Numerology 5: explanation of the number

Numerology 5: explanation of the number See my theme now

Among the main numbers, the number 5 in numerology symbolizes evolution, exploration, change. Like the 5 senses, it is synonymous with sensuality, experimentation and pleasure The person in connection with the 5, male number, will have to open up to new things, travel, become independent while showing flexibility and adaptation. However, it will also be necessary to be careful because the expansion, the development are to be put in front of the concern, the instability see the infidelity.

What does number 5 mean in numerology?

La meaning of the number 5 is numerology is quite vague. However, as broad as it is, the 5 is always linked to fulfillment and possibly to evolution. A person in line with this figure is also characterized by the lack of stability due to the regular changes he faces. Here is concretely what to expect if you regularly face the number 5 lately.


Life itself is a succession of evolutions. But for a person closely related to the number 5, it's a bit special. The 5 continues to evolve in life. In the context of work, a person related to this number has a high chance of gradually climb the ladder to end up at the top of the company. The same is true in everyday society.

Another development to expect if you regularly encounter the 5 is at the level of knowledge. Loving to discover is also a digit 5 character, which allows him to always improve his knowledge.


If you regularly face the number 5 lately, expect a change. In numerology, the number 5 is the sign of change which often manifests itself through evolution, but not necessarily. A change can also manifest itself in the form of a move, a change of car, a change of partner or a change in lifestyle.

In a general way, the change itself is a good thing for the number 5. However, too regular changes risk causing instabilities. It is therefore sometimes necessary to demonstrate a good capacity for adaptation to avoid becoming unstable, which will taint the many changes that life has in store for you.


The number 5 likes to flourish and it has the means. In numerology, the number 5 is also the sign of fulfillment, but in a very broad sense. It can be a fulfillment in the intimate life, compared to a comfortable lifestyle, to offer small treats from time to time or to treat oneself at the slightest opportunity.

Be careful, however, because the term fulfillment can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you are concerned with the number 5, do yourself a favor, but set yourself limits.

The journey

In numerology, the number 5 is also linked to travel. A person marked by this number is often a globetrotter who never stays in one place for very long. A character that fits perfectly with his need for fulfillment and the regular change she has to make in her life.

But again, traveling too regularly can lead to instabilities in life. An instability that always arises in the life of the number 5 and which he must know how to manage. To manage this instability, there are only two solutions: learn to adapt quickly or set limits.

Other representations of the number 5

Here is the numerological profile of the number 5:

  • As a geometric figure, the number 5 represents a five-pointed star.
  • As a color, the number 5 represents beige.
  • As a planet, the number 5 represents Mercury.
  • Finally, as an element, the number 5 represents air.

Numerology and Astrology:
Direct relationship with the air element, Mars and Mercury, the sign of Aquarius (sometimes Aries), House V.
Letters corresponding to the numerological number 5:
E, N, W, î, ë

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