The 3 of cups of the Tarot All the meanings of the card

The 3 of cuts of the Tarot, all the meanings of the card

Key words related to the 3 of Cups Tarot card

The Tarot 3 of cuts card at the : Shared pleasure, friendship, light love, creating together

The 3 of cups of the Tarot upside down: being alone, independent, refusal to share

Description of the blade of the 3 of Tarot cuts

The 3 of Cups is part of the Tarot's minor arcana. It presents 3 bowls arranged in a triangle. The vegetation seems to rise from the two lower bowls as a creation.

This card follows the 2 of cut and shows the result of the union but in a light way. The colours, yellow and red, show the union of the two actions to give the third cut. The vegetation forms a heart (white colour as a sign of purity) with red and blue leaves.

The card shows both the pleasure of union and the pleasure of ideal love. The vegetation shows that this projection corresponds to an idea of divine love.

The meanings of the Tarot card at the location

The map of the The 3 of Tarot Bowls is a card of joy and shared pleasure. One feels through its image the pleasure of being together. As with all the cards in the series of cuts, it will essentially talk about emotional feelings and the emotional sphere.

The three of cups seems to indicate a situation of

  • camaraderie,
  • of brotherly bonding,
  • of close and creative collaboration.

In any case, the actors on the map have a deep bond that unites them in their action. This bond is joyful and drives them to celebrate the pleasure of being together. The emotion conveyed by the card corresponds to a spiral that leads to success because it creates emotions of intense joy.

The primary message of the 3 of Cups - the emotional aspect

When the 3 of Cups appears in a draw, it indicates that it's time to meet your closest friends and take time to enjoy their company.

Talking together, laughing, sharing is very creative and will allow you to recharge your batteries and get back on the right foot.

The idea is that it is only truly possible to create through the interactions and relationships we build with those who are emotionally close to us. This allows us to nourish ourselves internally through exchange. The map shows precisely this pattern of continuous flow between receiving and giving. The 3 of Cups map shows a strong energy is highly creative.

Social life

The map of the 3 cut right side up shows a rich social life. It also shows a period of meeting, celebration and intense social life. This may take the form of formal family gatherings such as weddings, baptisms... but more often than not, it will be a matter of getting together for any occasion. For holidays together, with family or close friends...

From collaboration born creation

The card also talks about the emotion generated by being together. This card focuses on the clan's need to find its own people in order to feel part of a whole. It is under these conditions that the card invites you to collaborate with others to launch yourself into projects for example.

Together we go faster

The idea is really to work together towards a common goal to enrich and inspire each other. By sharing together, you create a positive energy that propels you much higher than you would on your own. Thus, the 3 of Cups represents the pinnacle of the act of creation, suggesting that you collaborate with others to move to another level of creation and satisfaction.

The Meanings of the Reverse Tarot Card

The three of upside down cuts will indicate exactly the opposite. Rather than sharing with others, you prefer to go it alone. The card may then represent the downside of having seen too many people and now needing solitude to feel better. In fact, the upside down card here shows the balance between the need to be alone to enjoy the company and vice versa.


The map may show a more difficult aspect, which is that of solitude by exclusion.

You are no longer part of a group, or have been rejected by others. Whether it's your family, friends, or people who don't want you.

The need for independence

The map may show that you have collaborated with other people but that in order to complete your project, you must now continue alone. You may feel that the group prevents you from expressing yourself or constrains your creativity. For example, the group is too conservative and doesn't let you move forward.

Excess stress

The upside-down 3-card can also be a sign that it's time to get away from the others. Let's imagine that you are under a lot of stress, that you have been working intensely. The 3-of-a-Kind card will then ask you to take the time to get closer to your closest friends to nourish yourself again with revitalizing emotions. It is possible that you may have drifted away from your family or close friends. The upside down card will show a gap here, the need to fill this void by reconnecting with them.


The upside-down 3 of cuts may also show the excess of social life. It will be understood here that you spend too much time having fun, going out, drinking... You then create an imbalance in your life. The card of the 3 upside down cut 3 asks you here to refocus yourself so that you don't suffer the consequences of your excesses.

The 3rd person

The upside down 3 of cuts card shows 3 cuts. If it's a couple, it will be understood that there is a third person appearing. In a draw, the card can be understood as finding yourself in a relationship with someone who is already with another person. Or in a relationship where your partner is cheating on you. Of course, before drawing conclusions about this card, check the other cards in your draw carefully so that you don't make unfair accusations.

Summary of the 3-of-a-Kind Tarot deck card

The 3 of Cups tarot deck is mostly a sharing card. It shows the need to connect with others and feel the pleasure of being together and doing things together. The upside down card is also rich in advice. It will always have the same theme, being together or taking distance from the group.

You draw the 3 of Cups card thinking of one person in particular...

In the professional field:

The 3 de coupe makes it possible to carry out its projects through collaboration. Meeting people will be the key and will ensure the success of collaborative work. But it will have to be work that requires being together. If the work is rather an individual work, then in this case, the person will seek in vain the company of others and it will have the opposite effect.

In the sentimental realm:

This card is very much focused on the sentimental realm. Whether in friendly relationships or in love, the 3 of Cups is a very good card. In love, it has the disadvantage of showing more than 2 people. Depending on the presence of other cards it can be beneficial (such as making a meeting through a friend) or less beneficial, if the 3rd person is in the middle of the couple.

In the financial field :

The 3 of Cups is not a finance-related card. It will therefore be difficult to count on contacts to carry out the financial side. Unless it is about mutual help in the clan (family, friends) to help you out of a difficult situation. In this case, you will be able to count on the help and support of people close to you.

The Message of the 3 of Tarot Cuts

We always win by being together.

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