Mirror hours and reversed mirror hours: what message and what meaning?

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What do the mirror hours represent in the spiritual world?

When you look at the time on a digital dial, you have surely already seen similar figures: these are the mirror hours. For you, it may be a coincidence, but in the world of esotericism, these mirror hours have real significance. They represent a powerful message delivered by your guardian angel and provide you with valuable advice to help you make decisions. These mirror hours are 24 in number during the day. Behind each of them lies a very precise interpretation.

The mirror hour and meanings in numerology

In the world of clairvoyance, a chance is never really a chance. If your gaze falls on a mirror hour, it is necessarily for a reason. These synchronicities can also be decoded using numerology. Indeed, this divinatory art which studies the power of numbers can help you to decipher the hidden meaning of mirror hours, especially if you often come across the same ones. In this case, just add all the hour and minute digits together and reduce the result to a single number. In numerology, each number has a specific vibration that will allow you to understand the message hidden behind the mirror hour.

The mirror hour: a message from the guardian angels

Some believe that mirror hours are related to the subconscious or intuition. Others will see here signs from the universe or a message from the guardian angels. If we trust theangelic interpretation, each mirror hour is associated with a specific guardian angel. The 24 different mirror hours of the day therefore make it possible to give the person advice or indications in a very specific area of ​​their life.

Principle and meaning of mirror hours

By paying attention to mirror hour phenomenon, you will become aware of the many signs and messages that the universe transmits to you on a daily basis. You have the option of relying on your intuition to decode the meanings of the mirror hours or to explore the different paths that we offer you, hour by hour.

00 00 pm

When your clock shows midnight, it'sa very powerful mirror hour. Your guardian angel or your spiritual guide transmits a very great energy to you. The 0 symbolizes the beginning, but also the end. It is a divine number and the mirror hour 00:00 therefore contains 4 times the strength of this number. The message here may be to rally you to the world of spirituality and to abandon overly material considerations. You are invited to trust in yourself, to listen to your intuition and to raise your spiritual awareness. The mirror hour 00:00 announces, in any case, a major change.

01 01 pm

This mirror hour asks you to trust people that surround you. The 1 is also the symbol of success and achievement. The guardian angel associated with mirror hour 01:01 is Elemiah: he sends you the strength to succeed in your life. This synchronicity allows you to take control of the situation with courage. In the field of love, you are certainly about to meet a new person. At work, it is a sign of a new beginning. In numerology, this mirror hour corresponds to the number 2, which is that of union.

02 02 pm

Seeing the mirror hour 02:02 on your clock announces that you must take time for reflection. It is synonymous with patience. The guardian angel associated with it is Achaiah: his name means "good and patient God". Your relationships with others are also in the foreground with the presence of the number 2. You must also give time to your loved ones. Depending on your situation, your spirit guide may also ask you to exercise caution.

03 03 pm

The universe sends you a strong sign of love. It shows you on your clock that it's important not to neglect your feelings. The mirror hour 03:03 invites you to empathy, communication and understanding of others. Aladiah, the associated guardian angel, represents open-mindedness and indulgence. This synchronicity is a call to order: you must think of others and put love first in your life.

04 04 pm

The clock displays the mirror hour 04:04: this is a sign that values ​​are stronger than anything. This mirror hour speaks of stability and balance. You will need it to succeed. Take stock of your current life: some situations may require a little more organization on your part. Conversely, your guardian angel Yezalel may also ask you to be more flexible.

05 05 pm

This mirror hour suggests that you be calm and patient to thrive in life. Your guardian angel tells you that you have potential, but that you must do everything to use it well. Put aside the impulse and the rush and reflect on your actions. In numerology, the number 5 embodies creativity and ambition. The mirror hour 05:05 evokes success, provided you become aware of your potential.

06 06 pm

If you come across the mirror hour 06:06 on your clock, someone is prompting you to slow down and take a break. It's a way of letting you know that your body and mind need rest. Your subconscious tries to remind you that the most important thing in life is to achieve good inner balance. By resting, you will reinvigorate your creativity and imagination, and you will then be able to start again on the right foot.

07 07 pm

A spiritual seeker can often come across the 07:07 mirror hour. The universe is trying to tell you that you need to strike the right balance between reason and spirituality. You have to feed your soul, but also your mind. Your guardian angel asks you to keep your feet on the ground a little more and todeepen your knowledge of the world. Your many questionings sometimes prevent you from enjoying life: this mirror hour shows you the right path to follow to find harmony.

08 08 pm

At mirror hour 08:08 a.m., guardian angel Nith-Haiah sends you intuition and clairvoyance. Trust your judgment to make your decisions. This mirror hour tells you that you have great qualities and shows you how to use them to achieve your goals. Take your responsibilities and seize the opportunities that come your way, showing courage.

09 09 pm

Your guardian angel brought your attention to the clock at the mirror hour 09:09. The message is important: you must develop your altruism and tolerance. Love for humanity is at the heart of this mirror hour. By helping others, you help yourself and this awareness will allow you to move forward in life. Leave aside the too material aspects of existence to refocus on the human. In numerology, the message is even more powerful since the sum of hours and minutes again gives 9.

10 10 pm

If you are going through a period of doubt, the universe can show you the way to follow thanks to the mirror hour 10:10 a.m. It is a message of optimism and positivity which is sent. The number 10 invites you to continue your efforts to achieve your goals. Someone is there to help you stimulate your ideas and make them happen. The guardian angel Lecabel, associated with this mirror hour, is that of prestige and radiance.

11 11 pm

This synchronicity contains 4 times the number 1, which makes it a very strong mirror hour. The number 1 has immense potential. He embodies motivation. You will have the courage to achieve your goals: your guardian angel is there to remind you that your destiny is in your hands. Regain your self-confidence! In numerology, the sum of the hours and minutes of the mirror hour 11:11 gives 4: this is the number of endurance.

12 12 pm

At mirror hour 12:12 p.m., the message is clear: you must do everything to be a good person, while taking awareness of your strengths and your worth. A true lesson in life, this mirror hour invites you to accept those around you as they are. The number 1 is associated with yourself while the number 2 embodies the union and therefore more generally the relationships. This mirror hour suggests that you find the right balance between your needs and those of your loved ones.

13 13 pm

This mirror hour sounds the alarm bell: you must make changes in your life. However, do not rush: take the time to think about your goal. The mirror hour 13:13 p.m. invites you to gain self-confidence and get up after failures. You could miss opportunities through laziness or lack of motivation: your guardian angel gives you the necessary energy, but also the inner inspiration to continue on your path.

14 14 pm

The mirror hour 14:14 p.m. sends a organization and focus message. The person who sees this mirror hour tends to disperse and this can harm him in his projects. So someone is advising you to concentrate and be patient to succeed. The guardian angel who intervenes between 14 p.m. and 14:20 p.m. is Veuliah: it is he who promotes success, provided you correctly decipher the signs he sends you.

15 15 pm

You are often too hard on yourself: this mirror hour is the sign you need be kinder and more forgiving. You have the right to have ambition, but do not be critical of your actions. By being more flexible with yourself, you will also be flexible with those around you. You will be able to take certain things in life less seriously and have a lighter spirit on a daily basis by seeing the mirror hour 15:15 p.m.

16 16 pm

Your guardian angel sends you a sign through the mirror hour 16:16 p.m.: take controlling your emotions. It sends you an important message regarding your inner wisdom. Your feelings can sometimes prevent you from making rational decisions. We must find a better balance between the conscious and the subconscious, and make the heart and reason coexist.

17 17 pm

Seeing the mirror hour 17:17 p.m. is not a coincidence: it is a very strong spiritual message. The values ​​must be placed back in the center. Loyalty, trust and respect are the best way to move forward in life. You need to give it more importance. The hidden meanings behind this mirror hour are subtle. You need to take the time to think about your situation: some of your problems may be directly related to a lack of loyalty or reliability, on your part or someone around you.

18 18 pm

At 18:18 p.m., your spirit guide asks you to let go. You will have to learn to turn the page and mourn a situation. The guardian angel Mebaniah encourages thespiritual fulfillment : you will only succeed if you leave aside what prevents you from moving forward. After a complicated period, the message is positive and encouraging.

19 19 pm

Mirror hour 19:19 p.m. challenges you: you must capitalize on your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses. You have great potential within you and it's time to realize it. Your guardian angel Yeialel asks you to be combative. Persevere in your projects and accept the support of others. This synchronicity suggests to you to regain your confidence.

20 20 pm

At 20:20 p.m., the spiritual message is linked to fidelity and honesty. These great values ​​will help you triumph in all situations. As long as you are a trustworthy person, be sure that the whole universe will always be there to support you. By doing real inner work, you will achieve the success you expect. You have to move forward !

21 21 pm

When you see the mirror hour 21:21 p.m. on your watch, this may be a sign that you are experiencing obstacles in your way. Rest assured, someone tells you that success is not far away and this mirror hour gives you the energy you need. Thanks to your guardian angel, you will be able to overcome difficulties. Don't blame yourself or others for failure and focus on your goals instead.

22 22 pm

Like the 00:00 a.m. and 11:11 a.m. mirror hours, the 22:22 p.m. synchronicity is rich in meaning. The number 2 is present 4 times on this mirror hour and therefore evokes relationships with others. You must build yourself without forgetting the needs of others. Your guardian angel invites you to empathy, while keeping limits. The extreme is dangerous, one way or the other.

23 23 pm

At 23:23 a.m. the last mirror hour of the day, the universe is telling you that it is time to nurture your relationships with your friends, your family or your partner. The person who sees this mirror hour on their clock may have been neglecting their loved ones lately. Someone around you needs love, listening or support: give them attention.

Principle and meaning of reversed mirror hours

In the spiritual world, the mirror hours are not the only signs sent by the universe. Great importance is also given to meanings of reversed hours. They are 13 in number.

01 10 pm

The reversed hour 01:10 encourages you to pay attention to your weaknesses : they may block you in certain situations. Your guardian angel may also be trying to show you that someone has betrayed you. Don't worry: this reversed hour is sign of protection. You will arrive thanks to your inner strength to make the right decisions and to forgive.

02 20 pm

02:20 announces good news to come, but you will need to show resilience and perseverance. This reversed hour is full of optimism: seize the opportunities that come your way. Your guardian angels stand by your side and give you all the support you need.

03 30 pm

At 03:30 a.m., someone tries to make you aware of your accomplishments and calls you to be grateful. You will also have to pay attention to the people around you, because some do not allow you to move forward serenely on your life path. Choose loved ones who deserve you and, in exchange, bring them all your gratitude.

04 40 pm

This reversed hour asks you to be patient and persevering. Your guardian angel may also ask you to be more flexible in life. Be careful, because this synchronicity is also sometimes a sign that someone around you has betrayed you. In any case, at 04:40 a.m., the message is important: we are trying to warn you of a bad choice you have made.

05 50 pm

Your biggest dreams may soon come true, but that's all up to you. Your guardian angel encourages you and gives you the strength to undertake. Do not hesitate to listen to your intuition and follow your heart. 05:50 a.m. is also a reversed hour that asks you to open up to others and show your feelings. It is a strong sign of love and communication.

10 01 pm

If 10:01 a.m. appears on your clock as you look at the time, your guardian angel is looking to alert you. You may be about to to make a mistake or someone around you is trying to harm you. Take stock of your priorities to avoid problems and to continue to move forward calmly on your path.

12 21 pm

Your guardian angels seek to boost your self-confidence. They give you the assurance you need in life. It is also an inverted hour which calls for vigilance and caution. You will have to pay attention to the people around you. You must believe in yourself and remove from your entourage those who do not know your true value.

13 31 pm

Expect to experience big changes in your life. This reversed hour announces an important turning point. It may be a breakup, but don't worry: it's for the best. 13:31 p.m. is a sign that you need to free yourself from the stress that is weighing you down. Your guardian angel protects you and will help you find harmony.

14 41 pm

Seeing the reverse mirror hour 14:41 p.m. on a clock is no coincidence. This phenomenon occurs when a spiritual power seeks to send you a message. This hour is related to freedom, independence and adventure. You can expect live something new.

15 51 pm

When you see the reversed mirror hour 15:51 p.m., your guardian angels want to show you that they have your back. They ask you to look to the future rather than focusing on past mistakes. You can take advantage of your failures to find success. All negative feelings must be erased.

20 02 pm

The reversed mirror hour 20:02 p.m. is sign of ambition and creation. You will need it to succeed in your projects. You can trust yourself because you are on the right track. Above all, do not let yourself be emotionally distracted, you must stay focused on your projects and become aware of your own value. This is the sine qua non condition for others to appreciate you too.

21 12 pm

Your guardian angel asks you to become aware of your needs. Do not be afraid to express them if you want to fulfill them. To move forward in life, you need to leave behind the wounds of the past. You can begin to trust the people around you: they only want you to be happy.

23 32 pm

The reversed last hour of the day is a sign that you are a honest and reliable person. You are also devoted to your loved ones and you are ready to do anything to keep your family safe. Your intuition is very strong: you can rely on it to know when you need to act.

Meaning of triple hours

Triple hours are a rarer phenomenon since they can only appear 6 times during the day:

  • 0 00 pm : this synchronicity indicates a return to square one.
  • 1 11 pm : you have to drive out negative thoughts so as not to attract bad things.
  • 2 22 pm : by persevering, you will soon be able to reap the fruits of your labor.
  • 3 33 pm : trust your intuition.
  • 4 44 pm : your guardian angels protect you and bring you the necessary help.
  • 5 55 pm : you will experience a radical turning point in your life. The universe informs you that you should only take the positive out of it.

Meaning of angel numbers

Angels can address a person on Earth through mirror hours, reversed mirror hours or even triple hours. But in reality, messages can also be hidden in number sequences that you see frequently in everyday life, in telephone numbers or license plates, for example. The numerological coincidences allow your guardian angel to guide you on the path to follow.
The numbers have a great power in the spirit world and can be used daily by higher powers to help you move forward in life.

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