Meaning of the Card of 7 of Cups on Tarot

Meaning of the Card of 7 of  Cups on Tarot:

The 7 of Cups card may also suggest that when faced with opportunities. It is possible that problems may arise and that you need to keep your feet on the ground.

Keywords related to the Seven of Cups Tarot Card

The 7 of Tarot Cups upright: illusions, desires, desires

The 7 of Tarot Cups reversed: chimeras, temptation, dreams

Description of the 7 of Tarot Cups blade

The Seven of Tarot Cups is a very telling Tarot card when it comes to numbers. There are 2 rows of 3 that give the number 6 and 1, the beginning. We can also think of the 4 cups at the four corners of the card. In addition the 3 in the center which represents an axis.

This implies an idea of creation, of imagination in the material world that could make one think of the materialization of desires in the tangible world provided one has the key. The cups seem to be full and therefore ready to give. The foliage makes one think of a rising desire. Here the idea is secret desires not yet realized or even stated.

The 7 of cups of the tarot belongs to the series of cups. This Tarot card is reminiscent of an idea of dreams and mystery that could emerge from them. Dreams can be positive or negative, as well as the vision that one has of them. It is possible to have several paths in front of you. It is possible to have several paths in front of you. But it is advisable to choose the path by knowing how to sort out the reality of temptation.

The meanings of the Tarot card of the 7 of Cups upright

The card of the seven of Tarot cards refers to what is within. Projections and worldview. A very personal world that sometimes has difficulty getting in touch with the outside world. The advice of the 7 card of tarot cards is to know how to sort out between dreams, illusions and reality.

The 7 of Cups in a draw may remind you of a person who tends to daydream and needs to come back down to earth.

This Tarot card implies the need to make choices when faced with different internal paths and it is important not to let oneself go into chimeras.

It is also possible that the person has multiple ideas and options within them. But most of them belong to the world of dreams, so in order to make them come true, it will be necessary to choose the most viable ones.

The 7 of Cups card may also suggest that when faced with opportunities. It is possible that problems may arise and that you need to keep your feet on the ground.

The 7 of Cups is an invitation to dreams.

At the same time the 7 of Cups card is a card that opens the door to dreams and desires. It also shows that these can be lived if you know how to choose them. The risk is always the illusion. It is therefore necessary to know how to understand what belongs to the realm of illusion and what can be transposed into life.This card also talks a lot about imagination and the borderline between reality and imagination. One must therefore be aware of the risks because temptation is an important component of this tarot card.

In a more optimistic register, the card of the 7 of cups will speak about the wishes and desires which can be carried out. It is then necessary to know which of our desires are the most exploitable and achievable and which ones will bring us joy and happiness.

The meanings of the 7 of Cups reversed Tarot card

The reversed seven card will rather be an expression of your inner feeling. It is about temptations, and the tactics to get what you covet.

Here the 7 of reversed cups shows your vision of the world. It may be a bit fanciful at the moment in the sense that what you desire has no tangible basis and therefore cannot be materialized.

You find it difficult to tune in to the reality of things and prefer to dream of a world more in line with your aspirations. This is a sign that you find it difficult to accept your daily life and that you are looking for ways out.

In the process you seek to hide the truth that does not suit you and you lie to yourself. All this may have its source in your unconscious or in emotions that are difficult to agree with. So it is more comfortable to live in illusions. One of the ways you can recharge your batteries is to reconnect with the source, your childhood, your family and everything that is reassuring to you.

The card of the 7 of cups upside down can also indicate that you refuse to see things and to question yourself. Instead, you pursue chimeras and exhaust yourself in setting up actions that will not be satisfactory to you later on. It's important if you're pulling this tarot card upside down to ask yourself where your intentions lie, what's really important to you.

The 7 of Cups may then be the way to allow you to become aware and make the right decisions in order to achieve the goals you have chosen for yourself.

Summary of the 7 of Tarot Cups card

The seven of cups speaks of the sometimes unrealistic dreams and projects that one pursues for a period of one's life without realizing that they are not achievable. The 7 of Cups card can also make you think of choices to make among your dreams and deepest desires to live what is achievable and leave the rest aside.

You take the 7 of Cups card by thinking of one person in particular...

In the professional field:

The professional field is difficult here. It is a very unspecific person who talks a lot but is not able to take action. If you are dealing with a potential collaborator, you should be wary of him or her because he or she is pursuing fantasy dreams that are not applicable to reality.

In the sentimental field :

This person is a dreamer. He or she has an ideal relationship that does not exist. He or she is not capable of being satisfied and will demand a thousand and one things from you, each one more improbable than the next. It is not possible to create a relationship with this type of person.

In the financial field:

This person has none of the finances and functions like "Pierrette and the milk jug". He or she is not able to conduct sound financial management.

The message of the 7 of Tarot Cups

Beware of appearances

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