ALL the Meanings of the 6 of Cups on Tarot

ALL the Meanings of the 6 of  Cups on Tarot:

Keywords related to the card of the 6 of Cups on Tarot

The 6 of cups of the Tarot upright : childhood, nostalgia, memories, the past

The 6 of Tarot cards reversed: back in the past, impossible to live in the present, lack of concreteness

Description of the blade of the 6 of Tarot cups

ALL the Meanings of the 6 of  Cups on Tarot

The 6 of cups is part of the Tarot's minor arcana. It features 6 cups aligned by 3. In the center of the luxurious vegetation along its entire length.

It is presented on the card as a result (3+3 = 6) The cups are looked at face to face. It looks like they form pairs holding hands.

Thus, the cups here give the tone of love, of meeting, but also of reunion. One could almost say that the cups share two by two a love isolated from the rest, in a private and privileged environment.

The meanings of the card of the 6 of Tarot cups upright

The card of the 6 of cups Tarotis a card carrying a strong sense of nostalgia. One could understand that there is a form of joy and innocence. A kind of love and generosity in the act of finding oneself and giving.

The card refers to the past and the memories of the past. These memories can be good or not so good. But mainly, the card refers to the past. This past can be about your childhood, youth or early adulthood, and it is important to understand that everything that is mentioned in the card is already over. It is about memory. Nothing exists anymore except in your memory.

Most of the time those memories will be beautiful. They'll be like a return to the shelter. A place where it's nice to remember.

The card of the 6 of cups may show that you are looking to escape from the present situation by projecting yourself into more pleasant moments from your past.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to go back to more pleasant times in your life. The card shows, however, whether you are experiencing a crisis (internal or external). You need to feel safe and well.

This card follows the 5 of Cups which talks about loss and grief. It is therefore normal to turn to more merciful memories to escape the suffering of the present moment.

Take your time to heal your wounds and move on.

The 6 of Cups card suggests that you take the time to recover before going back to life. Now it is time to fill your cups with joy and positive energy.

The 6 of cups is a return to the sources.

ALL the Meanings of the 6 of  Cups on Tarot

The card of the 6 of cups may also suggest a return to the roots. It may be a return to the places of his childhood. But it can also be a return to one's roots. Maybe also to find your own. We can think of family reunions where it is good and pleasant to see each other again. It could be a question of returning on pilgrimage to the places of one's childhood or youth...

This can be done literally or figuratively. A return to the emotionally experienced sources.

The cups could also make you think of a youthful love that reappears and takes you back to the past.

The six of cups represents your inner child

The 6 of cups is also a reminder to the inner child inside you. You need to learn or relearn to have childlike joys. You must love and care for your inner child to feel good. So, for people who suffer and who console themselves with alcohol or other addictions, the 6 of cups indicates that you must return to your roots.

You may need to work on yourself to better understand what is going on in your life. Try to understand your feelings. What hurts you. How to heal it all.

ALL the Meanings of the 6 of  Cups on Tarot

In a more general way, the 6 of Cups can also make you think about the children in your life. For example, if you are a woman, you may be pregnant. Especially if the card is in association with the Hermit of the tarot.

But we can also think about having children or adopting them. Maybe you need to spend more time with your children and rediscover the simple joys. Children are important. They often give directions. We tend to underestimate them in their wisdom.

In conclusion, the 6-cup tarot card radiates joy and happiness. The pleasure of belonging and of being passed on from one generation to the next is very present. It makes you feel good and secure.

The meanings of the upside-down Tarot deck 6 of Cups

The card of the upside down 6 of cups will be the opposite, it indicates that you are "stuck" in the past and that you can't get out of it. You remain in situations and memories. Living in the present is difficult and painful for you.

It is also possible that you may not have been able to settle everything that needs to be settled in the past. Then you can't move forward.

In this case, it is necessary to go back in time to understand and free yourself.

This upside down card will be a card full of nostalgia. But it is possible that you are completely unrealistic about old times. You dream of going back, but it is not possible.

As this card is related to the past but also to children, it may talk about fertility problems. Depending on the surrounding cards, you will have to think about problems related to conception or childbirth.

The six of emotional upside-down cups

The upside-down six of cups may talk about relationship difficulties in the past. This card can also talk about abuse in the younger years. Whether in your own life or in the lives of people close to you.

Before coming to this conclusion, it is important to analyze the surrounding cards.

Summary of the card of the 6 of Tarot Cups

The 6 of cups of the tarot is a card full of candor. It speaks of the joy of childhood. One feels good to remember moments of pleasure. But they are only memories. The present is totally different. From then on, the card can invite you to rediscover the joys of yesteryear to recharge your batteries and get a fresh start in life.

You take the 6 of Cups card thinking of one person in particular...

In the professional field:

The professional field is non-existent here. The 6 of cups is not a work card. If it is drawn in the professional field, the person seems to be immature and not living in the present tense.

In the sentimental realm:

This person is generous and knows how to give. She is inhabited by a simple and contagious joy. Children are important to her, she loves them very much. It is possible that she wishes to have them, unless she already has them. She is full of generosity and gentleness. It will be a pleasure to create a family with her. Be worthy of her generosity of heart.

In the financial field :

This card is not for financial matters. But there is an idea of giving. You can therefore be the object of a donation from this person who will help you to carry out a project. Or it may help you at a difficult time in your life.

The message of the 6 of Tarot Cups

Feed the inner child and cultivate simple joys

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