Life path number 7 in Numerology

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A lonely perfectionist

In general, people who pursue Life Path number 7 become aware of their life goal after an intense sentimental difficulty.

They assume their preference for a sedentary lifestyle and accept their emotional “passivity”. They prefer to fly solo and focus on the logical sequence of their ideas rather than socializing. For others, the 7 is mysterious and adept at distancing. The 7 does not multiply meetings and does not have dozens of friends. His tendency to perfectionism pushes him to be particularly selective, which makes his social circle immobile and above all fragile.

Life Path 7: The Quest for Universal Truths

Number 7 is a reclusive researcher, somewhat philosopher, mystic, not very talkative. In numerology, the number 7 symbolizes the eternal search, the quest for truth. The 7 clings to the back of the peloton and shows a certain social awkwardness. Although it is associated with intelligence in numerology, the 7 is not always understood. Stephen Hawking, Princess Diana, Rasputin, and Picasso were also animated by Life Path number 7. Individuals governed by Life Path number 7 have an appetite for metaphysical activities. They can achieve their life purpose by studying the nagging questions of the world and embarking on a long quest for universal truths. Faith in God or any other spiritual manifestation cannot be proven, but the 7th does his best to pick up rational signals that can convince him. In the world of magic numbers, 7 is believed to bring good luck. It is believed to stem from its ability to make choices supported by evidence without leaving anything to chance.

Numerology 7: Solitude and secret garden

The soul of 7 is carried on loneliness. These people know that it is in peaceful moments without hindrance that the mind can come closer to the truth. They often withdraw, sometimes causing the frustration of those around them. If you have a 7 in your life, he will need an “annex” space where he can retire to take stock and reflect on an almost daily basis. Otherwise, irritability will appear on a daily basis. Do not see his desire for solitude as a rejection of you.

Even with their ingenuity and Cartesian wit, 7s can show off whimsy and romance. They are drawn to people with strong ethical values, with whom they can debate tirelessly while remaining cordial and caring..

The professional opportunities of number 7

People who pursue Life Path number 7 are likely to be carried along by modern knowledge. When they give themselves the means to do so, they are pioneers, at the forefront of new technologies and in constant search of new innovative ideas. The 7 also has facilities in the fields of law and public speaking. The intense desire to travel and to explore the most remote regions contrasts with these professional aptitudes and can turn into an internal psychological tension. Whatever function they perform, they prefer to act alone and see collaboration as a professional brake that slows them down in their progress.. They believe in the “lone wolf” and act independently whenever they have the chance. This facet of their personality often makes them incompatible with traditional business work. This is why many successful entrepreneurs are individuals who pursue Life Path number 7.

Metaphysical associations of the life path number 7

  • Healing Crystals: Fluorite, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Seraphinite, Serpentine Stichtite, Tiger Iron;
  • Astrological sign: Moon;
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer;
  • Number 7 in the Tarot: the 7 is associated with the chariot card in the Major Arcana. In the Tarot of Marseilles, the card of 7 represents a chariot which symbolizes the permanent fight between the ego and the action, between the intimate and the public, between the earthly and the divine. With such powerful forces at work, the 7 constantly feels the pressure of achieving his life goals that prompts him to launch into battle on his own, which is not always the most rational choice.

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