Life Path 33 in Numerology

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33 displays a higher spiritual purpose due to its combination of two identical numbers. Because of its ambitions and expectations, 33 is often tense and under pressure. He will feel constant pulling and pushing movements that can eventually destabilize him during his moments of weakness. Not very indulgent towards himself, he aspires to the best in all circumstances. Family oriented, idealistic but responsible, sensitive and devoted, the 33 joyfully accomplishes what brings happiness to others by showing unstoppable emotional expression and masterful communication.

Life Path 33: Counterbalance your perfectionism with your altruistic tendencies

Out of alignment, one who pursues Life Path number 33 becomes a perfectionist, critical, excessively idealistic, moralizing, irresponsible, egocentric and selfless. He may show signs of self-harm and behave hostile to those around him. To achieve his life goals, the 33 must learn to master his invasive perfectionism and his need to control everything by capitalizing on his benevolent and altruistic side. Life Path number 33 is particularly complex: it is based on a delicate balance between a pronounced sense of responsibility and the call of the senses and emotions. It is also an intense path of life which only reveals all its secrets after decades. Of an impatient or even impulsive nature, the one who pursues Life Path number 33 will tend to want to skip the steps, which can cause in him a feeling of frustration and incomprehension resulting from the mismatch between his potential and his achievements. Numerologists estimate that a 33 will not be in full possession of its abilities until it is fifty.

Numerology 33: A delicate balance between the spiritual and the earthly

The geometric shape of the master number 33 evokes two opposite triangles that form the Star of David. The sign symbolizes the ancient occult maxim “above and below”. The 33 is accomplished when it achieves the delicate balance between the spiritual and the earthly. Endowed with a particularly developed empathic capacity, the 33 is sensitive to the evils and injustices of this world which reduces his optimism and his hope for the future. He must therefore develop an ability to rise above painful events in order to trust fate. The destiny of 33 is ultimately that of self-sacrifice. This quasi-Christic life is however the prerogative of only a handful of people who manage to reach the wisdom and the maturity necessary for the accomplishment of this so particular way of life. At a young age, one who pursues Life Path number 33 will likely experience relationship problems due to the fact that he projects himself on a far too large scale. What is personal annoyance in the face of the vastness of the world? The 33 will find all the difficulties to reduce its perspective and to interact with its micro-environment. It is very likely that he spends the first quarter of his life neglecting his responsibilities and his social life for the benefit of causes that he considers to be priorities.

Angel number 33 is overexposed to opportunism

Like a good wine, those who pursue a life path that involves a master number improve over time. The 33 will be tested throughout its life with increasing success as it improves its receptiveness to life lessons. Among the latter, those relating to relationships will undoubtedly be the most difficult to live with. 33s are particularly vulnerable to heartache. They will have a harder time than others to recover from a disappointment in love or a broken marriage. In a weak situation, they lose their sense of reality, become passive and no longer know how to say "no". When they are in a comfortable financial situation, they will likely have to deal with opportunistic people who will try to abuse their benevolence during times of weakness. On the other hand, their love for animals brings them a lot of joy.

Over the years, those who pursue Life Path number 33 will learn to follow their instincts. Some numerologists believe in a possible direct communication between Spirit and the holder of the master number. If he remains reluctant or oblivious to this power, 33 will miss the mark and deprive himself of welcome help. To reach this spiritual connection, the 33 will have to multiply the exercises of meditation and relaxation in the open air. He will find his ease in associative work, in the service of others, and will notice its positive influence and its power of spiritual healing on the unfortunate.

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