The 2 of Swords Tarot Card: All the Meanings

The 2 of Swords Tarot Card: All Meanings:

The 2 of Swords Tarot is a reflection card on a situation that is not yet decided. It is about weighing a situation but using both your mind and your heart.

Here are all the meanings of the 2 of Swords of the Tarot

Keywords related to the 2 of Swords Tarot card

  • The 2 of Tarot Swords right side up: Tough decision, deadlock, choice problem
  • The 2 of Swords of the Tarot upside down: confusion, lack of decision, nihilism

Description of the blade of the 2 of Tarot swords

The 2 of Swords of the Tarot de Marseille, represents the intellectual bubbling of the person. The card presents a large flower that branches out. It shows the effervescence of the intellect. However, the ramifications remain enclosed within the oval drawn by the swords. Nothing can get out. It is also clear from the almost perfect design of the map that the intellect aspires to perfection. But this one does not manage to lead to action.

Like all sword cards, the 2 of Swords is mostly about the thought tree of the mind that analyzes a situation. The 2 of Swords is an internal action card because everything is played in the thoughts of the person.

The meanings of the 2 of Swords card in the Tarot at the right place

When the Tarot's 2 of Swords card usually shows a decision-making problem. The difficulty lies mainly in the fact that it is very difficult for you to favour one option over another. All of the solutions that are available to you seem to be either good or bad. It is almost impossible for you to decide between them, and you don't know what action to take.

Even though you're looking at the pros and cons, you can't decide. You have no idea that the solution can only be taken if you agree to involve your heart as well.

Thus, the card suggests that you will gain from use your intuitionYou can use your heart, what your heart tells you, to decide which options are available to you.

Understanding the card of the 2 of swords in a draw

The card of the 2 of swords in a draw may indicate difficulties of decision. But to help you understand the reasons for your decision (and your hesitation), it will often be useful to draw one or more additional cards.

When you draw a 2 of swords, you will also be able to draw on decisions.

Sources of indecision

It's hard when you draw that card to see the whole picture. There are elements that are missing and that prevent us from making the right decision. For example, you don't know all the risks, or all the alternatives. It is important to be well informed to make the best decision. But this is often what causes the problem. So before you get stuck, look for more information to help you.
If you can't find information outside of yourself, you can also question the Tarot. It can sometimes give you details or points of view that you had not thought of.

Lack of decision

The card of the 2 of swords of the tarot can show a completely different situation. Indeed, here, it would not be the decision that is difficult to make. But the person who makes it so that he or she cannot make that decision.

She is trying to avoid the decision because she is too emotionally charged. However, this is not the right strategy. As long as she does not make a decision, she will be condemned to live in her present state.

The impasse

The map may also show a dead end situation. It is not possible then to make a decision and things stagnate. It is only possible to wait until you can take a step.

The Meanings of the Reverse Tarot Card

The blade of the 2 of swords upside down suggests that you have an important decision to make, but you can't decide which direction to go in. You're caught between a rock and a hard place. The situation is extremely difficult because there is no visible solution at first glance.
You are afraid that the decision you make will lead to an even more negative situation than the one you are experiencing now.

The 2 of Swords card in the Reverse Tarot also indicates that you are not getting enough information to make an informed decision. Also, you are in a dilemma without being able to move forward. The opposite is also possible. You have too much contradictory information that prevents you from seeing clearly.

The light, the intuition

In situations where it is not possible to choose with the intellect, the heart is always good advice. Here it is understood that intuition, once all the information has been assimilated and understood of the situation, will be the best advisor. It is then good to put everything aside and give time for your intuition to manifest itself to give you the right solution.

The 2 of swords upside down in a sentimental relationship

In love, the 2 of Swords Tarot card represents a dead end. You can't move things forward because your partner doesn't want to change his vision. He sticks to his guns. All you can do is step to your side. Maybe you need to look at the relationship from a different perspective. Find out where you can come together to compromise.

If this compromise is not possible, you may have to consider other solutions. The map here shows that all these options are difficult for you.

The uncomfortable situation of the environment

The 2 of Swords card in the Reverse Tarot may also show that you are caught between two fronts. For example, you wanted to advise someone in a delicate situation and you are paying for it.

Indeed, by trying to fix things, you only make the situation worse. The card here is about your role in the situation.

Summary of the 2 of Swords Tarot card

The 2 of Swords card is a reminder that important decisions in life are rarely easy to make. It is often necessary to decide the options with your heart.

But it also indicates, that it is not possible to escape the decision making. Refusal can only lead to stagnation and more suffering (or conflict) than what one is trying to avoid.

You draw the 2 of Swords Tarot card thinking of one person

in particular in

the professional field:

The Tarot's 2 Sword Card may represent dilemmas in two or more options or situations. It will always represent a difficult decision to make. A person caught in such a situation needs help to find the right solution. Maybe you can help him...

In the sentimental realm:

The sentimental domain is very present in this map although it is swords. It could correspond to a person in a relationship who has to make a decision (which he or she may not want to make) like staying or leaving... Your support will be important.

In the financial field :

The card can also affect the financial sector. The choices are often delicate and difficult. Having as much information as possible will be useful. But using one's heart and intuition (even if it is in the financial field) will help to break the deadlock.

The message of the 2 of Tarot Swords

Intellect is not always the best advisor. Also listen to your intuition to decide the options.

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