Meaning of the Card 9 of Cups on Tarot

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Meaning of the Card 9 of Cups on Tarot:

Keywords attached to the card the 9 of Cups on Tarot

The 9 of Cups upright: joy, wishes, satisfaction

The 9 of Cups reversed: Dissatisfaction, greed, disappointment...

Description of the blade of the 9 of Cups on Tarot

The card of the 9 of Cups on Tarot is part of the minor arcana of the Tarot. It shows 3 rows of cups surrounded by foliage.

Its foliage seems, as far as the appearance of the leaves is concerned, faded. They might make one think of what is no longer. To things in the past. Thus, we can divide the 9-cup Tarot card into 2 distinct parts.

    The lower part shows faded leaves

    The upper part shows abundant foliage with pointed leaves

This card seems to remind us of the need to cut ourselves off from certain parts of us that are faded in order to relive and enjoy what is. As such, it could recall one of the meanings of the major card of the nameless arcana of the Tarot.

The colors of the card are the colors of receptivity, with the blue color, action, red and yellow.

The meanings of the 9 of Cups Tarot card at the

The 9 is an important number. It can be understood as 6 + 3. This card therefore works in the emotional mode. It is a question here of finishing the development begun in the series of Tarot cuts. Nevertheless, like any cycle, one carries with him/her the problems and past experiences.

Fortunately here, the 9 of Tarot Cuts seems a little more optimistic and shows rather a part of the contentment that one can obtain by enjoying the pleasures of life. Nevertheless, it is possible that in this activity you are more in a fantasy than in the realism of the situation. Given this state, the Tarot deck will speak of a state of contentment due to a satisfying inner feeling.

In general, this card is quite positive and speaks of satisfying emotional feelings.

We can extend this notion of satisfaction to different areas of life such as satisfactory finances, good health, a pleasant emotional relationship, etc....

This card appears to be a haven of peace after the difficulties of the 7 of Cups card and the 8 of Cups card, which asked to get rid of illusions...

This card can make you think of the end of worries and wishes finally granted.

The 9 de Cups and relations

The 9 of Cups belongs to the sequence of Cups and therefore refers to the emotional sphere and sentimental situations.

It could be an

  • emotional relationship that is being consolidated,
  • a friendship that is being solidified
  • or simply an extremely satisfying relationship on all levels

Joy and pleasure accompany the actions one has undertaken and it is time to enjoy the present moment.

The 9 of Cups also gives you the advice to enjoy the present moment and all that is given to you. It is time to give thanks for what you have. The 9 of Cups also invites you to see beauty and abundance in all things.

To understand the Tarot's message on how to live in the present moment, read the article "The Hidden Message of the Nameless Arcana".

The 9-of-a-Kind Tarot card will represent a stabilized situation. It will indicate the pleasure to have arrived and the satisfaction that it brings. It is also an internal realization card with the experience of one's own satisfaction with the situation and the obstacles overcome.

The 9 of Cups Tarot card is drawn upside down:

The upside-down 9 of Cups card may indicate the opposite. You are not getting what you expected and you are disappointed that your wishes are not coming true. The 9 upside down card may point to the material aspect of your expectations and show an excess of greed that prevents you from being satisfied with what you have.

You will therefore be disappointed that you don't get what you wanted, but it is possible that your wishes were too important or unrealistic.

This card in this position will put more emphasis on emotional feelings. You will therefore have the impression that you are not complete and that you cannot yet rejoice because you are still lacking something for your happiness. It will therefore be a question of finding what you are missing and why you cannot get it.

It is possible that:
  • you are counting errors here, too much greed, envy
  • you are too attached to material values

It is also possible that you have indulged too much in easy pleasures and now you are in physical discomfort.

The 9 of upside down cuts may also be about selfishness, or trying to take advantage of others.

It will thus be advisable to take the time to analyze your behavior and to seek what could have diverted you from the path of satisfaction and pleasure to receive what you deserve

Summary of the card of the 9 of Tarot Cuts

The Tarot deck 9 card is a card of pleasure and satisfaction. It asks you to enjoy the present moment and to thank for all that you have managed to obtain from life. It is also a card that will talk about getting what you want and feeling immense satisfaction.

You draw the 9 of Cups card by thinking of one person in particular:

In the professional field:

A person who is able to appreciate what you can offer him. It will be a person who will be pleasant to live with

In the sentimental realm:

You've met a person who's satisfied with himself and what he's accomplished. There is no doubt that you will also benefit from it. She has everything she wanted.

In the financial field:

The tenth of cuts also talks about finances in the sense that everything has come together and you don't have to worry about anything anymore. If you meet such a person, you won't have any more financial problems because they will take you under their wing.

The message of the 9 of Cups on Tarot

Take advantatge of present moment and thank you for what you have!

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