The 4 of Wands - All the Meanings of the Tarot Card

The 4 of Wands - All the meanings of the tarot card:

The 4 of Wands - All the Meanings of the Tarot Card

Keywords related to the 4 of Tarot deck card:

  • The 4 of Wands tarot card upright: joy, pleasure, being with one's own

  • The 4 of Wands tarot card reversed: conflicts with one's own, relational conflicts, self-focused energy

Description of the blade of the 4 of Wands on Tarot:

The 4 of wands represents four wands, coupled by two (2 X 2 = 4) which cross in their center. From the crossing, are born 4 leaves on the sides and 2 flowers each with 2 leaves on the extremities.
This card has many elements reminiscent of the number 2 and 4 in their combinations and associations. ​

A living force emerges that recalls the powerful cycles of nature that is always renewing itself.

Crossing is important and indicates fruitful interaction.

The risk of the card is routine or a closure on what is experienced while remaining confined to a comfort zone.

The meanings of the 4 of Wands upright tarot card

The card of the 4 of wands at the right side presents a form of gushing joy. A form of celebration of sharing and pleasure.

The appearance of this card in a draw usually shows a family reunion, or some form of celebration. We can also think of official celebrations such as weddings, baptisms, births, family reunions, etc....

It's about celebrating something together and enjoying each other's company.

A card of joy and sharing that must be enjoyed intensely.

The return of the prodigal son

The card of the 4 of wands in the right place may appear in a draw.

  • to show a milestone that needs to be celebrated.

  • know how to show gratitude for life's events and to thank

  • Remember that you are part of a "tribe" that supports you...

  • The safety of being among your own kind.

The 4 of Wands invites you to enjoy being at home and among the people you love.

It's about understanding your roots, your belongings and what makes them safe and rewarding for you.

The 4 in a Tarot reading

If you draw the 4 of Wands card in a draw, you will understand that this is a great time to say thank you and enjoy what life has to offer. You must do it without guilt. Just take what is given to you and thank with yours for the pleasure it gives you.

The number four is important. It represents stability. The map that best expresses four is the Emperor.

The 4 symbolizes the foundations, it expresses something solid. Here, the card expresses that you enjoy harmony, joy and above all a feeling of security.

There is here a form of completeness in what has been created that leads you to a time of peace and joy in life. All of this is based on the efforts of the 3 of Wands which is now bearing fruit.

If you've set up an important project, you can reap the rewards. You will have every reason to rejoice. Here, the 4 of wands will represent the personal gratification you can get from it.

The house as a symbol of safety.

The card in another guise will be able to talk about your home. For example, you can enjoy improving it, pampering it and making it a pleasant place where you feel safe.

For example, it could be a housewarming party.

The card is a kind of pause, to celebrate the pleasure of having gone through the events of the 3 of Wands (expansion and success). One must know how to give thanks and be grateful for what life gives.

The advice of the card is to always show gratitude, to thank the Universe for what it gives you to create a constant and harmonious flow of exchange. ​

communication problems (especially with family or clan. Tensions between family members OR relationship problems (problems that aren't really yours, but that you have to deal with).

The Meanings of the Reversed Tarot Card

The reversed 4 of wands card is not negative in itself. It is simply a matter of turning your energy inward.

For example, instead of celebrating with others, celebrate within yourself. Similarly, instead of celebrating success together, you celebrate internal personal success.

Let's imagine, that you have overcome a challenge, but which concerns your person. Quit smoking, surpass your own record in sports, succeed in tasks (lose weight, take up sports...).

internal energy

The 4 of wands upside down will show that by passing a personal test, you have attained a form of inner peace.

It's about celebrating this new state with yourself. You have found a form of balance (as shown by the 4 wands in the card)
The card will express here not a return home (the clan), but a return home (in you).

You must understand that you are at peace with yourself and that you have understood what harmony and the pleasure of being at peace with yourself is.

The dark side of the card

Communication problems (especially with family or clan). Tensions between family members OR relationship problems (problems that aren't really yours, but that you have to deal with).

The 4 of Wands is more of a joyful and dynamic card. But like all Tarot cards, it has a darker side.

For example, depending on the deck and card associations, it may show a lack of harmony (internal or external).

For example

  • communication problems (especially with the family or clan)

  • Tensions between family members

  • OR relationship problems (problems that aren't really yours, but that you have to deal with).

You will experience instability on many levels. The home can be a source of conflict. You may feel uncomfortable and unsafe in your home.

The advantage of the card is that what is experienced in reverse is transitory.

You may be going through a period where you feel insecure. You will feel that there is little balance in your life. Important things like home, the house or the family are unstable.

You will be able to experience this through multiple changes in your job, general changes in your life, moves.

the 4 of wands reversed in sentimental matters

In sentimental matters the 4 of wands upside down shows emotional turmoil. It will indicate that your family relationships are not harmonious. It will be a sign that you need to make a decision. Nevertheless, very often the card shows a passing transitional period.
But the four of clubs can also indicate the end of a relationship. And with it, all the insecurity and imbalance that comes with it. ​

Summary of the 4 of Wands tarot Card

The 4 of wands is a card of joy and celebration. The key word is to feel gratitude for life and for what it gives you.

The family circle is brought to the forefront with the notion of belonging and bonding creating security and harmony. It is about introspection. ​

You draw the 4 of a Wands card thinking of one person in particular

In the professional field:

You'll find yourself face to face with someone who loves to share. She knows how to work in a team. They also like to party (maybe a little too much given the context). It will be pleasant to work with this person who will be able to create a feeling of balance and comfort. ​

In the sentimental realm:

To meet a 4 of wands is to meet your whole family. This person will include you in his clan. She will make you share the joy of being together as a family. But if you prefer a solitary relationship, it will be more difficult. For her, family will be very important. It is through them that she will find her security and strength.

In the financial area:

This card isn't really about finances. However, it may be the consequence of previous actions that led to financial success that now bring joy and stability. ​

The message of the 4 of Wands on tarot

It is necessary to know how to thank while celebrating.

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