All the Meanings of the 4 of Cups on Tarot

All the Meanings of the 4 of Cups on Tarot:

All the Meanings of the 4 of Cups on Tarot

Keywords related to the 4 of Cups Tarot card:

  • ​​The 4 of Tarot cups upright : Reflection, withdrawal, apathy

  • ​​The 4 of Tarot cups reversed : introspection, selflessness, desillusionment

Description of the 4 of Tarot Cups Blade:

The 4 of Cups represents four cuts at the four corners of the map.

These cups are arranged around the centre represented by leaves and flowers. This vegetation shows an aspiration to rise.

You can see a impulse towards a desire for openness or understanding beyond what the current situation is.

Since the cups symbolize the emotional lifeWe could understand this as an expectation or the search for a message through something superior to us.

The vegetation shows the need for a passage as through a ramp where the person has to be here.

The person is not yet fully able to love himself or herself as he or she does.

Therefore it is necessary for him to turn his gaze upwards.

The meanings of the Tarot card upright

The card of the 4 of Tarot Cups where the person who pulls it, is presented with new opportunities to which they must turn their gaze.

The card shows that it is necessary to first take an emotional and spiritual inventory before saying yes to some of the life opportunities that present themselves. This is important because during this period of your life, the decisions that will be made will commit you in the long term.

A card of new opportunities to look at.

Life dissatisfaction

The card of the four-sided Cups may appear in a print run

  • when you're dissatisfied with your life.

  • Maybe you're feeling bored.

  • Or maybe you feel apathetic and unmotivated.

  • Life has no more spice.

In this case, the 4 of Cups invites you to wear the 4 of Cups. a closer look at yourself.

It's about re-evaluating your situation to find a deeper meaning to life.

You need to reconnect with your emotional body and your inner truth. It is necessary to re-establish these connections in order to better understand the meaning of your life and the direction you need to take.

The card in a Tarot deck

If you draw the card of the 4 of cut in a draw, you will understand that this is an excellent time to withdraw from the outside world. You need to concentrate on yourself. It is necessary to create a space to better hear your inner voice and gain clarity.

The need to learn to open up to the world

The 4 of Cups may show that you have closed yourself off from the world and new situations because you feel rejected.

Maybe you've been through some tough times and you've been hurt in the past. Therefore, you have a protective and closed attitude towards the outside world.

For example, a romantic relationship may have led you to a difficult experience. Or you may have experienced a failure in your professional career.

The difficulty is that now to avoid feeling the same way. To avoid finding yourself in the same situation, you have built a protection mechanism that locks you inside yourself.

Under these conditions, you risk missing out on new opportunities that will present themselves to you and that could be good for you.

The advice of the card will therefore be, to question your mind about this closure and take the necessary actions to get you to open up again.

The Meanings of the Reversed Tarot Card

The card of the 4 of Cups reversed is a sign of a period of introspection. It is necessary to make a retreat in your inner world so you can focus on what's important to you. It's about putting down roots.

Whatever distractions you may receive from the outside, invitations from friends, occasions or other, you will prefer to be alone. The most important thing for you is to focus on yourself. Perhaps a good solution is to meditate.


One of the dangers of the 4 of Cups card is that you may appear disinterested and unmotivated for your surrounding world. The biggest problem may be for those around you. Therefore, it is important to make your loved ones understand that you simply need some time for reflection and solitude.

This time will allow you to put to the test the projects or ideas that you have in mind or that have been proposed to you. You will be able to test them inwardly to see if you can move forward or reject them.


The 4 of upside down cuts may also suggest that you have reached a saturation point. Disillusionment has built up. You are disappointed in the world and in people. Everything then seems difficult and requires a lot of effort from you.

At this point, it will be easier for you to withdraw rather than continue to struggle. It will be easier for you to avoid challenges. That way you will also avoid problems.

Care must be taken not to confuse this state with a kind of leak. Withdrawing into oneself does not make the problems go away.

the 4 of upside down cuts in sentimental matters

When it comes to feelings, the 4 of upside down cuts may indicate that you are unable to express your feelings. You feel things but you are unable to express the truth of your feelings.

You would prefer to isolate yourself, or even withdraw from the relationship altogether.

The map here shows that it is necessary to also turn your gaze to others and understand their needs and feelings.

Summary of the card of the 4 of Tarot cards

The 4 of Cups is an introspection card. It is clear that the person drawing it is inside her. It can hardly be solicited. This is an important time. You have to listen to what's going on inside you. If we do not do so, we will not succeed in finding alignment with ourselves and in a certain way we may get lost.

You take the 4 of Cups card by thinking of one person in particular.

In the professional field:

You will find yourself confronted with a rather closed person. It will be difficult to work with her. The best thing for her will be a job where she doesn't have to meet people or talk to the public. This person will also not be able to make quick decisions or take advantage of opportunities in the job.

In the sentimental field :

You will find it difficult to establish a relationship with this type of person. You may feel that the person is elusive. Or, you will talk with them, but they will never seem to make a decision. It's not the right time for her. She's not emotionally available. All you can do is leave her and give her time. When the time comes, if the relationship can be done and is important to her too, she will come back to you.

In the financial field:

This map is 100 places in the financial realm. Here, emotions and feelings are brought to the forefront. When it comes to money, this is not the time.

The message of the 4 of Cups Tarot deck

You have to take the time to question yourself and to understand what is going on inside you

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