The Ace of Wands: All the Meanings of the Tarot Card

The Ace of Wands: All the Meanings of the Tarot Card:

The Ace of Wands is probably the card with the greatest charge of energy in the making. A phallic symbol for Jodorowski, this minor card contains within it all the vitality and human energy in pure potentiality.

Keywords Related to the Ace of Wands Tarot Card

Ace of  Wands card upright: Opportunity, inspiration, wind in the sails

 Ace of Wands card reversed: lack of direction, an idea that makes its way, lack of energy

Description of the Ace of Wands in Tarot

The Ace of Wands represents a living energy transmitted or received by a halo surrounding the hand holding it. The position of the hand seems to hold the stick like a weapon. She has the ability to use it at any time.

A living force emerges that is reminiscent of the powerful cycles of nature that are always renewing itself. The thin stick at the base is growing, showing its power to expand.

The Wand has rough drafts of branches. They make you think of possible ramifications of an idea, of an action. The inside seems hollow as if to let the energy escape.

The meanings of the Ace of Wands upright card in the Tarot

Like all Aces, the card will talk about potential. But although the Ace refers to the earth and nature, this potential is energetic (and spiritual). Like all the cards in the Stick sequence, the Ace of Wands, talks about man and his action at the centre of his activities.

Ideas come in and they are fruitful. You feel motivated and inspired. The path opens up and things become logical and inspiring. You are faced with new opportunities that are yours to seize. Opportunities that will certainly allow you to align yourself with your Higher Self.

The Ace of Wands is pure potentiality in the making. Anything is possible

The Ace of Wands, a light on the path

The Ace of Wands will encourage you to listen to your heart, your intuition. It is the energy and passion that expresses itself from the deepest part of your being.

If you ever have new projects in mind, then you're propelled. If you doubt your plans, the map shows you the way. It tells you that you are on the right track. You are right to listen to your passions and your heart.

Energy is your guide. You must listen and let it come. Besides, if you need confirmation, the card gives it to you. The ace of Wands usually indicates that a project is good. That an idea is well-founded, that you have made the right choice.

Pulling the ace of Wands is confirmation that your plans are well-founded.

A card symbolizing creative energy

The ideas that come to mind are now fertile. You have the creative energy within you. Make good use of it. But beware, the ace of Wands is the first step. The beginning of all things. Even if you're going in the right direction, you must persevere afterwards. To do this, listen to your intuition, your instinct. The Ace of Stick gives you the push. Then you have to continue by developing this energy and cultivating it. You will find the foundations of the map in the Boatman's Journey.

Thus the Ace of Stick, like all the Aces of the Tarot, represents a potential for success. But not necessarily the assured success. Just as the Bâtleur represents the beginning, the future, the becoming, but not the continuation. Everything then depends on you and your efforts to maximize your potential for success.

Thus you will be able to orient yourself to the promise of success. Finally, the Ace of Wands also shows the way to the spiritual path.

For example

  • to develop your creativity,
  • better understand what drives you.
  • find out what your passions are and how to live them.

All the desires that will arise will be paths that will be offered to you to open other doors for you later on.

The meanings of the Ace of Wands of the Reverse Tarot deck

Pulling the ace of Wands backwards shows more of an internal energy. For example, that you have ideas or projects but don't know which direction to go. Or that you are hesitating and don't know if you should go for it. Or that you are afraid to go ahead with your projects because you don't believe in them completely.

It is also possible that you have an idea but it hasn't taken shape yet. In this case, you are waiting for something, or a sign to go further.

A problem of low energy

The ace of Wands, upside down, could also mean that you are currently experiencing a drop in energy. You can't concentrate on creating new projects. You can't find meaning in your life, or an interesting direction.

You find yourself without motivation, without knowing what you want to do.

Regaining momentum

More often than not, you will feel the Ace of Stick upside down by the questions you may ask yourself.

For example, if you have an idea..,

  • You will ask yourself what you can do with your life.
  • or is it really the life you wish to live,
  • you may wonder what you can change without finding the answers,

But you'll always be aware that you're called to something much better. It's all about knowing what.

If opportunities present themselves to you, the ace of Wands upside down will leave you doubtful. In the end, the ace of Wands upside down represents a form of uncertainty about your choices. A deep, visceral hesitation about what you really want to do. A sometimes existential questioning about your life.

To get out of this stagnation and straighten the ace of Wands, a good solution is to find one or more passions in your life. Look for the energy associated with them and go for it. Indeed, what the ace of Wands emphasizes, is that it is useless to force you to do things that do not motivate you. They will only accentuate your discomfort and your feeling of loss of direction.

Time, an important component

The ace of Wands may seem frustrating at first glance. Indeed, it marks delays. You need time to get things done. It is possible that in reaction you may feel impatient because even upside down, this tarot card is bubbling with energy. It is always directed towards action. The only way to move forward is therefore in this case, to take action.

Maybe the best lesson of the Reverse Tarot Ace will be, it's not the right time yet.

Not yet, but later...

The consonant of time and waiting is intrinsic to the Ace of Wands card upside down. It is active waiting that will allow you to move your projects forward. It is waiting that will allow you to better understand what is important to you and especially how to implement it.

The Ace of Stick upside down, is the active part of the Hermit. It takes time to mature reflection. But this reflection is active and endowed with energy like the Hermit's lamp that illuminates it and gives it just the right direction.

Summary of the Ace of Wands Tarot card

The Ace of  Wands is a powerful card. It is promising and usually shows the way. One can think of the flame that animates the Boater in his creative act. It's usually a good card full of promise.

You pull the Ace of wands out thinking of one person in particular

In the professional field :

The ace of Wands is a card of ambition. Its field of predilection is that of action and work. So the professional field is privileged. The person who draws this card is active, passionate. He or she is full of energy. This person knows what they want and does it thoroughly. He will be an exciting person, but only if you follow his passions and go in the same direction.

In the sentimental realm:

The map can also show passion. But sticks are not really feeling cards. Here, emotions can show through actions, or even common passions. Life as a couple will have to be active. But projects will have to be put in place to ensure the cohesion of the relationship. However, the Ace is a starting card. For the continuation of the relationship, and what will become of it, it will be necessary to wait or draw other cards.

In the financial field :

The ace of Wands can be a good card for finance. But it will mainly be about actions that will allow you to make your assets grow. So, often, with a basis of work.

The Message of the Ace of Wands

Live your passions, listen to your voice !!!

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