Meaning of the Card of 10 of Cups on Tarot

Meaning of the Card of 10 of Cups on Tarot:

Keywords attached to the 10 of Cups of Tarot card

The 10 of Cups upright : family, joy, being together

The 10 of Cups Upside Down Tarot: Break-up, misunderstanding, sadness

Description of the blade of the 10 of Cups on Tarot

The card of the 10 of Cups of the Tarot is part of the Tarot's minor arcana. It shows 3 rows of Cups and a larger cross-cut than the others above. The cup is full.

This card gives an impression of stability and comfort. It seems to have fulfilled the destiny of the cups. The heart and essence of the sequence of Cups seems to be fulfilled in this card. The last cut might make one think of a full chalice.

The card has two colours, yellow and red (action for the red colour and fruit harvest for the yellow colour).

The cups here symbolize abundance and the end of hard times. It is certainly a spiritual map and puts the action on the heart and not the material wealth.

The meanings of the card of the 10 of Cups upright

The 10 of Cups on Tarot of Marseille will represent an idea of almost idyllic happiness. It is about joy and the fullness of emotions of love and contentment.
The card belonging to the series of cups will speak of the sphere of relationships, family, love, feelings in general and will bring a tone of peace and calm.

The aim here is to reach a state of harmony and well-being following the understanding of the teachings of the previous cards in the continuation. It is now time to enjoy yourself and take advantage of what you have learned.

The 10 an important number

Like all cards containing the number ten, the ten of Cups indicates the end of a cycle and the completion of all that has been done and understood. The 10 also often indicates the need to take the time, to mark a pause in order to take advantage of the situation thus obtained before resuming one's way to a new cycle.

Take advantage of the time of peace when all conflicts have come to an end. All is harmony. The law of the Universe is finally realized.

The 10 of Cups and family ties

According to this definition 10 of Cups may symbolize the strengthening of family ties, the building of a happy and harmonious family. Peace and joy with the children. It may be an indication of strong family ties or of renewed commitment between partners.

If you are at the beginning of a relationship, it will indicate a harmonious development, a new relationship that brings you joy and satisfaction.

The 10 of Cups is a very positive card. It's basically about the sentimental sphere. It will therefore speak of relationships, old or new, love relationships, family ties... Commitment of love, satisfaction... This card is the promise of perfect love in the long term. Of course, the relationship must be built, but it promises to bring joy and pleasure.

The 10 of cups is a love card. Of the love we receive but also of the love we are able to give.

The 10 of Cups will also be able to talk about its own inner construction. In this way, he expresses a vision of fullness and happiness achieved in his life. The card could symbolize the attainment of a state or finally, you know what you really want, you know your values and apply them to your life with happiness.

This card may also symbolize a family that has deep values and all members are connected.

The 10 of Cups encourages you to listen to the voice of your heart. To tune in with your intuition in order to listen to what is best for you. This card will therefore talk about intuition and listening to the messages to direct you while being aligned with yourself.

The 10 card of the Tarot deck is drawn upside down:

The card of the 10 of  Cups upside down will indicate emotional blocks. The desire for a fulfilling relationship or a harmonious family is very present, but you can't make this wish come true because communication is blocked.

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The 10 of Cups may indicate distended family ties or, in any case, relationship difficulties that prevent you from claiming harmonious family relationships. In fact, relationships are blocked and you can't get out of this situation.

Harmony broken by conflict

For example, there are conflicts in the family... Family members do not respect each other and tend to quarrel.

As with the 10 upside down cut 10, the 10 upside down cut card may indicate that you are not able to line up. For example, you are out of sync and can't figure out why you are out of sync. For example, you are out of step and cannot understand why. The advice on the card will then be to review what are the most important values for you and rank them in order of importance so that you can live in harmony with what is most important to you.

It is necessary to ask yourself questions.

Family problems

Finally, the map of the 10 of Cups being a map talking mostly about family and family ties.

It is possible with the card of the 10 to cut upside down:

  • that you can't get along with your family.
  • Or that you neglect your family,
  • or that you do not base your life on the most important values.
  • Perhaps you neglect feelings and attach yourself to other values.

The result is a distancing from those closest to you. The map will then indicate that it may be necessary to review what's most important to you.

To deepen your knowledge and understanding of the minor arcana - more information on the Tarot Manual page.

You pull the 10-cup card thinking of one person in particular:

In the professional field :

This is a person who has a sense of responsibility but for whom family comes first before work.

In the sentimental realm:

You'll be dealing with an extremely responsible person. The relationship will be fulfilling and full of joy. You will be able to build a sincere, trusting relationship with this person and build a family on a secure and lasting basis. The best card for all those who want to build a family in harmony and joy.

In the financial field:

The 10 of a Tarot deck does not talk about money or finance. It will therefore be difficult to entrust your money to this person who will be more focused on emotions and relationships and not on business relationships.

The message of the 10 of Cups on Tarot

Welcome and enjoy the joy of being with your own!

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