Meaning of the 10 of Pentacles Tarot Card

Meaning of the 10 of Pentacle Tarot card:

Meaning of the 10 of Pentacles Tarot Card

The meanings of the card in the place

The 10 of Pentacles talks about security. Like all the cards of the 10, the card shows a finished state after a long period, here of work. It is now time to reap the fruits of his labour.

It is also important, and this is the message of the Tarot de Marseille, to share one's work, hard work and wealth with those one loves.

The 10 of Pentacles Tarot card on the right side represents an idea of happiness and accomplishment despite all the difficulties encountered along the way. It is the act of stopping and looking back with satisfaction to see the work accomplished and to observe what one has obtained.

It will therefore speak of a well-deserved retirement but also of inheritance.

Money, property, profits!

The card can have a broader meaning by talking about success in work, career, finances, security in terms of assets but also in terms of relationships. A lasting and fulfilling marriage, for example.

The card will in any case, always talk about wealth and the possibility to finally let go and enjoy yourself afterwards. The card also reminds one of the hard work of life that bears fruit in the end.

In the background, this card will remind you of the family and create a parallel with the 10 of cuts.

The most important thing is therefore the notion of family and the transmission that takes place. The joy and happiness of transmission. Passing on security and a smooth life for future generations.

Family and offspring in the foreground

The 10 de Pentacles card emphasizes family ties. The family in the broadest sense of the term and the need to work for one's descendants. This is where the primary energy lies. The part of tradition, the emphasis on blood rights. It reminds us a bit of what the Pope transmits in his dogma of tradition. The family is the most important thing. It is the cell that allows us to feel safe and to face adversity. It is the support of the clan that protects and helps.

The 10 of Pentacles card is also a card that belongs to the Pentacles series. As such, it will talk a lot about wealth and the recognition one can have, social position. Here, material abundance makes it possible to live in security. It is a question here of taking advantage of the foundations created throughout one's life. It can also be about investments that will pay off in the long term.

The card of the 10 of Pentacles of the Tarot is drawn upside down:

The upside down 10 of Pentacles card will indicate financial blockages. The desire to succeed is hindered and postponed indefinitely. There is no longer stability and one struggles to amass a little money or wealth. The map also shows the fact of chasing after financial security but not achieving it.

The backwards 10 of Pentacles may also refer to a loss or a break-up. For example, loss of money, end of contracts or marriage breakdown... But in any case, all these breakups will carry within them a notion of impoverishment or loss of money.

The 10 of Pentacles upside down will therefore speak of loss of money and failure. It could be about financial problems or bad investments, bad projections that led to the opposite effect.

The result will be sadness and fear. Quarrels and sometimes even lawsuits. In any case, the money problems may degenerate into a cascade of big worries and concerns.

In the case of a relationship, the relationship is more based on finances. If the card is upside down, the person you are in a relationship with is more interested in the material aspect than in feelings.

It may also indicate that you or your partner are not looking to build a solid relationship but simply a temporary one.

To deepen the knowledge and understanding of the minor arcana? 

You draw the Tarot card with one person in mind:

In the professional field :

This is a person with a sense of responsibility. He works hard and focuses a lot on amassing wealth. He is a person who sees things in the long term.

In the sentimental realm:

The person you're going to bond with is very responsible. They want to ensure you have a stable relationship. Financial security is important to them and you will not lack anything.

In the financial field :

The 10 of Tarot Pentacles refers to the world of finance. It will therefore refer to a person who works hard but also has an innate sense of money and how to create wealth. He will therefore be a good advisor.

The Message of the 10 of Pentacles on Tarot

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