sleeping on the floor also reduces certain pains, such as hip pain for example. This practice helps to align the hips , which can reduce any pain that is present.

5- Improves posture: finally, according to those who have tried sleeping on the floor have also improved their posture, and as we have explained to you, a correct posture is the basis of good health .


Sleeping on the Floor: Precautions

Ideally, the best way to sleep on the floor is to lie on your back, without a pillow, to keep your spine in the most neutral position possible. However, sleep directly on the Salt ceramic, wood, or tile won't be good for your health, so it's best to pack a mattress or blanket if you plan to try. If you suffer from medical conditions particular circumstances, we advise you as always to seek advice from your doctor .

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