Meaning of the Card of Ten of Swords in Tarot

Significance of the Tarot's 10 Swords card:

Meaning of the Ten of Swords card of the Tarot at the place

TheTen Tarot swords in the place often represents a brutal end. A situation that ends suddenly, unexpectedly and often in the form of a disaster.

In principle, it is not possible to avoid disaster. It can only be accepted. It also means that it is necessary to wait for things to happen.

The Tarot's 10 Swords card may also speak of betrayal, to be stabbed in the back. This card will then represent a very painful situation where you find yourself defenseless in the face of a perfidious attack.

The Tarot 10 Sword card also represents losses, all kinds of lossesIt is about hope, financial or otherwise, a difficult end (whatever it may be) and especially all the suffering that accompanies it.

Losses but a new beginning

But we must not stop there because every ending indicates a new beginning. The number 10 is the central aspect here. Thus, the end of this situation which has brought much pain will make it possible to feel relieved and the suffering will also come to an end. Here, as with all the cards of the number 10, it is a question of drawing the consequence of what has happened, of what has been created or of the situations that have been forged in the course of the cycle. This card will also speak again, of regeneration in the sense of the Judgement card (with the number 20 which makes one think of twice 10).

Thus, the 10 of Swords Tarot is a positive summation card because it speaks of hope and a better tomorrow.

The teaching of the 10 of Swords Tarot will be let go and wait for things to pass. It may also come closer to the Wheel of Fortune map in the sense that it is necessary to accept what is and to understand that everything is impermanence.

Like the Wheel of Fortune card, the Tarot's 10 of Swords asks us not to resist but, on the contrary, to accept that it all happens. Acceptance allows renewal.

A difficult situation

If you pull the10 of Tarot Swords while you are going through a difficult situation, this card will tell you that it is necessary to take a step back from what you are feeling and experiencing. This card, like the Wheel of Fortune, asks you to learn from your failures or what is happening to you.

The sequence of swords leads us back to the mind and the capacity of analysis. This is what this card wants from you. To make you point out the lessons you need to learn from the situation you are experiencing. Everything happens not by chance but with a purpose.

The Tarot's 10 of Swords will also recall the Arcana card with no Name. The need to finish something painful. Both cards carry the same message of hope and the same need for teaching and understanding.

Meaning of the 10 of swords card in the Reverse Tarot deck...

The 10 of Swords of the Reverse Tarot will be even more positive because it will speak of renewal, or even more profoundly, of regeneration.

We are here in the sphere of the mind and the spirit. It is not a question of physical death or physical destruction, but rather in the sphere of the mind. The need to understand a situation by analyzing it in order to take the teachings from it.

It is therefore a question of making a thorough analysis of the life that has been lived, the situations and everything that has led to the present situation.

The analysis and re-evaluation of the situation is rather positive since it allows for the transformation of the situation in a positive way. This is a sign that the message has been heard by you.

Fear, resistance, suffering

The 10 of Swords card of the Reverse Tarot may also speak of resistance. Fear of suffering... but the fact of resisting only makes a situation last forever. This attitude creates even more suffering out of fear. Thus, it could indicate that it is necessary to end a relationship and that there is no point in letting time pass. Inevitably, at some point, it will be necessary to do so.

The 10 of Swords upside down Tarot will also be able to symbolizing fear. The worst-case scenarios that exist within us, the worst we see, a way of cultivating the dark side. This map will then indicate that the degree of anxiety is at its peak and that it is necessary to review one's position with regard to life and circumstances.

The 10 of Swords upside down Tarot will also make you think of a situation that cannot end. Something that remains in itself deeply rooted and from which one cannot free oneself. Like a dagger stuck in the heart that causes endless suffering.

Summary of the 10 of Swords map

This card is not as negative as it may appear at first glance. Its main message is to draw conclusions from a situation in which there is no point in fighting. One simply has to accept and understand the teaching in order to access transformation and renewal.

You draw the 10 of swords thinking of one person in particular:

In the professional field:

A person who can't figure out what's wrong with the way they work and especially what needs to be done. This understanding can only be personal. You can't help him, only guide him a little.

In the sentimental realm:

This person is living a difficult sentimental relationship that brings him a lot of pain and suffering. He cannot change the situation and that is why the situation is unbearable. It will be necessary to guide him towards the end of the relationship even if it seems insurmountable at the beginning.

In the financial field :

It is better to accept the losses and regain your strength.

The message of the 10 of Swords in Tarot

The end is always the sign of a new beginning.

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