Meaning of Tarot Card The Queen of Pentacles

Meaning of the Card Queen of Pentacles on Tarot

Description of the Queen of Pentacles

The Card of the Queen of Pentacles is part of the minor arcane dress code.

The card shows a standing lady leaning against a throne.

The throne has a round shape. Its mantle is decorated with fleurs-de-lis. She holds a denarius in her hand with her fingertips, which seem to be perfectly balanced.

She seems to be staring at him. In the other hand, she holds a sceptre whose motif is repeated in this on her coat.

The meanings of the card from the to the Queen of Pentacles place:

The Queen of Pentacles of the Tarot deck in the right side represents a very materialistic character.

The Queen of Pentacles and also a character very maternal but from a practical point of view. She thus contrasts with the queen of cut whose optics was more to provide for the emotional and affective well-being of her offspring.

Here the Queen of Pentacles is a character access on the security. The most important thing is to give your children what they need. It is a bit the foster mother who will make sure there's always a good hot meal nearby, or that the house is always welcoming. She will therefore keep a pleasant environment and behave as a housewife who also keeps the purse.

The Queen of Pentacles is a very active and energetic person. She may symbolize a mother with several children who manages to keep the house and have a job at the same time.The Queen of Pentacles is a active and very independent person. For her, the practical side of life and the material aspect in particular are important. Therefore, she will always make sure to keep her independence even if she is married.

As a character, she will be able to present herself in all professions requiring energy but also being able to ensure a form of transmission of knowledge as for example in teaching.

The personality of the Queen of Pentacles

Dressed cards often represent characters, types of characters. The card Queen of Pentacles can also represent a person existing in your life or about to enter it or a part of you.

If this is the case, it may mean that you are a person who is inclined to create a comfortable lifestyle following the rules as we know them in our contemporary western society.

This means having stable financial resources and in any case it is a form of financial securityTo have created an emotional life while maintaining your independence is obviously to have created a family.

If you draw in a tarot deck the Queen of Pentacles , it may also suggest that you want to create a balanced life between the professional and emotional areas.

In any case, that you have this need in you. It will also show that you are a person who needs to commit to tasks and complete them to the end, whatever the field.

A materialistic woman above all

As a person, it Queen of Pentacles could represent a person creating a security universe very active and very loving. One person energetic...knowing how to engage in multiple tasks and how to get through each one. It will also be a generous person and will be shared with those she loves.

If you get out of your Tarot deck Queen of Pentacles , this may also be an indication that you need to be more practical, have your feet firmly on the ground in your life but not forget the emotional side at the same time. It will therefore be a question of understanding that it is necessary to find a balance in life between the fact of wanting to do everything, your commitments and your emotional life.

La Queen of Pentacles s is a practical, materialistic (in a good sense of the word) character. A nurturing mother who knows how to meet everyone's needs.

The card of the Queen of Pentacles is drawn upside down:

When the Queen of Pentacles s of the Tarot is pulled upside down, it will be a sign of difficulties encountered through excess activity, and will then have to be released so as not to go as far as burn out in some cases.

For example, the Queen of Pentacles s upside down will put work before family life. Or vice versa, she will not be able to detach herself from her family life and will not be able to carry out all her obligations. It will be a person who is unable to find a balance in his or her commitments. He will want to do too much on one side and neglect the other. It will therefore be necessary to strike a balance so that she can regain the natural energy that this Queen of Pentacles woman has at her disposal.

Problems with money

The upside down of the Queen of Pentacles may also be a sign of a lack of financial security, or of how he feels. This insecurity could be real or imagined.

It may also be that this insecurity is also linked to the need to feel independent but not to be able to do so and to be forced to depend on someone. It could also be that the Queen of Pentacles backwards direction indicates that you no longer have the energy to cope with all your obligations and all the tasks you have assigned to yourself.

The Queen of Pentacles backwards may also show a person who tends to become too housebound and can no longer gather enough energy to communicate with others. He concentrates on only one part of his life and has closed himself off from the rest. He has emptied himself of his energy.

The Queen of Pentacles upside down can also be an overprotective mother, perhaps even suffocating at times. For fear of losing, she will focus her energy too much on those she loves. She may also be a person who wants to do too much and may end up not being able to assume all her responsibilities.

Summary of the Queen of Pentacles

La Queen of Pentacles is a character of speech. She is committed, she is responsible, and she can embrace multiple tasks and overcome each of them. She is a character brimming with energy, but she must be careful to keep a balance between everything she does so as not to burn herself out completely.

You draw the card from there Queen of Pentacles by thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    She Queen of Pentacles is an excellent collaborator, a wonderful employee and a very good business leader, and her character and sense of duty make her a person who can adapt to any position. Her character and sense of duty make her a person who can adapt to any job. Whatever her position or task, she will prove to be efficient and fast. She will know how to take her responsibilities seriously.

In the sentimental realm:

  • The Queen of Pentacles in the sentimental field will rather see the practical side of things. If she gets involved, she will give herself a lot of thought but will rather think about the material sides of the couple's life and will wish to settle the practical side. She will think about building a house or having a home for the family, having a good financial basis for the children and so on. On this side, she is not very affectionate but dispenses her affection through material tasks.

  • In the financial field :
    La Queen of Pentacles can be excellent in the financial field. She is a responsible person with a lot of energy but also has all the feminine qualities of intuition and feeling.

The message of the Queen of Pentacles

To love is to provide for all the needs of what you love.

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