Rules of Manille, How to Play this Game

To play in Manille, you need:

  • To be from 2 to 4 players
  • A deck of 32 cards

Manille card values:

The value of the cards is :

  • Ten (Manilla) = 5 points
  • Ace (Manilla) = 4 points
  • King = 3 points
  • Queen = 2 points
  • Jack = 1 point

The goal of the Manille card game:

It is a question of making tricks without announcements. The players must provide the requested suit, otherwise they must cut. At 4, the players play as a team.

When the opponent has cut, it is obligatory to overcut if you can, but it is not obligatory to put a lower trump.

Each trick has a point that is added to the points on the cards forming the tricks.

The different variants of Manille:

There are 5 ways to play Manilla.

Spoken Manilla :

Deal 8 cards to each and turn over the last card that points to the trump.

If the return is a Manilla, the dealer scores 5 points. Players can show their games to other opponents, provided that the others can see as well. They can ask questions about their game and ask for advice. The game is played in 50 points. Only points above 34 are scored.

Dumb Manilla: The information rules given in the previous game are deleted, each player plays without giving any information.

Wedged Manilla :

The trump is not given by the returned card, but chosen by the dealer or his partner. You can play without trump.

If the opponent considers that his play is sufficient to make the claimant lose, he "wedges" or "against". The team that scores double points if the plaintiff has lost. In the same way, if the dealer has won a game stuck by the opponent, he will double his stuck points.

Manilla at auction:

Everyone plays for themselves, the last card is not turned over.

The first player announces the number of points he thinks he can achieve. If his game is bad, he passes.

The next players take turns to outbid each other. The player who announces the highest number of points gives the trump and plays the first card.

He will have against him the 3 opposing cards.

These are not obliged to go up nor to cut on the cards of their colleague. When the plaintiff has lost, the points are shared between the 3 others.

Reverse Manilla or crazy Manille:

Of all the Manillasit's certainly the most fun. Cards are dealt as in the Manilla but without returning the last one. It's the dealer who sets the trump and starts to play. The object of the game is to make as few tricks as possible (or the lowest score). Usually, the game is played to 100 points and the player who reaches this total first loses.

The three-way Manille:

It is played with a dead man. The player who will play with the dead is drawn at random. The player who has the dead as a partner plays against the other two who are then partners.

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