Meaning of Card the Queen of Swords on Tarot

Meaning of the Queen of Swords

The meanings of the tarot card in the right place

The Queen of Sword on Tarot in the place represents a character very cold.

This minor card of the Tarot represents the mastery of the intellect but also the control of the mind. coldness of intelligence. The sword queen is not endowed with feelings. She lacks that feminine quality which is the part

Meaning of Card the Queen of Swords on Tarot

Emotional and receptive. Thus the sword reign essentially represents the intellect and the capacity for discernment. There are no emotions or feelings in this map.

The sword queen is a difficult character. She likes to analyze, to understand, to know. In fact, she is totally cerebral.

The sword queen of the tarot deck may want to signify in a draw that it is necessary for you to become more independent in your thoughts about others and in your judgments.

Perhaps you need to work more on the mental part and less on the emotional part in order to better understand the information in front of a situation and especially to let yourself be less manipulated by others.

On the other hand, the sword queen has no empathy or compassion for others. The most important thing for her is to know the facts and use her logical abilities to make decisions.

The Queen of Swords is an austere and uninviting character. The Tarot's dressed cards represent personality types and characters. The Queen of Swords approaches the world through her speech, intellect and verve. She is not a character who knows emotions, but she is excellent in her field of thought.

To find out how the Queen of Swords sees the world, read the meanings of the Tarot card below.

Keywords attached to the Queen of Swords card

The Tarot sword queen at the right side : cerebral, independent, methodical

The Queen of the Upside Down Tarot Sword cold, slanderous, emotional

Description of the Qeen of Swords

The map of the sword queen is one of the minor arcana dressed up. It can be written in different ways, Reyne or Queen.

The map of the Queen of Swords depicts a rather young, blonde woman sitting on a rather large throne framed by two columns.

She has a rather hard, rather piercing look. In her hand, she holds a sword pointing to the sky. As such, the way she holds her sword is similar to the way she holds the sword on the map of Justice.

The sword is not completely straight showing that its actions may be right or less right. 

Her gaze fixed on her sword shows the clarity of her thought and the clarity of her mind and her ability to slice or hurt with her words in function.

The personality of the Queen of Swords

Meaning of Card the Queen of Swords on Tarot

The queen of the sword and an assertive person. She knows how to think quickly and well, perceives situations instantly and with a very clear mind. She doesn't need to talk a lot to explain things. Her speech cuts like the blade of her sword. She knows how to tell her thoughts as they are thought and she expects the same from others.

If you meet a sword queen, the best way to communicate with her is to remain totally impartial and expose things to her without feelings and emotions. Just the facts.

The sword queen asks you to use your intellectual abilities to see things clearly.

Don't just stay on the mind. Connect with your intuitive part.

The card is drawn upside down:

When the sword queen appears upside down in a Tarot deck, it is possible that in a situation, you may be using your emotional side, your heart rather than your intellect, too much. Perhaps you have too much emotion, and it prevents you from seeing clearly. In this case, this is the signal that you should take a little distance from the situation in order to make your mind work.

Be more objective and less emotional.

In a relationship, the Queen of Swords upside down can show a tumultuous relationship where one cannot see clearly. She may show resentment, anger or even slander. In this case, we must take a fresh look at the situation to start over with something clearer.

On the other hand, the queen of swords could be a slanderous person who hurts by these words. Someone with a grudge, a person with no emotions and no compassion for others. She could be a particularly mean person. She will be imagined as a naughty person, seeking to isolate herself from others through intolerance and meanness.

Summary of the Queen of Swords card

The sword queen is essentially the manifestation of the world of the intellect. The ability to see clearly in all circumstances, beyond obstacles and difficulties. The queen of sword is free of emotion which allows her to go to the end of her actions without any state of mind.

You draw the sword queen's card thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field: the sword queen will be a cold, methodical person. She will excel in all trades requiring intellectual skills without emotions, such as mathematics. She will also be excellent in areas where it is not necessary to create relationships with others . The sword queen will also be able to find herself in difficult jobs where it is necessary to assert herself and not have feelings.
  • In the sentimental field:
    The Queen of Swords is not a sentimentalist. Free of feelings, empathy and compassion for others, it will be very difficult to develop a sentimental relationship with this type of person unless you are a sword king yourself.
  • In the financial field:The sword queen will be able to be excellent in the financial field because she has all the necessary qualities to engage in risky operations without losing her means. The stock market can therefore be a good activity for her.

The message of the Queen of Swords...

Free yourself from emotions to see clearly

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