All the Meanings of the Tarot 6 of Swords

All the meanings of the Tarot 6 of Swords

The Tarot Six of Swords may appear as a card full of sadness and regret. Of course, this Tarot card is not necessarily pleasant. However, it has the merit of making people aware of actions to be taken for a better future.

These are the meanings of the 6 of Sword...

Key Words Attached to the 6 of Swords Tarot Card

The Tarot's 6 of Swords at the place: regrets, passage, abandonment

The 6 of Swords upside down Tarot deck: blockage, burden, disappointment

Description of the card of the 6 of swords on Tarot

The 6 of swords is one of the minor mysteries of the Tarot.

The Tarot's Six of Swords is in the form of two groups of three curves that meet at both ends of the card.

In the center a flower blooms. This is a form of internalization since the flower is enclosed in an oval (also a form of protection), a eu in the image of the Tarot World Card.

One has the impression that this flower is gathered upon itself in deep meditation. It seems to be in a form of waiting. We also notice that the flower is cut cleanly and thus separated from what gave birth to it. This probably means that this flower is in solitude. It has to assume its situation, its uniqueness and its loneliness.

The meanings of the 6 of Swords Tarot card at the location

The card of the 6 of Tarot Swords is a card carrying a form of resignation and great sadness. As with all cards in the sword series, it will essentially speak of the function of thinking

The map of the six of sword in the right place show that it is necessary to cut with a form of link and create a transition. This map is full of regret and sadness at the decision that has to be made. You know you have to make that decision. But in order to make it, it is necessary to leaving something important behind. This generates enormous regret because it creates a lot of suffering.

The Difficulty of Making a Painful Decision

Deep down, you know that this is the best option. You know that this decision you are making today will have long-term consequences. But it is difficult.

On the other hand you feel obliged to move forward and detach yourself from what is most important to you. This process is difficult and painful. In any case, the sadness of the loss that accompanies you will be replaced by a situation that will improve significantly. So the six sword card of the tarot asks you to know how to accept the changes in life and the difficult decisions in order to move forward.

You must know how to accept to leave things behind in order to move forward.

We must not be afraid to move forward even if the decisions are difficult. The map also points out that sometimes there are things, elements in the present or in our past that hold us back and prevent us from moving forward.

The message of the 6 of Swords: Knowing how to detach yourself from the past

Instead, it is necessary to look the future straight in the eye. We need to choose the best options for the long term. Although the decisions to be made are difficult, compromises do pay off.

Thus this map which accompanies the map in the spirit of the Arcane without Name shows that the passages are certainly difficult, but allow you to access new phases of life.

You need to realize that you have to change your life today. You have endured difficult things. It's time for that to stop. The card asks you not to lock yourself in the past or in what you are leaving behind. On the contrary, use this opportunity that life offers you to change your beliefs and move forward.

Detachment is not cowardice.

Sometimes the only way to solve problems in life is to leave them behind. Some problems are intractable and it is better to move on. Even if you have the impression when you leave problems behind that you are deserting them, this is not the case. Sometimes it is useful to run away. The most important thing is to guide you over the long term.

The six of sword also shows the need to have a clear, logical and objective mind. You need to look at a situation and what you can strive for.

The six of swords: an invitation to meditation

This card is also the meditation card. Only by centering and anchoring yourself will you understand what is really at stake in your situation. Then you will know what you need to do.

Let's not forget that here we are in the family of swords and that this map obviously refers to the mind. It is therefore a question here of analyzing your situation in an impartial and objective manner.

Analyze the situation objectively

The sword six card may also suggest that the situation is so difficult that you are feeling a deep sadness. It is therefore necessary to let go so as to regain energy and motivation.

The material meanings of the 6 of swords

In a more prosaic way, the map of the six of sword may indicate a voyage at sea. A crossing of a waterway. You may have to cross bodies of water.

This map can then be analysed just like for example the map of the House of God which announces the idea of "building" in certain hypotheses. Of course this map is still full of sadness, but in spite of all that you will find at the end of the journey will satisfy you and bring you comfort.

The meanings of the 6 of Swords upside down Tarot card

The upside-down Tarot six-of-a-Sword blade will indicate that you are desperately trying to leave a situation but are not succeeding.

Probably, you're trying to escape the past but you can't. Yet you know what you have to do and that there is an important transition. So you try to leave, to leave past experiences but you get stuck, you get stuck.

The card of the six of swords upside down shows that you face obstacles and you have to get past them. Even so, something from your past is holding you back and you can't let go of it. So there are unresolved things in the past that you need to dwell on in order to free yourself. This is the only way you can continue on your path. If you do not face it or try to detach yourself from it, you risk getting stuck in the situation in which you find yourself without being able to move.

The burning of doubt

The upside down six of sword card may also show doubts about a decision to be made. It may be that the balance between what you have to leave and what you will encounter is quite difficult. You may find it hard to decide exactly what to leave.

To let go, to stop resisting, to live better.

On the other hand, the upside down six of sword card may also show a form of resistance, of refusal to the transition. In this case, it can be assimilated to the upside down Mate card or the upside down Arcane without Name card. You will have to ask yourself about this resistance. Understand what you gain by not letting go.

The six of swords in relational matters

The six-of-a-sword card may also appear in a relational or emotional draw. This map will generally indicate that it is necessary to redraw, redefine the relationship.

It will often indicate that you are having difficulty letting go of a past relationship. You find it hard to forget someone from your past and that you are carrying this baggage with you. This will prevent you, for example, from being able to meet another person. Or if you are with someone, the past will prevent you from being able to develop that relationship.

The 6 of Sword card may also indicate that today's relationship is a difficult one. It is necessary to detach yourself from it whatever sufferings are linked with it in order to move towards something new and better for you.

Summary of the card of the 6 of swords of Tarot

The six of swords speaks of suffering and the need to make a decision. The decision is at the heart of the reflection. However, the card carries within it the promise of a better future. It is in the light of this promise that one must understand one's situation and make the right decision.

You draw the 6 of Swords card thinking of one person in particular.

In the professional field:

The professional field shows here the necessity of probably leaving your job. The professional situation you are experiencing is not good. However, it is difficult for you to detach yourself from it because you are faced with the uncertainty of the unknown.

In the sentimental realm:

Instead, the map will talk about the need to turn the page. It's about taking better stock of your situation. You may need to leave your partner because the emotional relationship you are in is not satisfactory for you. Of course, you risk leaving a lot of things behind you and this is painful. But it is better to leave things behind and give yourself a chance for a better relationship than to carry this heavy burden.

In the financial world:

This card is not related to finance. It is a card of mental challenge in front of a decision. It may be possible that the decision you have to make has an economic resonance. That is to say that you are obliged to leave assets behind. The message of the card is not to become attached to what is preventing you from moving forward.

The message of the 6 of Swords on Tarot

You have to learn to detach yourself and put things into perspective...

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