Meaning of the Card of 8 of Pentacles of the Tarot

Meaning of the Card of 8 of Pentacles of the Tarot

Tarot Keywords attached to the 8 of Pentacles on the Tarot card

The 8 of  Pentacles Upright:  commitment, work, learning

The 8 of Pentacles reversed: lack of focus, laziness, perfectionism

Description of the Tarot deck 8 of Pentacles

Meaning of the Card of 8 of Pentacles of the Tarot

The eight of pentacles like the figure eight, also has a form of flower and leaf development.

This Tarot card is one of the Tarot's minor arcana. It can be seen in the same way that the pentacles at the four corners form a square. They thus ensure material life. In the center is a flower and the four other pentacles which themselves form a square within the square.

A way to show a form of dynamism and spirituality. The flower in the centre looks like the flower of the figure eight, but it is more regular. Its centre is circular in the same way but this time there is a cross design.

At the center of matter exists eternity (reference to the divine) and infinity (reference to the infinity of the universe) so the eight of pentacles represent the true wealth that lies within us.

The meanings of the 8 of Pentacles Tarot card upright

The eight of pentacles in the Tarot can represent the card of commitment and work. A form of devotion where values go beyond those of money.

Values like:

  • that of respect,
  • a job well done
  • of learning.

This card will indicate the need to acquire new skills in the deepest sense of the word.
The eight of pentacles card will indicate that you are gaining experience in some area of life and that this will allow you to make a new beginning.

the eight of pentacles, a learning card in any field...

Of course, since the card belongs to the bottom line, the reference will more frequently be to work, studies or finances. But it can also indicate a general renewal in life that allows you to focus your efforts on something that will improve your life in general.
This card also shows the desire to get the job done right, to do your best and to have an attitude of commitment to your obligations.
The card of the eight of pentacles is a card of success, of success in what one is going to undertake, but this requires perseverance and initiative.

With the eight of pentacles, you have to work to succeed...

This card will therefore oppose, for example, an idea of luck or opportunity such as it could intervene with the Wheel of Fortune card.
The eight of pentacles of the Tarot indicate that it is important for you to work well in all aspects of your life and to nourish them with a continuous effort to improve your situation. One might think of a person who works conscientiously every day on a new project and eventually sees it develop.
This card is about transformation through effort and commitment. This means that you may not be satisfied with the situation you are currently experiencing. But you know that through your work, your efforts and your perseverance you will succeed in changing elements in your life that will allow you to obtain more satisfaction later on.
This card is therefore positive in the sense that as long as you have a real commitment to your projects, you have every chance of succeeding.

If you draw the eight of pentacles in a tarot deck, you can consider it as an encouragement to continue your actions as you have undertaken them now and that these actions will lead you to success. Of course, it will be necessary to get involved, have a strong focus and patience because you will need to have real confidence in your values and beliefs.

A card of success

So this card also shows that even if you are going to be successful later today the situation is not as clear as it seems. So it shows you the way and tells you that you must continue your efforts.

The eight of pentacles card could also be about study or teaching. For example, the need for training or education and the development of specific skills to improve your life. Let's imagine that you already have skills in a trade, but that in order to develop you need to specialize or learn particular skills in order to become an expert.

The meanings of the reversed 8 of Pentacles Tarot card

Conversely, if you pull the eight of pentacles backwards in a draw, it may be a sign that you are trying to go too far, that you are concentrating too much on the details and therefore getting lost along the way.

In fact, what is important is to have a clear and precise goal and to strive towards that goal without getting lost along the way. So the backwards eight of a denarius will show that you tend to be too perfectionist and that precisely this tendency takes you away from success.

Perfectionism distracts your attention from the main goal and prevents you from reaching it.

This card is therefore a tip on not sinking into detail and perfectionism.

The upside down eight of pentacles card may also indicate that you are working hard but that you are not achieving your goal or in any case, it is not being realized in the way you had planned.

Slowness and obstacles

Under these conditions you feel frustrated and disappointed by the lack of progress. This will mean that you need to have a better focus. You need to readjust your actions and efforts in order to achieve your goals. The card may also suggest that you are not pursuing the right goal. That's why you can't achieve it.
In a tarot deckThe eight of pentacles upside down may also show a lack of ambition. A lack of commitment or a lack of willingness to work and persevere with the task.

Perhaps you don't want to take training to increase your skills. You sink into the worries of everyday life without being able to mobilize yourself to have a clear goal to get out of them. So in this case, you spend your energy to find short-term solutions without being able to have an overall vision of your situation.

The eight of pentacles may be an invitation to look for what may be of interest to you in the long run to improve your situation. It is a question of putting in place today actions in this direction. So instead of trying to fix the present situation or looking for precarious jobs to meet the needs of the moment, it may be interesting to broaden your vision in order to truly transform your situation.

The card here therefore invites you to broaden your vision and to imagine hypotheses that you have not yet taken into consideration.

Summary of the 8 of Pentacles Tarot card

The eight of Pentacles card indicates that you must have strong commitment and perseverance and you will succeed. You have to be patient and continue on the same path.

You draw the 8 of Pentacles card thinking of one person in particular.

In the professional field :

This person is very responsible and you can trust him. You are sure that he will achieve the results and that he will form can not evolve in his work.

In the sentimental realm:

This person is mainly focused on his work and the development of his skills. This is not a sentimental person.

In the financial field:

This person will know how to develop your finances and will be perseverant. Surely, you can entrust your money to this person.

The message of the 8 of Tarot Pentacles

Perseverance always pays off

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